Monday, August 25, 2008

The Folks at Harry's Place Agree With The Beak

It has long been the contention that it is almost impossible to discern the far left
antisemitism from that of Neonazis. The latest example is a UCU professor who used
material from David Duke without knowing its odious source.

Many of you think I am joking about the comments at Ren's site strongly resembling those at Stormfront. The exception is when CB, the Farmer and Sonia comment on the most
outlandish of claims.

Ren even links and regularly hosts an actual Nazi whose site is featured by Stormfront.
It seems the grand alliance for communism now includes Nazis.

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Beamish said...

It is ahistorical to make a distinction between Nazism and the leftist tree it sprang from in the first place.

Anti-semitism as a core component of political philosophy first emerged with the leftists Proudhon, Marx, Engels, Bakunin, and later expounded upon by the followers of the left-wing labor activist named Adolf Hitler.

Neo-Nazi, in spartan terms, merely means "modern leftist."