Sunday, January 13, 2013

just floored

I am  just perplexed how and why groups as varied as the Boy Scouts, Yeshiva University and now the loathsome SWP have failed basics in handling sexual abuse cases. Part of me is just floored at how much abuse is out there and has probably been there for years.

Of course we have the antisemitic Duck with his snide remarks about Hasidic Jews. However, now we have a case of a Communist group messing up almost as badly if not worse then the Satmar. The Satmar do not claim to be revolutionary agents of change and thus their fall from grace is much further. Previously we have had the antisemitic freaks at OWS failing miserably at this.

First Lesson Rape is a criminal matter that should never be investigated internally. Rape investigations should only be handled by trained professionals who understand how to prepare a case for prosecution, question all relevant parties and prepare a case for a judge. The penalty for rape should be jail time not expulsion from some wacky cult of Communist fools. Actually there are some who would pay to be banished as a badge of honor. The SWP could even market certificates of banishment if they fall short of cash. For $100.00 you can be expelled with a formal decree and for an extra $100.00 we will throw in an expelled mug and T-shirt.

Second Lesson: Investigation into abuse needs to be conducted externally by trained professionals working with law enforcement most of the time. Reading the Dimwitted SWP star chamber admission that all of us knew the accused and describing the complainant as that woman are naked admissions of bias.

Twice in my lifetime I have run across people who later turned out to be child molesters. I remember feeling sick to my stomach that people I knew could do this. The warning signs were there but I missed them. If a person makes multiple jokes about under aged girls stay alert. In the second case the person was a sexual animal that appeared to sleep with everything, but his wife. Even the other day when I discussed this with coworkers they were shocked. Real monsters don't have signs on their heads that they are sex fiends. One loses perspective by working closely with someone and you delude yourself that someone you knew couldn't possibly do this.

Third Lesson: In sexual harassment cases the proceedings must be transparent. The whole matter is best investigated promptly. While there are some people who make up fake charges these cases are minor. If multiple charges against the same applicant are made then chances are overwhelming that this person is a problem.

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