Friday, July 11, 2008

Hard to Say Goodbye and a visit from an Old Friend

Older readers of this blog are familiar with my nephew Drummaster. Since I returned from Vertmont I do not drive my car much. In fact my car has been moved 400 miles in the last ten months. Most of that was by other family members. I turned the keys over to my nephew who is a very good driver. He lives in an area where all public transportation is to NYC and needs to get to classes. I will get my car back after Labor Day.

I had a visit from an old college friend. My coworkers are generally nosy and invited themselves in. My office has many odd items in it including a picture of Beakerambo, a large John Wayne image, a statue of Lawrence Taylor. I do have on 8 1/2
x 11 that is always turned backwards. A cleaning woman accidentally turned the photo around and it was observed by a sharp eyed coworker. I explained that it was a photo taken by a friend of mine who is a fashion photographer. The curious coworker said the man in the photo looked familiar. I assured her it was nobody she knew and it was just one of many odd items in my office. The very nosy coworker made a point to ask this friend who had a great laugh and told her that it really was a fashion photo
taken by a mutual friend. My coworker asked who the man in the photo was? He laughed and told them Beakerkin around 1988. The photo has been the subject of alot of humor
as it represents a time when I was much younger, very cool and according to my female coworkers "hauntingly handsome".

Sometimes the younger staff thinks of me as very remote and off into a series of odd books. The picture reminded them that at one time I was young cool and better looking than the so called "in clique". I reminded many of the younger set that father time catches up to all of us.


Ducky's here said...

For a moment there I figured northwind showed up at your cube with a sixpack.

That Lawrence Taylor thing ... homoerotic? Better get treatment and return to the straight life, Beak.

Always On Watch said...

father time catches up to all of us.

No doubt!

I try to avoid looking in the mirror the past few years.

Beamish said...


Do you still bob your head to the Night at the Roxbury soundtrack?

Z said...

let's see the picture, Beak!

beakerkin said...


As I am not the only person in the portrait I would not post it. Moreover, we do have several very deranged disgruntled types who readily invade my privacy imcluding Renegade Eye and Mad Zionist.

Ducky Lawrence Taylor is a local hero. Homosexuality is just not my style.