Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The lessons of Vermont

The lessons of the Vermont Senate race are quite clear. The Repubican challenger ran an unfocused race with absurd advertisements. He danced around Bernie Sanders socialism and serious ethical issues.

Tarrant ran a series of absurd campaign advertisements that almost seemed narcisistic. He should have gone after Sanders where he is vulnerable jobs, immmigration and idiotic votes. Sanders is given the kid glove treatment in the local
media. In Vermont he talks about local issues and leaves the incendiary stuff for the Washington DC cocktail parties.

There are other jobs in Vermont other than those in the Dairy industry. The Union told us that Sanders did not lift a finger to protect Vermont jobs. The only help that our union mentioned was from gasp Ted Kennedy. While Vermont jobs were facing the axe Sanders was partying with Willie Nelson who was arrested on pot charges two days later. The reality is that friends have left Vermont because of this situation including life long Vermonters who moved across country. Other people moved because of the taxation. One friend told me his move from Vermont would result in a larger house and a $10,000 dollar tax cut.

The Tarrant campaign danced around Sanders record. They briefly mentioned some bizzare votes on sex offenders. They should have come straight out and asked what have you done in a state where taxes are sky high and jobs are leaving in droves.
The Tarant campaign should have explained that the election of a cartoon charachter
leaves Vermont with one senator. Now Bernie can take this comedy act national and become a larger joke. However, the reality is given Sanders age he will serve one term and do nothing except be the butt of every joke.

The lessons of Vermot are simple.

1 Go out and attack the record. What has Sanders done in the US House of Representatives. Even his suppoorters do not know and they trot out bunk that Bernie cares yada yada yada. Parting with Willie Nelson as jobs leave the state in droves speaks vollumes. Okay he cares but what has he done. The Bernie supporters can't answer that one.

2 Bring the absurd votes front and center. Why was Sanders against the Amber alert system.

3 What does Bernie Sanders want to do about illegal immigration. Does he echo the views of the current Mayor of Burlington who pronounced the city a haven for illegal aliens.

We also say the differences between a real sharp businessman Michael Bloomburg and Rich Tarant. Bloomburg spent his money wisely and ran a campaign in a much larger arena. Bloomburg focused on what he would do as mayor. It also helped that he ran against one of the dumbest political hacks Mark Green who has been a career politician.


Kyle said...

As much as I hate to say this, What happened to the Republicans was necessary. When you get away from principles, when you succumb to beltway petty larceny, When you are placed in the awkward position of trying to defend bad administration policies, then you get spanked at the polls.

Let us hope that the compassionate conservative, open borders, experiment is dead and buried forever.

A strong, articulate, conservative candidate is needed for 2008, and on the local level we have to get principled, attractive candidates.

The war will remain a problem because it was never fought correctly. If indeed we do cut and run, then we need to become neo-isolationist because no one will trust us again for a generation.

Da Weaz said...

New day in America for you little morons.

Your leaders will face subpoenas and after 2008 with no Blackwell to rig the elections, hope is lost for Rethuglican thievery in action.

Jail awaits these criminals.

Too bad a brain implant isn't available for you.

beakerkin said...


Do you have any more delusions that you would care to share. Lets see Joe Leberman beat comwad Lamont. Comwad Sanders will make people nostalgic for Col. Sanders.
The Senator most probable to be incarcerated is Melendez.

Then there is 04 and who runs Gomer Kerry, Gore or her thighness Hillary Rodham Clinton. All go down in every poll to President Rudy G. However, you do not know the difference between Rudy G and Ali G. Hint, the one with the Dew rag is Ali G who is more reality based than you.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans have brought this on themselves, you can not call yourself "God's Party", and than engage in Corrupt and Immoral Behavior(Foley), that's a mockery of God in my opinion, as most of us know, "God is not mocked".

