Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shaking my head

The comments of Jessie Jackson were an utter disgrace. Had a white person made a similar comment they would have been branded a bigot. Personal responsibility is not an anti-Black issue. It is an issue that should unite all of us.

Jackson is obviously jealous that Obama has eclipsed him by attempting to run as a post racial candidate. Obama's rhetoric is still a mish mash of lousy ideas an empty words but the policy of societal guilt for all that ails America and the Black community is likely a thing of the past.

Sadly Jackson like the Clintons is addicted to the media and will not go into a dignified retirement.


Always On Watch said...

Had a white person made a similar comment they would have been branded a bigot.

And drummed out of town, too!

Beamish said...

Jesse Jackson wants to cut Obama's nuts off.

He will.

Z said...

SOME day, SOMEBODY is going to write an article pointing out FACTS/DIFFERENCES between how the Left has been covered and how the Right is covered for a similar infraction.

Picture this story juxtaposed with Don Imus. That rubbish about "Jackson didn't know his mic was hot" is just that..rubbish. Imus was SO UNracist, he felt it okay to use the abominable expressions he used ON MIC and I've read Black Americans say just this! BUT..."Off with his head"...hat in hand, kowtowing to Sharpton as if he were a school boy done bad.

SOME DAY, SOMEBODY will do this.

I hope it doesn't have to be me because who cares what I WRITE? WE need ANN COULTER or somebody will less bias........? Think it will EVER happen? Forcing the media to realize their bias???

Warren said...

Make a list of people that you don't wish to get between them and a camera and Jesse Jackass will be right after Chuck Schumer.

beakerkin said...

Schumer does have that problem. Suposedly he does joke about it unlike some of the others.


Jackson is old tired and very bitter.