Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barak Obama and Weekend at Bernie's

The choice of Joe Biden as vice president is neither beneficial or wise. When has Biden
ever had an original thought. He is a party hack who seems to have substance only when
compared to empty rhetoric of Obama.At his best he is a poor Man's Al Gore minus the Little Lord Fauntleroy act, minus 30 IQ points and with zero Charisma.

While everyone talks about foreign policy what Obama lacks is someone with executive experience and an ability to think outside the box to solve real problems. A big city Mayor or a governor could have done that.

Obama could get the same results by nominating the corpse from the weekend at Bernie's


Always On Watch said...

Biden is going to be a soft target in this campaign. Yes, he brings "experience." But what kind?

Well, I'll say this for Biden. He "looks" Presidential.

Beamish said...

Biden was an original supporter of the Iraq War as far back as 2002, when the Senate was drafting the authorization for it.

Biden (and his hair plugs) were brought in to shore up Obama's utter lack of foreign policy credentials, Obama being the guy who, in Hillaty Clinton's words, "made a speech in 2002."

First question: "Is the Biden pick a tacit admission by Obama that for the last 5 years he's been a moron on Iraq?"

We'll get to Joe Biden's scumbag work on anti-bankruptcy legislation on behalf of predatory credit card companies later.

The Pagan Temple said...

I think Biden is overall a good pick. Yeah, the anti-bankruptcy legislation is dubious, but you can cherry-pick positions and policies that are questionable with anybody.

Biden's main drawback is he's a Senator. Beak is correct in his assertion Obama should have picked a governor or big city mayor for the executive experience.

He brings the experience, and especially foreign policy expertise, and also, what has so far been overlooked-the Catholic vote. Plus, he might bring most of the Hillary Democrats back on board, minus the uber feminists.

He brings ideological balance. The only thing he doesn't bring, besides the lack of executive experience, is regional balance. He doesn't bring a state into further play. Delaware is already solidly in the Dem column.

The governor of Ohio would have been his best pick in some of these regards, but there might have been a problem we were never told about.

Warren said...

Biden's a weirdo and a meat head. He has a tendency to make it up as he goes.

He'll mesh perfectly with the messiah.

nanc said...

God help u.s. if this undymanic duet makes it to the white house - this HAS to be a ruse - a little appetizer before her heinous serves up the main course. i keep pinching myself thinking any moment i'll awaken.

Beamish said...


I think Biden is overall a good pick. Yeah, the anti-bankruptcy legislation is dubious, but you can cherry-pick positions and policies that are questionable with anybody.

Cherry-pick positions?

Did you not witness the last 12 months of Obama's campaign? He criticized and campaigned against his Democratic primary rivals for:

- their support for the Iraq War
- their support for the troop surge
- their support for anti-bankruptcy legislation

and so on...

And then he picks Joe Biden, a man who supported the Iraq War, the surge, and was the credit card lobby's go to guy for "dubious" legislation.

Democrats have never ever sought the votes of intelligent people, but this trun towards appealling to the brain dead is rather amusing.

I don't know what's more unrealistic thinking - the thought that Joe Biden is going to inspire the electorate to vote for Obama, or the thought that John McCain doesn't have this election in the bag already.

The Pagan Temple said...

The reason I said he was a good pick is because he would appeal to people who are concerned about Obama's national security and foreign policy expertise, or lack thereof. He will also help him with more moderate Democratic and possibly independent voters who aren't so sure about him.

Mainly, he will be a real attack dog on the campaign trail. He won't be namby-pamby "positive" like Liebermann or Edwards. Biden is the kind of guy who will go for the gut.

Besides, Beamish, come on. You're even criticizing him for hair plugs, for crying out loud. You don't think that's cherry-picking? Good grief.

Jungle Mom said...

hey, I agree with PT! Biden is a good pick...for the republicans! I couldn't be happier!

Beamish said...


Biden's hair plugs are symbolic of the vain superficiality Biden brings to a ticket composed entirely of vain superficiality.

As far as Biden's "foreign policy and national security expertise" - he does has much - for a Democrat.

Which doesn't say much at all. What are Biden's accomplishments in the fields of national security and foreign policy?

Okay, unfair question.

IF there actually existed something you could point to as a Biden foreign policy / national security accomplishment, how effective is the Obama argument "Vote for me, my running mate might have a clue."

What is Biden really, but Obama with hair plugs?