Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Off Base

One of the constant critiques that is off base is that the conservative Churches are political and responding to "outside forces".

Why does the Anglican Church have a Commissioner for "social justice"? This term is a communist codeword. Sorry, but this critique is pure insanity as liberation theology itself is a Marxist attempt to subvert whole denominations.

The Anglican bishop from NYC complained based on conjecture that her peers "beat their wives". Perhaps the comment was made in the notion of probability that in any large gathering of men a certain percentage will beat their spouses.

The NY Sun pointed out that in NYC Anglican church membership is down 4%. One can go to a Church and hear sermons on the UN and recycling. The job of a house of worship is generally the spiritual needs of its members. What does recycling have to do with those needs?

I want to point out my disgust when I was forced to listen to far left BS at a reformed Temple. The absurd claim that Vegetarianism is Judaic is odd considering
there are whole sections of the Old Testament that deal with what animals you can eat and sacrafice. The rest of the sermon was on global warming which also has nothing to
do with Judaic worship.

One can joke about the more conservative preachers having the nerve to talk about scripture in a house of worship. Who put the scripture in the sermon... Oh wait wasn't that what we were supposed to be talking about in the first place before leftist clowns grabbed the pulpit.

I imagine myself as a thinking if an actual sermon was read the members might react with "who put the Torah or the Talmud in the weekly sermon?". Sorry the leftist critics of the conservative Churches fail to grasp that those Churches do talk about scripture as if it were quaint. I also have not witnessed Conservative Churhes knowingly violating immigration law or sections dealing with private individuals engaing in foreign policy.

This critique of the left is BS.


The Merry Widow said...

Hear, hear!
It is VERY tiresome to go someplace that is supposed to be feeding your spirit, and get a lecture on sorting your glass and plastics...:rolling of eyes:.
That sort of feel goodism is totally useless, especially when you are dealing with the big questions of life; like why your child got cancer and died, or why you are suddenly abandoned by your spouse, or why you are here in the first place...the rest is pablum!
I'm thinking, Beaker, that so many run from those deep questions because they make people uncomfortable. It's fear of being unpopular, and fear of dealing with the deep issues of life...plain, old fashioned FEAR!
If you refuse to go into those deep places, you are a coward...and surface lectures do nothing but give you permission to run from them!
Good morning, GD blessand Maranatha!


Ducky's here said...

"Why does the Anglican Church have a Commissioner for "social justice"?"

Because they chose to have one and it's none of your f**king business.

sonia said...

Anglican Church will disappear within 50 years. It will only remain in Africa, where it will be very conservative.

When a church turns liberal, it dies within 50 years.

The Pagan Temple said...


That's just the point, the rank-and-file membership didn't "choose" to have one, if I understand Beak correctly, it was foisted on them by a group of people that insinuated themselves into leadership positions in the church.

Which, you are correct to a point, it's not Beak's or mine, or anybody's "f*****g business" outside the church, but it bears noting that the church is almost split wide open because of this kind of thing.

If they manage to survive, it will either be because these people in these leadership positions are removed, or it will be as two separate entities.

There is a great deal of dispute involving property as well, if I am not mistaken. The church property involved is, in my opinion, the only thing that has prevented the split from happening up until now.

If the conservative members walk out of the church, it certainly can't survive. They can always find other denominations to attend, and without them, I doubt the church would survive as anything but a facade, if it does that well.

beakerkin said...


The job of a church is to meet the spiritual needs of its congregants.
One might actually hear the Torah in an Orthodox house of worship. Lets see the Torah portion of the week or whatever fad the social justice crowd
is pushing this week.

We must be too old school.


Funny, you seem to take a different tune when the moral majority is discussed. Actually, nobody decided to have one. This is the actions of an arrogant out of touch elite that sparked the dissent in the first place. Marx is not part of the scriptures.


You are correct. The Marxist subversion should be on the death certificate.

To some thoughtful critics. This issue is in the news and it is presumptive to label this post a personal attack.

As far as this post being anti Anglican, this is off base. I support the rights of the African
Anglicans to have their concerns addressed.

nanc said...

a few years ago, the average age of a presbyterian was 62 and they mentioned the average age of an episcopalian, but i cannot remember it! they were very close though.

too many dead churches out there - i see many moving to home churches as i've stated before. as the left becomes more hateful of christians, we'll be more apt to do our churching at home amongst other believers.

of course, everybody thinks they've got THE BIG GUY AND HIS SON all sewed up for their very own - we cannot all be right, can we?

i've thought about what type of church the Lord would attend as an ordinary congregant and am hard put to think of one. although i do see Him out in the streets rescuing people...

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-Remember, HE liked to meet in homes over dinner too...
Also, in Acts, Peter and John took the beating handed out by the Sanhedren without complaint, but also pointed out that they needed to obey G*D in the matter of preaching, teaching and helping(i.e., the man at the Beautiful Gate.)
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

And what Gamaliel warned the Sanhedren about...