Monday, November 06, 2006

The Madrassas of the Left

One thing that stands out is the similarity of leftist indoctrination and Hitler youth camps or crazed madrassas in Pakistan. In Hollander's book many of the Communists went to left wing madrassas in the USA or in the Soviet Union.

Ronald Radosh's memoir recounts the infamous Little Red School House in NYC and Communist summer camps. There was a constant effort to brainwash the next generations with the failed nostrums of Marx. The memoirs of Radosh and others show why Marxists should not be allowed anywhere near public education. More simply if Comwad 0 wants to abuse his children with a Marxist education pay for it yourself. However, not one dime should come from the taxpayers in the form of student loans. One could make a serious case that sending ones kids to The Little Red School House of treason may constitute a form of child abuse.

There are similar stories in Hollander's books of parents being sent to gulags and their Hungarian, Chech and Polish kids being sent to Commie indoctrination centers.
If this sounds like a modern day version of the Janisaries of old you are perceptive.
Commies think nothing of stealing children and brainwashing them to become prototerrorist Marxist automatons. No doubt we will hear excuses from the Duck about madrassas and commie theft of children. This is all part of the famous omlette nobody has seen or tasted.

Commies love to play games with numbers but ignore the number 100,000,000. Lets see if there are statistical oddities with racial numbers in death penalty cases, job hirings or bank loans the left goes into overdrive. However, the left ignores the exponential over representation of Marxists on college faculties. If the left wants to bandy numbers where are the Republican faculty members. These numbers are far more lopsided than the familiar racial numbers and on a much larger number than the death penalty cases.

The bottom line is that there is no reason in this day and age that the current Liberal arts base needs to remain. Business majors need business classes and should not have their time wasted by reading Chomsky. Our students must now compette in a global economy and Indian and Chinese students get more classes in their majors and are better prepared. In fact Liberal Arts and Social Science majors would be more employable if they were required to have a base of business classes. The social sciences have become a jobs program for unemployable Marxists.

It is tiime that the government start regulating what majors are eligible for student loans. No more money should be wasted on majors that do not provide a chance of gainful employment. If you want to be a Peace Studies Major do it with your own funds.

Beamish in 08 and in 12 and on Mt Rushmore on 16.


Elmer's Brother said...

I thought our public colleges and universities could be considered madrassas.

Jason_Pappas said...

Having lived in the Village for two decades, I’ve know people who went to “Little Red.” It was leftist, of course, but perhaps more Dewey than Marx, although that may have changed from decade to decade. There was an amusing article (perhaps in the NY Times) that told about a class reunion of “Little Red” graduates and the reception of one grad that had become a … gasp … Republican. You can imagine!

Another good example of Communist “ethics” is given by ex-Times writer Nicholas Gage. He went to search for his mother’s story in Greece. After WWII when the Commies were taking over Eastern Europe and the Balkans, there was a Civil War in Greece. The Commies would take people children to a communist indoctrination camp. Gage’s mother, Eleni, sent her children to America. For that they killed her.

Communists and jihadis are cut from the same cloth.

Jason_Pappas said...

Here's the back cover of Eleni just to give everyone an idea.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Washington University, here in St. Louis, is also known as the "little Red schoolhouse," for the same reasons.

Mr. Ducky said...

The Little red School rocks ... The Coen Brothers and Robert DiNiro. Too bad every student in America doesn't get a good arts education.

Next we'll have Jason explain why an anecdotal story about the tactics of one side in a civil war (we know the Greek junta has always been Marquis de Queensbury) means much of anything.

Jason clearly thinks with his emotions.

Beak will also be happy to give examples of a college program which requires business majors to read Chomsky. Beak, it isn't too late. You don't HAVE TO go through life with the reasoning ability of a radio talk show listener.

Mr. Ducky said...

Then there's elmer's brother who wants to make sure his kid is homeschooled.

In public schools the little red neck in training might have to learn to get along with homos.

beakerkin said...

Lets see a far left Madrassa like the Little Red School for traitors and vermin is fine by the Duck. Here is a clue how about teaching students to think for themselves instead of a Red version of a Madrassa or Hitler youth group.

Business majors are forced to take a 64 credit liberal arts base that serves no purpose other than to provide well paying jobs for social science Bolsheviks.

As far as home school kids they may learn actual math and classics.
This is opposed to placing condoms on broomhandles and garbage in the interest of Social Justice.

Jason_Pappas said...

Jason clearly thinks with his emotions.

