Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Odd Readings

One of the favorite commie classics is the blow back theory. This is espoused by
commie dolts who peddle fiction about CIA aid going to Bin Ladden. What commies leave out is that public enemy number ten Gulbadin Heckmatyar appears to have been a commie himself. Moreover, at various times he turned coat and worked with the Soviets.

Perhaps when Heckmatyar decides to call it quits he can work in the office next to Bill Ayers. Unlike Ayers, Heckmatyar could never be called incompetent.


Ducky's here said...

Blowback is a perfectly useful term, Beak. It doesn't have any hard connection to communism.

For instance, today's bombings in Lebanon are a blow back from "Fat Boy" Sharon's getting his face punched in when he took on his little proxy war in South Lebanon.

Warren said...

Blowhard is another useful term.

I hear it most ofter as a description of your anal rhetoric.