Friday, August 01, 2008

Carreer Advice For the Wacky Rev Spitz

It is quite obvious that you posses no coherent thoughts. However, we here at the this blog will guide you in how to make excellent income with little or no work. It is apparent from your blog you believe in terrorism but your choice of targets and bigotries and quotes are all unsuitable.

1 Gays are not a suitable target for bigotry. You need to target your insane hatred at Joooos but use the code words Neocon or Zionists

2 You must make incoherent conspiracies and ignore actual history while blathering on about your bigotry listed above.

3 Instead of abortion clinics you should rationalize blowing up places where dem Joooos er zionists/ neocons gather.

4 Do not quote from the actual New or Old Testament. Mix a few words of Marx in with the New Testament and be as incoherent as Rev Coffing or the dopey Dellinger Brothers. Think Karl Marx not Groucho or even worse Chico/ Mario Cuomo Marx.

5 You must structure all your hatred and bombings against the United States Governments.

6 Make up some false presidential quotes and lift articles from Communist sources with readerships of less than 100.

If you follow this simple career advice you should be able to get a job in a University near you despite your profound stupidity and total divorce from reality
and lack of morals. Being an actual terrorist with a low IQ was a resume booster for Bill Ayers. Being incoherent, stupid while hating gays is never going to land you a cushy job in higher ed. You must refine your overall ignorance, add Marx or better yet Trotsky and target all your violent amoral impulses at dem Joooos er Zionists duuuhhh neocons.

Rev Spitz seems like an excellent candidate for Renegade Eye to subvert. He merely has to get the Reverend to adopt Trotsky instead of Jesus as his messiah. He can even talk about how Trotsky died via the ice pick to save Communism.


The Merry Widow said...

He could add hatred of Christians to his resume...he seems to have forgotten how to take the whole Bible into context, instead of cherry picking.
My late and I left a church, early in our marriage, because they got caught up in "Operation Rescue", they forgot their primary mission and the pastor ended up injuring himself so badly, he ended up in a wheelchair!
And the mission is 2-fold, protect and feed the flock and proclaim the Good News.
Self-righteousness and hatred have no place in Christian leadership. Which is why we fled anything to do with operation rescue, it is a fanatical, fringe group(the core is, alot of supporters aren't quite as hysterical), they are given to irrationality and accussations against those Christians who refuse to follow their creed.
I think you have the right idea, Beaker, change the message and you have another chomsky.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


The Pagan Temple said...

Spitz is a coward. He doesn't allow comments on his blog. At least I didn't see a comment link on any of them. That's probably because he knows a great lot if not most of the criticism he would get would come from real, honest-to-God Christians, and they would make him look like the ass he is on his own blog.

I doubt he'll be back here. Guys like that can't man up enough to take honest criticism.

The Merry Widow said...

PT-T'ain't that the truth?