While I am passionate, it is reality that drives my thoughts and subsequent passions, not the other way around. Those whose dreams have nothing to do with reality become cynics when the dream is punctured. I may be pessimistic at times but, unlike our fine feathered friend, I’m not a cynic.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well, I'm glad the mystery is solved. beamish didn't attend Olin School of Business (great schol) because he would have been required to read Chomsky.

Right, beamish?

beakerkin said...

I am not aware the Mr Beamish has a BBA. There is no reason business majors should be subjected to Marx, Chomsky or the vast majority of social science BS.

Duncy are you denying the Comwads stole children for brainwashing. This is almost as sick as the Janisaries of old, Hitler youth and deranged madrassas. Maybe sicker because I never heard of a madrassa stealing kids.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, Homeschooling is a great way first for Parents to bond with their Children, which could be very important if they have struggles in their teen years, second it's a great way for a Parent to decide what their Kids are Taught, and not having to deal with their 7 year coming home and asking about why his/her teacher is explaning oral sex!

Justin said...

You know I have to laugh everytime I see duckbrain try to look as if he has half a brain:

Duck said:
"In public schools the little red neck in training might have to learn to get along with homos."

Your point duckbrain? Seems I hear that homos are attacked at will in public schools. I guess that would blow your theory that he might be taught to get along.

You should consider changing your name to insect man because as I have said before that picture says it all. Bulbous head, pointed chin and bugged eyes. Yep you look like a piss ant to me. Give you three guesses as to what we do with piss ants down here ducky.

beakerkin said...

Justin the Duck seems to have two standards about Homophobia. If Muslims or Commies do it fine, but in the USA lets hyperventilate. I wish people would leave this matter where it belongs between adults and family members.

However, railing at Falwell while ignoring the crimes of Islam, Zimbabwe and Cuba vs gays is just hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Falwell is just a loud mouth, but i have never heard him hang a homosexual, but i sure do know these Isalmist fascist Nazi's do.

Justin said...

You know it never ceases to amaze me how people like duck brain and people on the left accept and support the islamo facist's and the other tyranical leaders who commit the very atrocities that they accuse the right of in this country.

Let some islamo facist stomp, tear and burn an American flag while screaming at the top of his lungs death to America, Jews , and Christians and ducky and his group will be right in there with him giving him all the support he needs.

Put a white robe and hood on that same guy and let him yell death to America,Jews,Homos,Christians and Communists and ducky and his bird brained pals will be all over him screaming how hateful and intolerant he is. Not because he yelled death to America, Jews,or Christians but, because he dared to be an American and attack the Homos and Communists.

What Duckfeathers and his ilk do not seem to grasp is that if these people they support get in power he and his kind are the first they will take out. All one need do is look to history. Hitler purged and killed the people who brought him to power, Stalin purged and killed the people who brought him to power. There is not a left wing tyrant that did not get rid of the people who helped him to power. Why you may ask? Simple those people are threats to the power he holds.

beakerkin said...

The Duck is not the sharpest crayon in the box. People have often said the Duck is more akin to a kazoo in a box of crayons.

FLORIAN said...

For those of you who don't think the Democrats are elitist leftists, here's one for you:

Copy and paste it in your url. The Communist Party of America has just endorsed the DNC. Dems have gone so far left that they fell off the cliff.

Mr. Ducky said...

That's right Justin. I support Hitler dopplegangers.

The only question I have is how did you get that stupid?

Yeah, we want Stalin's return and we support the terrorists.

You and the rest of the great float up crowd are batshite crazy loons. Luckily you have no power whatsoever. Your unwitting support of corporatists has been a serious danger, however.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to not vote Democratic!

beakerkin said...

Actually Ducky it is a mere coincedence that you support every enemy of America. You excuse every genocidal expression of Marx such as stealing kids for your red youth brainwahing cult.

Excuse me but the Corporatists have zero to do with your class genocide and property theft ambitions or the PR you provide homicidal jihadists.

American Crusader said...

Great post. I always enjoy the original writing that you do.
I'm not sure I agree with your position on a Liberal Arts Degree. Sometimes a well-rounded degree is better than one that has been fit to fill a particular industry.
I think Liberal Arts Degrees should be required for law students and medical students. Both of which will inundate you with all the legal or medical knowledge for each profession.
Plus not every student really knows what they want to do after college.
It took me until after college and the Coast Guard to decide on teaching.
Instead of eliminating Liberal Arts, there needs to be oversight on the professors to make sure the students aren't being brainwashed.
Even at a Midwest school like Kansas, by far most of my professors were liberal thinkers and couldn't believe I wanted to join the military. They said I was wasting my life.
Still...I recognized their liberal leanings without buying into their beliefs. I will say one thing on their behalf..even though they knew I opposed their liberal thinking, they were fair in grading.
Maybe that's all you can ask for.