Here is the good News, maybe now some of the more corrupt republicans are gone, and now the nation gets to see what Democrats are all about, it's also important to say several Conservative Democrats were elected, which is also a good thing, however if Democrats prove once again they are no more than leftist pawns, than i imagine a big victory for Republicans in '08.

Farmer John said...

Coriolanus resigns rather than return to Antium. Alfius thereby learns nothing.

Farmer John said...

...but Volumnia and Virgilia will find no honour in Rome.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, tie a freakin' can on it. If the rethugs had put up any opposition to Lieberman (R - Tel Aviv) we would have run the table in New England.

Greens and Socialists were polling as well as rethugs in Massachusetts.

Bernie punched the crap out of his opponent because people like Bernie, they know he works hard on issues and he's honest. He bitch slapped Tarent.

Except for Lieberman and the Tennessee race (the trailer trash couldn't vote for a black man) we practically ran the table.

Charlie Rangle as head of Ways and means. Let's watch Chucklenuts work with Charlie.

Conyers must be firing up a few inquiries about now.

Rummy out and the dumb cooze Rice is probably gone too.

Complete victory. A butt kicking. The neocons are dead.

beakerkin said...

Ducky you may have all the halucinations you wish but they are not real.

Sanders does not talk about the socialist garbage outide of Burlington. In fact when he talks outside of Burlington he switches to a local accent and talks about the dairy industry.

Few rural Vermonters even know what a Socialist is and are horrified when they find out. The problem was Tarrant did not ever once mention the word Socialist in any of his ads. Moreover, the closest he got was the word radical.

Sanders is not nearly as beloved as you delude yourself into thinking. Ordinary voters have said Tarrant gave me no reason to vote for him. He ran an incompetant campaign and never articulated any message other than I founded IDEX. Had he followed the Bloomburg model Sanders would have been toast.

As far as the Republicans being out dream on. Rangel, Pelosi and the other Comwads do not have a front runner in 08. Rangel will be an albatros around Hillary's neck.

Lieberman kicked Comwad Lamonts behind. You anti-semites will have to deal with him for six more years.

Another thing get used to saying President Bloomburg. He is running as an independent and will steamroll Clintoon.

American Crusader said...

There were lots of lessons to be learned yesterday. In New York, Democratic Comptroller Alan Hevesi won re-election last night despite misappropriating $170,000. Bob Menendez won the New Jersey Senate race despite widespread corruption among Democratic leaders in the state and finally Keith Ellison won a congressional seat in Minnesota as voters overlooked unpaid taxes, unpaid tickets and his background in the Nation of Islam.

American Crusader said...

Unfortunately Robert, a lot of good Republicans such as Sue Kelly also lost their jobs.
Now the Republicans can smear Democrats and distort their positions while offering nothing but CHANGE.
On the positive side, two years of Nancy Pelosi and the Republicans should easily return to power November 2, 2008.

American Crusader said...

ducky...maybe you missed that Republican incumbent M. Jodi Rell easily won reelection as Connecticut's governor. So much for sweeping New England.
Beak...Bloomberg or Giuliani?

beakerkin said...

I am leaning towards Bloomberg as he is the ultimate outsider. I have met most of NYC politicians at one point or another. Bloomberg is tough, a strong leader and way smarter than any politician on the scene today.

Bloomberg is going to run as an independent.

I would like to see Rudy run and he just may capture the nomination.
Bloomberg vs Rudy I give the nod to Bloomberg as an outsider.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well, that may be AC, but when New Hampshire kicks the R's out of the senate, Chaffee gets his walking papers in Rhode island, Vermont goes far left, Massachusetts bitch slaps the last remnants of the Romney administration and folks like Chris Shays have to fight for their political lives .... people are sending a freakin' message.

Purple Avenger said...

One friend told me his move from Vermont would result in a larger house and a $10,000 dollar tax cut.

This is precisely why I fled the state of NY 20 years ago for Florida.

