Sunday, November 12, 2006


My interview with Amil Imayani is underway at the Bad Eagle Jewish Forum. I only asked 15 questions but you take a look. Hopefully Warren or Mr Beamish will set up a link. We have alot of clowns who pretend to be Iran experts, notably 167. He seems to think because he visited Iran for six months he is an expert. Well I spent last night at a Holliday Inn and will defer to Amil. Amil speaks the language and culture and doesn't mince words.


nanc said...

yeah, well i had a dream i once was a cucumber, and when i awakened, just knew i was cool...

i don't really ever go to yeagley's but have a great time over there, ya hear?

beakerkin said...

Nanc Amil Imyani is an important writer who has been quoted by Rush Limbaugh amongst others. Many of us are somewhat down on Bad Eagle.
I understand better than most the problems with a far left clique of anti-American victims has created over there.

It is important that when Dr Yeagley has high quality information we support him. This interview is among my best and is very important.

Dr Yeagley's focus is educational and I may cross link some future interviews here with Bad Eagle.
Not all my interviews are designed for Education. If I ever get Kuhnkat to agree to an interview that will be comedic.

nanc said...

okay. i'll drop the cool facade and happen on over today.

the person NOT commenting will be me.



can he sit still that long?

Always On Watch said...

Link, please?

beakerkin said...


Hopefully when Warren comes around he will place a link. This is a very important interview.

Farmer John said...

Test link.

Great questions beak!

beakerkin said...

Thank you very much Farmer John.
Dr Yeagley stresses educational content for his forum. He would like the non- Native American sections to be educational.

Dr Yeagley seemed happy with the interview and considered it for the front page. It is rare that we get to interview an Iranian who doesn't mince words about what his countrymen face.

I wish many of us showed one tenth of the love of the USA Amil shows in his writtings.

kuhnkat said...


didn't you see the post where I told you to let me know when you want to interrogate me??

Always On Watch said...

Aha! The link is here. I'm tardy, but I'm off now to read the interview.

Farmer John said...

Thank you for those questions,beak , and to Amil for the wonderfully descriptive and informative responses. I need to spend some more time going over that interview. Awesome!