Justin said...

Duck your post shows just what your type is. Morons who cant even engage the 1/2 brain cell that they have.

Did you ever have a job or do you just suck the life out of the Government with funds provided by those evil corporations you speak about?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


There is a reason conservatives dominate the applied sciences fields.

Hint: We prefer fact to theory. We can even tell you why your dung sculptures stink.

FLORIAN said...

No Justin--it's confirmed...Ducky is a leftist-elitist who thinks he knows better how to manage your own money than you do. It's called wealth-redistribution. We work hard so people like him don't have to. And while we're at it...he claims to make over $250k a year! Pretty impressive for somebody who doesn't mind getting taxed to death.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

We work hard so people like him don't have to. And while we're at it...he claims to make over $250k a year! Pretty impressive for somebody who doesn't mind getting taxed to death.

Ducky's posting from Milford, Massachussetts, a 93% white people town with a median household income of $50k a year (down 18% from 2000).

It's doubtful Ducky's ever seen a minority, much less more than 5 one hundred dollar bills in his hand at the same time.

Probably shops at Target on clearance days too.

Justin said...

Durn Flor, he only gets $250k per anum. However does one make it on such a paltry sum? I wonder is that in monopoly money or in those cute little gold covered candy monies one see's in the stores?

But then I could be mistaken and he could be like his Bud George Soros who totally advocates higher taxes for everyone. He says he wouldn't mind paying more himself. Right that is why all his money is held in banks off shore so he doesnt have to pay taxes on it.

That is one thing I have noticed about all these elitist types they always want to raise taxes on everyone else while they have theirs in totally sheltered areas or off shore. What hypocrites. What would you want to bet if we went after their sheltered funds there would be the wailing and gnashing of teeth on that one.

Ducky may say he makes $250k a year but then too I have that oil well in my back yard that makes me more money in one night than I can spend the next day. MMMMMMHMMMMM yep shore do.

Elmer's Brother said...

In public schools the little red neck in training might have to learn to get along with homos.

Ducky of course they know how to get along with homos...I've told them all about you.

Elmer's Brother said...

actually my kids would be required to learn and excel at home something that is missing in public schools.

Elmer's Brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elmer's Brother said...

...much less more than 5 one hundred dollar bills in his hand at the same time.

Oh he's seen at least 5 after his ho John Brown has come home from the male strip clubs in Vegas.

Elmer's Brother said...

Hey Ducky I taught my children how to count by watching NASCAR too.

Always On Watch said...

The bottom line is that there is no reason in this day and age that the current Liberal arts base needs to remain.

I was forced for endure the nonsense of obtaining a B.A., along with my teaching certificate. Because I had to take loads of courses so as to be "well rounded," I didn't have the time to take many excellent courses in my field of study--Spanish. I whined about the inanity of not having time to take the additional courses which would have improved my facility in Spanish. A short list of courses I was forced to take to get my that B.A., with a teaching certificate: PE, biology, psychology (not ed-psych), American history, computer science, English literature, music of the non-Western world. All those courses forced upon me, despite my declaring my major early. The thinking at the administrative level seemed to be: "Do your four years at the undergraduate level and after that you can specialize." Well, that was fine for wealthier families, but what about the majority of us whose parents couldn't afford the extra expense? I had a full scholarship for my first two years of college and had to work from my first day as a freshman so as to pay my own tuition the last two years.

I got my degree in 1972 and understand that the situation is worse now. A degree in general studies is even more inane.

You have a very narrow view as to why parents choose to homeschool. Not the least of the reasons for choosing homeschooling is the propensity of the public system to pigeonhole many students as ineducatble, LD, ED, etc. Never fear: the homeschooled musicians, most of whom are prodigies but with learning quirks, have plenty of contact with homos.

Furthermore, parents have the right to rear their children. Since when is the goal of education seeing to it that children get along with different groups? All the homeschool parents with whom I work are most concerned that their children meet academic goals--not being subjected to sensitivity training.

Elmer's Brother said...

when they started learning about ideological morons Ducky was the object lesson

The Merry Widow said...

plucky- I've found that homeschooled students are generally politer and better mannered towards everyone, than public schoolers!


kuhnkat said...

Beakerkin stated:

"I wish people would leave this matter where it belongs between adults and family members."

Are you trying to tell us that homosexuality should only be practiced between adult family members??


Probably how Little Che Sucky was made!!


Elmer's Brother said...

besides dukkky it's not homosexuals that my kids are taught to malign it's morons

Purple Avenger said...

The social sciences have become a jobs program for unemployable Marxists.

"Do you want fries with that?"