Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Muslim Next Door

My Beamish asks if Stephen Schwartz is a cafeteria Muslim. Schwartz has been in a few cafeterias but is serious about his faith. He would point out that Sufism is older than Wahabism. Sufi's may be either Shia or Sunni.

The reality is that we understand some people do some very evil things in the name of Islam. Yet this does not mean that the Muslim next door is a terrorist. One does not need to look very hard to find good people who just happen to be Muslim.

My friendships are predicated on a mutual respect. I do not go off on the religion orut of respect. However, I demand the same in terms of Americanism. Stephen Schwartz is an American patriot and has no need to even dignify any questions in that area. If anyone starts with the Jooos run America or bashes the history and culture I am ready to spar.
If it is a communist I show no mercy whatsoever.

Schwartz represents the Muslim we wish were the norm. He is muslim that loves his country as much as we do. This is more common than one thinks away from campus airheads. The great part is he is a Muslim that appreciates our art, literature and culture. He is not the CAIR cartoon that sees America as born in sin. He does not mince words on terrorism. Even on Memri one can find articles about other Muslims who understand how damaging terrorism is to Islam. He has regularly swathed 9-11 conspiracy clown Justin Raimondo.

One of the great tragedies of Islam according to Naipul and my good friend Amil is the divorce of the local culture and customs in favor of some odd Arabian norms. In fairness America society is more accepting that the elitist pats on the head and passing out welfare checks and prison terms. Muslim, Hindu professionals readily point out it is about production in the USA and look ahead to competing on excellence.

There are many reasons Muslims do not riot in the USA

1 Local Americans would not put up with destruction of their property especially in small towns with armed ppulations.
2 Muslims are too busy working rather than collecting a pat on the head from the Salonista Commies.
3 Outside of Universities and Newsrooms the far left is irrelevant in the USA.
4 In the words of Muslim immigrants the local Americans are more enlightened than their long winded Eurodrones.


Z said...

I'm waiting for muslims to riot FOR the USA...against CAIR, against terrorism, exposing terror cells.
Maybe Schwartz can lead that?

So far...nada

Ducky's here said...

A Jew is having lunch on a park bench when a blind man sits next to him.
The guy offers to share his lunch with the blind man and hands him a large matzoh.

Blind man handles it for a little while and says "Who writes this crap?".

Beamish said...


The fact remains that Salman Rushdie has a fatwa / death sentence on his head for his "distortions of Islam" and Osama Bin Laden does not.

I meant no disrespect towards Stephen Schwartz but I really wonder if his efforts are actually taken seriously by other Muslim organizations.

Ducky's here said...

"One of the great tragedies of Islam according to Naipul and my good friend Amil is the divorce of the local culture and customs in favor of some odd Arabian norms."

Yeah, and when the secular Arabs in Iraq started getting a load of the religious freaks and threw them out the average American idiot failed to look at that lesson and instead started yammering about "the surge".

Z said...

Duck...when was that? Remind me when the "secular Arabs" in Iraq threw out the religious freaks.
Threw them out without OUR HELP?
Tell me...

Always On Watch said...

Well, Beak, I guess a lot depends on who your neighbor is.

Ducky's here said...

This blog is definitely more entertaining when Lance Thruster is posting