The north east is being transformed into the workers paradise™ and I want no part of it anymore. Let'em stew in their own decline.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm partying with Ducky on my blog.

beakerkin said...

One thing Ducky forgets is that the states with growing populations
are more apt to be Republican. Thus as people flee Vermont, NY and CA due to high taxes the turn up in other states. NE will be irrelevant soon.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked when Bloomberg lost, here is a guy who probably is the most moderate governor out there, and he gets kicked.

I'm guessing for,

Santorum vs Clinton in '08

beakerkin said...


Bloomberg has never lost an election and will beat Hillary.
He is starting to gather momentum and will launch an independent run
especially if Rudy does not get the nomination.

The time has come for genuine leadership without the anti Americam commie crowd from those of us in the center. Hillary is tied to the far left and a series of special interests like the ACLU, Teachers Union and Hollywood.

Lets get behind Mayor Mike and take our contry back from the hacks.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the far left nominated a communist stooge in CT and got whupped. The message is clear bring on the Bloomberg clones and the far left is history.

What are you going to do in MA pererve John Kerry and Kennedy like Lennin's body. These things go in cycles and the game will be decided on 08.

Let the Dems nominate Hillary and let her run against Mayor Mike. You haven't got a prayer even in NYC. Hillary vs Guiliani you also lose. Hillary vs McCain you lose again.

Rangel, Conyers and Pelosi will be the albatrosses around the necks of the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I should correct myself, one of the more moderate Mayors.

Anonymous said...

Beak, i was reading late last night, and one article showed Bloomberg having lost, guess it was late, one should not read when it is 1am.

Corrected i stand......

beakerkin said...


The reality is that many of us are fed up with the extreemists. I am tired of the far left running pseudo Marxists like Gomer Kerry and Rangel. Do note that Bernie Sanders does not mention the Socialist bunk outside of Burlington.

I want a Pro- American moderate like Bloomberg or Rudy who will clean house. Bloomberg knows how to deal with these types and is a leader. Not even Hillary's fans call her a leader.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a leader of her movement, by movement i mean Bowel Movement.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

None of the Republicans you named above would get my vote in the 2008 primaries.

But that's going to be a different playing field from the one we see at a distance. By 2008, the troops will be home from Iraq (and Afghanistan, as soon as someone tells Nancy Pelosi we have troops there), our intelligence budgets will be gutted, and one or more American cities will have been attacked by Islamic terrorists.

Becoming President in 2008 just got easier for me.

Da Weaz said...

Ah, the calm sounds of morons bleating. Ah, the unpleasant taste of democracy not tainted by vote stuffing, voter intimidation and other chicanery.

And the minions talk about scandals? We'll find about about the catastrophic scandals in the upcoming months, so I hope you sheeple remember your righteous indignation about 175K, when the amounts of no-bid contracts to RNC donors come out.

Now that Kenneth Blackface was unable to steal an election for himself, the Rethugs chances are much worse for Prez in 2008. If Strickland can prosecute the bastard, and allows the Ohio African Americans to actually vote this time in Ohio, kiss that swing state goodbye.

You silly little morons have been slapped back into the lunatic fringe where you belong. And let's hope that the Moron's recent judicial picks actually keep their promises to you fuckin' lunatics and actually strike down Roe v. Wade, and your Rethuglicans will become about as potent poltically as potted plants for the next decade.

So much for the one party dream.

Looks like the party's on us.

And fuck Joe, with 51 senators he'll be as irrelevant as he deserves.

You morons are fun.

Elmer's Brother said...

I didn't know chafee was a republican?

Elmer's Brother said...

that's a joke ducky....

mime is money - billy crystal in Spinal Tap

nanc said...

our friend, fern, is celebrating his first year blogging:

what a guy!

beakerkin said...

Lets see Weazie is off his meds again. The deluded psychipath who claims to have a Columbia law degree but is ensconsed in a Finnish mental hospital bleats more shit. I am still laughing at your Dick Cheeney as the center of the 9-11 conspirqacy.

