Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama puts Marcuse to rest

The comments of Jessie Jackson are the last gasp of the old style of Black leadership via victimology or Marcuse based idiocy. Victimology itself is a divisive
by design and never had much grasvitas off college campuses.

Obama sucsess as a post racial candidate walking away from the Pastor Wrights and the luncy of the Daily Kos/communists has been quite effective. The question if these moves are window dressing or sincere remains to be seen.

Marcuse based lunacy is dead. Obama's sucsess has reduced the victimologists to bitterness like Jackson or blathering idiocy Pastor Wright.


Ducky's here said...

Your obsession with Marcuse is as curious as your complete misunderstanding.

Marcuse was concerned with biological freedom and completed rejected the idea of class struggle.

He's more relevant in conjunction to Freud than anything to do with Marx.

Keep pitching, Beak, sooner or later we'll find a topic that doesn't have you blowing smoke although when you go on about utopianism ... if you could just make the next step and link to Camus you might have something.

Beamish said...

So Obama "repudiates" his scumbag racist pastor that provided both the title and the inspiration for the political psuedo-biography that has been his primary source of income and now he's "post-racialist?"


Then he shouldn't have any hard feelings about me not voting for his dumb ass.