Saturday, August 02, 2008

Who calls whom a sellout

I am always amused when people claim that I have no beliefs (Communist Imbecile Renegade Eye) or when others claim I am sort of a Jewish sellout to Fundamentalist Christians. Anyone who reads this blog knows that my positions have remained fairly stable over time. While my critics constantly are reinventing themselves from Kahanist to ex Kahanist or gay to ex gay and back to gay I am still the same person.

Every person should have a natural starting point. My starting point is that I love my country and am proud of the society we have built. I am a proud participant in WesternCiv that often made progress over the deaths of the Jewish people. Western Civ has its flaws but the notion that Indigenous people have their own rights and that slavery was wrong also originates from Western Civ. I reject the Marxist/Anarchist/Green/Jihadi/Nazi critiques of Western Civ as amoral and ignorant.
Ultimately there is a world of difference between a decent man of the left such as Jamsor even Rob and a traitorous anti American subversive like Renegade Eye. Jams criticizes specific policies and does not pretend that Communist Thugs like Mugabe are Turnips. There is also a decided difference between Jams and the salonista Beatroot whose gin impaired reflexive anti-americanism and arrogance are a different animal han the souless Ren or brain impaired Graeme.

As I enjoy the freedoms and largess of this great society it would be hypocritical to hate those whose founding spirit built that which I love. This country was founded on
Christian principles and many who came here did so because they wanted to get away from angry elitist types that imposed. My respect for nearly all Christians is quite evident upon any basic reading of this blog. The rare Christians I oppose are those who attempt to make Marx into a sacred text and that specifically refers to the insanity of "liberation theology". The other groups I have problems with are racist Church or the terrorist apologism of dullards like Rev Spitz.

While my positions have more or less been predictable and stable my critics have been
all over the place. How does one sell out when your positions are so predictable. In a different time this same critic was lashing out at Mormons to my astonishment.

Those of you who are long term readers are aware of my education and various other types of training. The over the top criticism of "fundamentalist" can also be construed as a person attempting to gain credibility within his own circles after he departed. My support of this individual was never based upon that move either.

My Grandfather who loved everyone except for Commies and Nazis who he saw as crazy people trying to get the rest of us killed has a saying. "When you hate a person or a group dig two graves, one for the person and the other for yourself".

There is no mass movement towards sending Gay people to Concentration camps or impose a Christian based theocracy in this country. There are religious people who see black
robed Marxist freaks trying to impose their idiocy on the rest of us. There are also
Communist clowns at Moveon and the Daily Kos/communist trying to subvert the Democratic party. For all the mass hysteria about the Moral Majority we still have Roe vs Wade.


Z said...

I'd have liked your grandfather...he's a wise man.
keep telling your truth,'s a good truth.

Beamish said...

Scratch any leftist and reveal a mouth-breather.

The Pagan Temple said...

Don't feel bad, Beak, I've been tagged with the sellout label myself, as a pagan sellout to Christians and to right-wingers in general. It goes with the territory when you try to think for yourself and not drink anybody's Kool-Aid. Personally, I think it's kind of funny. In my case, most of the people that try to lay that at my door wouldn't know what to think without checking in with their lords and masters first. Every word they utter is almost like regurgitated pablum, so who cares?

Rob and Justin have an excuse, they are in the middle and feel, probably wrongly in some cases (but maybe rightly in others) that they are targets of bigotry. Some of the people that I have to put up with just for speaking my mind don't have that excuse, they are just part of the big bad drumbeat and oh so cool and with it.

Frankly though, I still think Ren's cool.

troutsky said...

All your rhetoric is over the top hyperbole. Is this stylistic writing or do you speak this way? Perhaps it is comedic?Also, you should remember your grandfathers advice when writing.

beakerkin said...


Ren is an advocate of class genocide.
He thinks that a man who is a war criminal with a record on a par with Saddam Hussein is the messiah. Sorry,
but treason, class genocide and property theft is not cool.


I will do this slowly because you are an imbecile. My grandfather was
a gentle person. However, he found his country invaded by "Bolshevik Nebishes". Even though he was a man of peace he picked up the gun and practiced his own form of "Social

My grandfather viewed communists
as part criminal, part crazy, part
stupid and always dangerous. While
he respected the Christian up the block or a black customer, he had no such charity for communists.

FYI Plenty of brave men just like him were butchered in Katyn. Commies lied about this crime for
decades and blamed it on Nazis. He
left a country he served but did not treat him well for a country he loved with all his heart, the USA.

His amicable nature did not extend to communists who were always evil.