Lets go to the tape the only race where the war was the key issue was in CT. IN CT comwad Lamond got his head handed to him by Joe Lieberman.

The race went south when the congressional Republicans sold their constituents out with the guest worker program.

Part two stealth candidates most of the loose cannons were nowhere to be seen except John Kerry. Charlie "Red" Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dumb and the Senator from Chapaquidick were put incogneto for a month.

Now Pelosi and Howard Dumb are talking trash and there will be a backlash. Moreover Howard Dumb will take credit for this election and he loathes the Clintonoids. It seems that the Clinton's allies in the media put a shiv in Howard Dumb's back. Howard Dumb will go out of his way to prevent Hillary from being the candidate. Unlike NY
she will not get a free pass in the media and self destruct.

One more thing get used to saying President Bloomberg. Bloomberg will run as an outsider beholden to nobody. America is ready for a kick ass NYer and you anti-semites can't handle it.

FLORIAN said...

As pissed as I am--this is fine with me. First of all, liberals are a far inferior number than conservatives in this country. Had the Elephant heads decided to stick to core-conservative values like building a 2000 mile border wall (complete with mines and turrets), like cutting gov't pork in half instead of outspending slick Willie by billions, like not giving aid to worthless dung-heaps such as Africa, and 3rd world despots--perhaps the congressional results may have been different. To lying MSM says it's all about Iraq, that just shows you how little they know. They keep screaming over 2500 killed--but what about the 3000 on 9/11???? Come on! We have a gold-mine going on in Iraq right now. Sectarian violence between the Shiites and Sunni's is just what we need. We need to fear a unified Islamic threat, but since the Shiites and Sunni's keep bombing themselves and each other they are more of a threat of causing instability in the ME instead of over here. Iraqi's still hate Iranians and visa-versa. Turks still hate Kurds. Syrians are no friends of Sunni's. Most dems that were elected were pretty darn conservative. I'm fine with the fact they won back control of the house. Dems haven't done anything right since the Kennedy administration (though Clinton did some decent things). What makes you think they won't screw up this time around.

Warren said...

Let's see...

English is now the official language in Arizona, the government will not further tax oil companies in California, there will be no domestic partnerships in Colorado, and same-sex marriage is now banned there, as well as in Idaho and South Carolina and South Dakota and Tennessee and Virginia and Wisconsin, and the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative—something every single state should now push as a referendum—passed overwhelmingly.

Republicans may have lost the House and Senate but liberal policies are going down like a house of cards and the Dems just invited a bunch of blue dogs into the House, (just so they could win seats.)

It ain't going to be a party for the stupid Ms P and the delusional wing of the Dems, (that would be the dims like the egg sucker and mud duck), think that genitic sports like Kerry, Sanders, Kennedy and Ms P, are brilliant.

I gotta quit now, the fresca coming out my nose from the stifled laughing, burns.

kuhnkat said...


it would appear that the Shiaa on Shiaa with Suni helpers is just starting up in Lebanon over Hizbully ruining everyones little international aid lines.

Hamas just declared the Hudna over also with their fake "massacre" in Gaza.

Yup, keep the violent idiots fighting over there and even Europe has a chance!!!


Still trying to figure out why Little Che Suck is soooo racist on Condoleeza since she is trying to make nice to all his terrorist buds. Maybe she makes it too obvious that they will not settle for land and peace no matter how many people are slaughtered??


Mr. Ducky said...

Now let's educate manolete, because he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The majority of the American population before this election lived in Democratic districts. Republicans have no clear majority and the great float up crew have even less and were handed their heads Tuesday.

Jim Ryun, furthest right adherent to the far right Protestant gutter religion gets axed in Kansas and you don't think this election was about getting the assorted insane thumpers and Randoids out of our government?

