Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Harry's Place Saga Ends

Harry's Place is back on line. The UCU has a well deserved Black Eye for its Stalinist
abuse of power. In the end the pen proved mightier than the legal sword. The UCU's draconian abuse of power created free publicity.

The episode demonstrated that the inane libel laws of the UK need to be changed. This example was illustrated best by the David Irving/ Lipstadt trial. The laws prevent
accurate information from being published due to legal threats. Ultimately, this prevents sane political discourse and serves to protect people from malfeasance. The people of the UK need their own version of the First Amendment.

The UCU dimwits botched this episode and tossed the perpetrator under the bus. The cause of this is the harassment of those opposed to its insane obsession with Israel.
In the vacuum far left types become increasingly shrill and self righteous and compete with each other for who can sound the most bellicose. The fact that Boycotting Jews has a past as odious as book burning is lost on the Bolsheviks at the

The episode also shows what happens to organizations once Marxists are permitted to
infiltrate and set the agenda. The job of a Union is to protect the rights of its workers. Harassing Jews and subjecting them to political litmus tests as a prerequisite of hire does not sound like a job of a Union. In fact it is something a responsible Union guards against. This is demonstrated at the Anglican Church where
far leftists unilaterally decided to set precedents without even considering the views of Churches in other regions. The job of a Church is to meet the spiritual needs of its congregation. Why does this Church need a commisioner of Social Justice?
Do sermons about recycling really belong in a Church? As the members die off or leave the Marxists remain clueless and ever more shrill.

The whole episode demonstrates that the person in question has a second rate mind and is probably a political hack appointment rather than a scholar. A scholar should be expected to know who David Duke is or at least notice the White power stuff on the page. Had this material come from the original site 9-11 conspiracies and alien abduction material should have given this so called scholar a clue. When her error
was noticed she should have stated "I made a serious error" and moved ahead. Instead the Marxist thugs attacked the free speech of the folks at Harry's Place and above all their readers for reporting the facts.

The ham handed tactics have damaged the career of this second rate political hack. A google search on the name of this dimwit shows scores of entries on using materials from a racist website.If this person was some type of scholar one seriously needs to
work to find out what subject she teaches. There are serious scholars and political hacks and it is becoming apparent which description describes this individual. Her career was damaged by her brazen malfeasance and stupid response, not by the post at Harry's Place.

Oddly Renegade Eye has now become a free speech advocate. He does not endorse this when Hugo closes down papers. He does link a blog that has been recognized by actual
Nazis for its anti semitic content. He encourages a person who claims Jews control America, Jews are Khazars, Jewish Americans are traitors and that Israel knew about 9-11 to participate in his site. Obviously, the message of the far left tolerating the most rabid expressions of antisemitism is lost on him. Like the folks at the UCU
the clueless Trotskyite continues to link a site that is even more anti semitic than
the fare posted by David Duke and Hammas.

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Jungle Mom said...

Seemly, ren, is more racist than I thought as he only supports free speech for English speaking people.