Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dealing With Hatred and Passion

I want to point out I do understand the feelings of Justin and Rob. We should respect their feelings as fellow humans. I want to point out the severe differences between Communists and some of the excessive hatred towards gays. Communists, for example Renegade Eye, deliberately stoke populist anti-semitism to further their own causes. Jews are being actively targeted and killed while folks like Ren rationalize
and provide excuses.

Mere support of a Palestinian state does not make one an anti-semite. There is zero reason to construe Jams as a bigot. Jams sees pointless suffering and wishes to end it period. The difference between a Jams and Ren is that he does not encourage or welcome crass bigotry or go into denials of actual history. For a Jams or even to some degree a Beatroot the rhetoric of LWB/John Brown is clear and evident. Ren and Graeme actively link a blog recognized by the crew at Stormfront. There is also the matter of deliberately talking about Jewish cabals to manipulate the government and diabolical Jewish 9-11 plots. Graeme's odd contribution is the Obama as a tool of AIPAC mania.

For Ren all of these dischodant thugs are part of a popular mass. The movement demands as many followers as possible. Thus in this spirit Ren actively courts an actual Neo Nazi LWB. LWB does frequently call Jews traitors. This is a funny line of reasoning to a group whose entire history embodies treason and sedition. LWB/John Brown and some of the commie kooks frequently talk of a modern blood libel with Israel knowing about 9-11 in advance. This variant of the blood libel is pushed by the commies at Counterpunch.

The comments by a vocal but distinct minority of Christians towards gays is as hateful as that of the familiar bigotry stoked against my people by Communists. I do not construe a larger threat from the Rev Spitz's or the Phelps. Moreover, the Christians I know would certainly not rationalize any acts of violence or crimes against gays. The rhetoric and excesses certainly do exist, but if and when we lose our liberties and civil law it will not be to this crowd.

There is a very hateful group setting government policy and every utterance must be
checked for its ramifications. The other day I brought in a Jewish food called Kasha
and someone called it by its correct English name buckwheat. When I heard that word I had visions of going to a human resources inquisition. When I do my job and I see violations of the law on certain minority cases part of me is reluctant to do the job least I be branded a bigot. My boss would be the first to point out that failure to enforce violations of the law spell out on paper is deriliction of duty. Another example was the serious speech I got when someone asked me about how a 60 year old woman in the third world is listed on a birth certificate. I pointed out that the country does permit polygamy and it is possible that a senior wife is being credited for the actions of a more recent wife.

We will not be seeing Eric Rudolph or an abortion clinic bomber on any University faculty in my lifetime. Nor do we have presidential candidates with "collectivist abnesia" working in groups with abortion clinic bombers. In reality other than the comments of Spitz I do not ever recall seeing anyone on this site support terrorism to end abortion.


The Pagan Temple said...

The only way people like that would ever gain a great deal of power in the United States would be as an equal and opposite reaction to the opposite side's influence and the popular discontent that would stoke. (And, by the way, vice versa.)

Then, and only then, some charismatic figure might arise that would unite all of these disparate elements of fundamentalist Christianity, as Justin said, but that is the only way. Things like that don't occur in a vacuum.

There were similar reasons why Hitler and the Nazis gained power and popular support, due to the understandable popular discontent with what was going on at the time, which is traceable directly back to World War I and the Treaty of Versailles and its implementation.

The largest contributor to these conditions is economic collapse, in my opinion, though there are other factors as well. Social and cultural factors certainly play a role, but they serve more as rallying points than actual the actual cause. They are more the effect.

Thus, Hitler used the Jews as a rallying point for German nationalism, but the original cause was the economic woes.

Thankfully, here in this country, we have safeguards against that kind of abuse of power, built into the system through separation of powers. That, however, is not a guarantee. In fact, we chip away at it little by little.

Our judges, who are supposed to be objective interpreters of the constitution in determining the validity and constitutionality of laws passed by the legislative brance, are supposed to put the brakes on legislative excesses, but as we have seen repeatedly, all too often federal judge appointments and even Supreme Court appointments are now highly political shell games.

The only thing that has kept us from going down the road to perdition so far has been our bi-cameral legislature. Had we only one legislative body, it would have been over with at least a hundred years ago.

And even that is whittled away little by little due to the effects of the Seventeenth Amendment.

As of now, the conservative and especially the center right, and to a lesser degree the center left, has been all that has kept the country on a moderate course and an even keel.

Anybody that thinks a liberal domination of the country would not result in at least as bad abuse as domination by conservatives has got another think coming.

Ducky's here said...

How did the Reverend Spitz find you Beak? I bet it's Lancethruster paying a visit.

It's so obvious that you should be able to figure it out.

Ducky's here said...

Wait Beak, I just looked at the Reverend's site. He looks legit.

A bigger flamer than Beamish.

Beamish said...

Nah, Ducky.

God don't need my help taking out the wicked.