The abortion amendment fails in South Dakota and the gay marriage amendment just makes it and you think you aren't being kicked to the curb?

Cumcat, where the hell is Aunt Jemima? She's keeping a low profile. She can't find a foreign government that will talk to her and that's even further compounded after Chcuklenuts got his ass handed to him Tuesday so I figure she may resign.

Mr. Ducky said...

Bernie Sanders opposed the Amber alert?

He opposed one provision of the legislation which even former Supreme Court Chief William Rehnquist said, would impair the ability of courts to impose reasonable sentences. The provision that Bernie voted against was later deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.

So why not get your facts straight Beak. You listen to sound bites and rabies radio a bit too much to be considered literate, let alone well informed.

beakerkin said...

Thats is funny Duck because it didn't seem to bother anyone else besides Comwad Sanders. There were funny votes on pedophiles that Sanders was also in the extreeme minority but he always has excuses.
He seems to have a bundle of them for his trips to Cuba, the Soviet Union and Sandainsta land.

This is not one of my jokes as Bernie Sanders is clearly the dumbest person in the Senate. Can you name me the legislation he passed? Oh wait he has had on bill passed in how many years. He couldn't even throw his friend willie Nelson a bar of soap.

beakerkin said...

While we are at it just how did his wife end up as a University President? How did he earn a living before he became Mayor of Burlington? Where did the charges of paying his wife 150,000 as a campaign worker come from.

Sure Duck all we get is excuses.

Mr. Ducky said...

weaz, Chucklenuts' judicial picks?

Head of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Ted Kennedy

A thing of beuty it truly is.

Anonymous said...

Warren you offer a good point, i was thinking about this yesterday, how did so many Dems get elected, while people voted for things that are against the Liberal agenda, the only thing i can come up with, is the people are morons, or they don't pay attention.

American Crusader said...

Nothing could be worse than to have Bloomberg and Giuliani running for the same office. They would split the vote.
Weasel, if the Democrats want to spend the next two years trying to convict anyone of anything, I wish them luck. They don't have the votes.
The House of Representatives would not get 50% to impeach and even if it did...
You fucking takes 2/3 of the Senate to convict.
I hope they try, it will cost them the seats they won in this election.
I guess we can add impeachment delusions to your conspiracy delusions. I suggest you seek treatment. Preferably a psychiatrist since they can prescribe antipsychotic medicine.

Elmer's Brother said...

dukkky why don't you spend the weekends at bernies by visiting your old pal castro.

beakerkin said...


Bernie has been in poor health and has passed out at recent events. I suspect he will serve three years and then another three years serve as weekend at Bernie's. He doesn't do anything anyway and there is no difference between a corpse and the real Bernie Sanders anyway.

Sanders is far and away the dumbest politician I ever met. Like most Democrats he has never held gainful employment. When one listens to him he sounds and looks like a deranged NYC homeless vagrant. He is mostly incoherent, but people believe he cares. He doesn't do anything but he cares.

Maybe he can send his friend Willie Nelson a bar of soap and a shaving kit.

kuhnkat said...

Hey Little Che Sucky the Green Fascist,

tell us how many protection of mattiage bills passed this election and how many states have now paseed them??


Take off those BUG EYES, before your fellow Duckies peck your eyes out, and see the LIGHT!!!!


You MORON!!!

Elmer's Brother said...

I meant the fact that Castro is like Bernie in the movie. He's just dragged out for special occasions...ya know like when Dukkky needs a fix.

beakerkin said...


I understood the comment but it seems thar Bernie Sanders has made a career of being a non-entity. He will not last long and not be missed.

Purple Avenger said...

I think Hillary's (thus far) well covered up million dollar campaign finance scandal sinks her.

When the guy who gave you too much cash wants back what is owed and you jerk him around for 5 years and don't give it back, you handed any opponent a large stick to beat you with and a witness willing to testify against you.

Its an allegation the media won't be able to ignore any longer if she runs for prez.