Saturday, August 16, 2008

Idoitic Leftists Criticize Books They Have Not Read

We should be used to rabid leftists criticizing books they have not bothered to read.
The familiar attacks on any book by Couter are familar. One can get similar venom by bringing any David Horowitz book to a so called "Peace Protest".

Thus it is not surprising that increasingly rabid leftist Rob pronounces a verdict on a
book he hasn't bothered to read. Rob has decided without bothering to read Corsi's previous book that Corsi is a liar. Of course when I point that out Rob accuses me of making up facts.

Rob on his best days was never known for his intellect. He had a decent sense of humor
but as he goes further into mindless far leftism this is gone.

Now people who have read this blog know I am almost always reading something. You can find book reviews on this site. Sometimes I am guilty of reading a book out of Chapter sequence or just a chapter or two of special interest.

I pointed out to Rob his personal attack wasn't funny.

I asked Rob what was the last book he read. Did it have a man in a yellow hat or a big red dog. I should ave asked if it was a pop up book.

Not surprisingly Rob deleted the sequence. In addition to becoming as hateful as the so called "fundamentalists" he has apparently lost his sense of humor.

Did he bother to read Unfit for Command? Probably not, but that doesn't stop him from
pronouncing a verdict on a book he hasn't bothered to read.


nanc said...

beak - i wish you'd've properly tagged your book reviews so we could all refer to them - yes, it is best to not speak about a book based upon what others are saying about it - ask beamish about "the poky little puppy". although i never read as much into it as he did - i DID read the book and can speak my mind about it.


Beamish said...


The Poky Little Puppy still to this day stands as a testament to the futility of collective punishment.


I'm a bit hesitant to put stock in Corsi's latest work on Obama. It's plausible that Corsi would and could have the goods on John Kerry with Corsi sharing a swift boat and having spent around 4 months in Vietnam trying to keep that imcompetent Massachusettan from killing himself with a hand grenade.

It's quite another to try to translate the success of that book of first-hand knowledge into a career in third-hand gossip punditry against another candidate.

I might read it, I might not.

Encouraging me to read it is Obama's "Rapid Response Team" ::guffaw:: swamping the media with a 40 page "rebuttal" that demands that John McCain make Corsi go to bed without supper or something.

I think the Democrats finally have the first female nomination for President after all.

beakerkin said...


In an ideal world people read books
before talking about them. At least
Justin bothered to read the book.



There are many who would make the same remarks about your sanity. I have been fairly respectful in spite of your bloviating.

The sky isn't falling and there is no army of Brill cream haired 700 club maniacs coming after gays. I certainly do understand there is some genuine hatred, but this is moving into Henny Penny antics.

If you don't like what is being said at a Church find another or worship at home. If you don't like
a book don't buy it.

The marketplace doesn't seem to agree with you about the Corsi book. I do not know if your quotes
are accurate or not. I do not tell
people what to read, that is part of the First Amendment.

The civilian part of the book Unfit
for Command is generally attributed
to Corsi. There was almost no controversy with that section.

I will also remind you that even if
the quotes you listed are true that
does not infer that the book is false. It just means the author has some obnoxious views.