Friday, July 25, 2008

Will the real Nazis stand up

The deranged communist dullard Lance Thruster has called the readers of this blog brownshirts with the exception of the bird brained duck. In the case of Thruster or the Duck being an Italian Fascist ala Il Duce would represent a vast improvement over mindless communism. Il Duce was and remains a socialist who unlike Trotsky had a brain and actually could sometimes get something accomplished.

The imbecile Lance Thruster, who in Fruedian terms is compensating for anatomical deficiencies, is a follower of Maoist dullard Norman Finkola. When not mindlessly obsessing over Joooooos he is the atheist chaplain at USC. He has not in his entire life ever held a real job. Outside of University gulags, communists are unemployable and Thruster has never done an honest days work in his life. He is a member of the Old Bolshevik club and as such his next intelligent thought will be his first.

Now it just so happens the person he slavishly worships, Maoist hack Norman Finkelstein, is also venerated by actual Nazis. His books are featured on Nazi sites
and they call him "the Joooish David Irving". Finky has never published a single sentence of original research or any peer reviewed articles. His claim to fame should be as the only communist ever fired four times in any University gulag. This is a monumental feat in a system that even employs communist terrorists like Bill Ayers.

What does a person's Maoism tell us about their lack of judgement? Mao still remains the planets all time butcher. Commies like Finky pretend that this is just a "red" herring, but it remains a fact. Furthermore Finky has created his own cottage industry catering to mindless anti semitic drones who just happen to be almost entirely communist, Nazi and Jihadi anti-semites. It would seem der Finkster has also
gotten rich without ever doing an honest days work and enjoys his own "industry".


LanceThruster said...

You do not discuss issues in any rational fashion. Instead you seek to smear and intimidate. These are the tactics of the brownshirts.

Scott Ritter Charges Neo-Con 'Brownshirts' Using Terror Tactics

Ritter: I have had senior politicians privately call [the neo-cons] Brown Shirts. I have asked why don’t [the senior politicians] say this in public and there is response is that it would be political suicide.

Raw Story: If you look at how the neo-cons went after Senator Byrd for providing a historical context to shutting down political dissent, it does seem if not political suicide, then at the very least a serious smear campaign could emerge. How does a political career make sense if the country falls into a single ruling class? In other words, how can any political leader imagine a political career if there is no political process through which they can govern on behalf of the people?

beakerkin said...


Calling a Communist a Communist is a fact. Moreover, someone who thinks it is justified to call dem Jooooos Nazis and the patriotic readers of this blog "brownshirts" should not talk about smears. This becomes comedic when actual Nazis like Zundel and David Irving venerate your Maoist screwball hero.

It remains a fact that Finky was and probably remains a Maoist. Fealty to the planets master butcher would render any arguments irrelevant. Moreover, any opinions authored by commies is not credible.

When are you going to seek gainful
employment? Is it that you lack the skills to flip burgers or are too lazy? Somewhere out there a village is in dire need of an official idiot.

Beamish said...


You do not discuss issues in any rational fashion. Instead you seek to smear and intimidate. These are the tactics of the brownshirts. - Lancethruster

This "Lancethruster" being the same leftist that wasn't too long ago trying to equate Zionism with Nazism and was disappointed that no rational person wanted to dignify his stupidity with a response. The plea for "rational discussion" is an added hilarity.

But, just to make sure no one in the room leaves with an impression that leftists aren't retarded, we get a parting "brownshirt" quote from a man [Ritter] who made just enough money shilling for Saddam Hussein to stay out of jail for attempting to meet a 12 year old girl for sex at a Burger King.

Leftists. Winners, ain't they?


FJ said...

LOL! Better watch out... the "evil" neocons are out to get you, thruster.

The lie, smear and intimidate crowd or over at Kos and MoveOn. You should go join them.

FJ said...

Both Clinton and Obama were "Saul Alinsky" disciples.

Alinsky RULE 12: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.) "

Criminalizing your political opponents is what the Left does.

FJ said...

Can any one say "show trial" better than a progressive Democrat?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Thruster is a nut. Lets see a disgraced pedophile and a Jooish communist revered by actual Nazis are his heroes.

Beamish said...


Can you imagine a world where a leftist could be capable of posing a serious intellectual challenge to anyone?

Me neither. Crazy talk.

Ducky's here said...

Beak I watched Costa-Grava's "Z" the other day and the coda reminded me so much of you and yours:

"They also banned mini skirts, long hair on men, Tolstoy, Sophocles, Mark Twain, Euripides, Russian style toasts, strikes, Sartre, Ionesco, learning Bulgarian, learning Chinese, freedom of the press, sociology, Beckett, Godard, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, modern music, popular music, modern mathematics, Bergman, the peace movement and the letter "Z" which means he is risen.


Just a reminder that your little Fascist mentality is as much a threat as anything external.

beakerkin said...


Real Nazis endorse Lance Thrusters hero Finkelstein. Speech codes and censorship are all far left farces and most prominent in University gulags.

Beamish said...


I realize that as a leftist you are ideologically enjoined to try to convince people that you are mentally retarded, but slinging the word "Fascist" around only impresses the politically illiterate.

Fascism was entirely a left-wing ideology. No amount of drooling on your part will change that.

LanceThruster said...

Until you make your own personal data public, beak, you are just another hypocrite. It is why Dave Krieselman stopped with his bully tactics (at least under his own name - he has now switched to random made-up handles), because he learned that these things are not so hard to uncover. You are the epitome of a brownshirt in that you tend to accuse others of those thing you yourself are guilty of. You feel that nothing is beyond the pale for you if you direct it at a group you have labeled as worthy of such ire. It is a textbook example of demonization of "the other."

beakerkin said...


You are owed nothing comrade. You are
a follower o a genocidal philosophy.
Sorry there comwad, but your hero's Maoism remains a act just as your Bolshevism is also a act.

Last I checked your kind, commies, had far more in common with Nazis than American patriots. You should read up on the history of Nazism and Fascism. Your comments are a clear case of projection.

It would seem that Zundel and David Irving are well acquainted with actual Nazis and are big fans of Finky as well. Sorry, but facts are
just an inconveniet details.

Yes or no was Finky a Maoist? What does this relevation say about his judgment, Sorry but apologists for the planets all time butcher have no credibility.

Beamish said...


You need Beak's real name to refute his position?