Friday, August 29, 2008

Flynn's A Conservative History of The American Left

I skipped ahead to Flynn's chapters about the 1960's human garbage radical. Flynn correctly portrays them as infantile opportunists. Their often criminal conduct was not treated seriously enough by the police despite repeated provocations. The myth of the popular mass movement changing attitudes about the Vietnam war is also a farce. The protesters remained unpopular outside their drug numbed circles.

The sixties generation depended on the Vietnam War as a stage for their lawlessness and crass opportunism. Today anti-semitism is the glue that cements the far left's bong hit dreams. The left is quite clueless as to the symbolism of boycotting Jews. The parallels of boycotting Jews are up there with book and cross burning. It is hardly surprising that a political hack fake UCU mediocrity would use an article from David Duke's website. The grand alliance even demands the left be silent when Hammas butchers the lefts flunkies,Fattah. The grand alliance of the 60's left had the Black power clods who were in actuality a drug pushing street gang. In a similar manner the grand alliance had Black Power clods and the current version has Jihadis and Nazis.


Ducky's here said...

I agree Beak, it is a false premise that demonstrations did much to halt the war. There are a lot of myths. There are also the myths about returning soldiers being spit on.

My hope is that the war stopped because the American people were at heart decent enough to want and end to the useless slaughter. That we were decent enough not to have the stomach for it any longer.

Beamish said...

Where do you think leftists get the idea that poverty causes terrorism?

Always On Watch said...

The protesters remained unpopular outside their drug numbed circles.

Pretty much.

The campus where I was from 1968-1972 was fairly apathetic. The leftistas couldn't get serious students, most of us on campus, to participate in their distracting rallies. And the leftista student leaders went on to become part of "The Establishment" and buy expensive mansions and cars.

Beamish said...


I once asked my dad if he was a hippie in the 1960s.

His reply - "Nah, my parents were poor."