Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Harry's Place and the inane Brittish Libel Laws

Those of us who enjoy blogging and high quality fare make Harry's Place a must read.
The blog is silenced due to the absurd libel laws of the UK and some buffoonery and malfeasance at UCU.

Harry's Place correctly reported that a left wing dolt posted material on her website that originated with David Duke. The facts are not in dispute. Harry's Place was correct to point out this embarrassing fact. Antisemitism is endemic on the so called far left and this point illustrates how far this has progressed.

The basic problem is that the UK needs a free speech law similar to our own First Amendment. With one frivolous complaint thousands of dedicated fans of a blog were deprived by the arrogant malfeasance of a thug at UCU. Rather than point the finger at the folks at Harry's Place, this person should have acknowledged a serious error and moved on. Thousands of dedicated readers are being inconvenienced because an egomaniac had her precious self righteous feelings hurt.

We support Harry's Place against far left abuse of the law.

The only relevant question is did this person link material from David Duke.


The Pagan Temple said...

Are you starting to catch on now to what I've been saying for months about these EU bastards, and why I could care less about the "evil Russians" and what they might do to them? Why should Americans continually support governments that have no more respect for the basic human liberties of their citizens than these Western European cretins?

Let the Russians have all Europe. What would the US lose? How many natural resources would a Russian takeover of Europe cause us to lose? What, we might lose out on that essential, all-important British tea-trade? Bullshit.

It would be worth it just to see what the Muslimn reaction in Europe would be. How many times would fanatical Muslims take to the streets demanding Russian blood every time a Russian government minister hurt a Muslims itty bitty feelings? I have this strange idea they would learn the art of keeping their damned mouths shut.

Ducky's here said...

Seems like a British affair. No need for American diaper pissers ("Oh oh, the big bad muzzies are going to put anthrax in my wheaties and make me wear a veil") to get involved.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Look up the link to Lionheart UK's blog. The guy got into trouble by british law because he threatened to bust open a huge Muslim heroin ring in his home town.

This man actually had to leave England for awhile to save his life.

British laws are becoming more dhimmified than ever before. UK citizens should revolt against these so-called libel laws, especially those who are directed against Muslims.

Britain has no such thing as freedom of speech.

If our president had any gonads, he'd place sanctions against the UK until they make drastic changes.

jams o donnell said...

Our laws in this area are a disgrace. It's not just an idiot from the UCU who has tried to benefit from taking down a site. Russian/Uzbek oligarch Alisher Usmanov did the same thing last year to sites owned by Craig Murray and Tim Ireland over Murray's allegations about Usmanov's past. The sites were back in a few days but the allegations went far and wide over the net, uniting football bloggers and poliical bloggers across the whole political spectrum.