Monday, August 04, 2008

Frankfurt School Crapola

Some of us are under the delusion that minorities can not be bigoted. This is definitely not the case as Blacks can be as racist as whites. Moreover, there are some who seem to think that all "fundamentalist" Christians are bigots.

I do not like anti religious bigotry at all. It is not acceptable when aimed at Jews, Christians, Mormons, Hindus and even Muslims. There are some self righteous types who
think it is acceptable to rail at "fundamentalist" Christians. This is neither right nor acceptable and in many cases bigoted.

There are countless ways to interpret scripture. It is bigoted and wrong of far left activists to demand that the scripture be interpreted in a pro gay manner. Interpretation of scripture is something that is personal and we are blessed with a multitude of churches with different interpretations.

There are those who insist that liberation theology has nothing to do with communism.
This is false and one denomination actively took it upon themselves to violate immigration law in an effort to undermine US foreign policy. That congregation should
be held liable for the crimes and social services of the people they illegally brought into the United States.

Other clowns calling themselves "Christian Peacekeeper Teams" regularly violate the laws against private individuals engaging in their own foreign policy. Nobody elected
or appointed these stooges to run foreign policy and their actions are in violation of the law.

There are those on the left who are clueless as to why some Anglicans rebelled against authority. The cause was the arrogance of a far left clique who decided unilaterally to change policies without a discussion. While the media focused on gays
the idiocy of Rowan Williams was apparent on Sharia. If you are an Anglican living in Nigeria Williams comments about Sharia are arrogance. Williams limited understanding of the term is based upon the examples of a Jewish court handling some matters. In Africa where non-Muslims are sometimes subject to Sharia this is no laughing matter.
Williams is a stereotypical Marxist cleric whose involvement with the nuclear freeze movement and statements on foreign policy leave zero room for doubt. Oddly, this is precisely the type that lectures people about "Eurocentrism", but when Africans talk they practice the colonial arrogance they rail about.

Sorry, but those who rail in arrogant tones about hateful Christians are often themselves quite hateful. These types are fond of cherry picking some dreadful quotes. However, when equally dreadful quotes are pulled out of their own midsts they
faign ignorance. They scour the world looking for hate crimes some of which are very
real. Yet upon closer examination we just do not know the cause. Moreover, the United States government does not tolerate crimes and these episodes are deservedly prosecuted. Conversely when the two nut cases at Columbine shot a Christian the same folks quickly change the subject.

Oddly when dealing with crime we tend to over analyze the cause. The initial reports
were the VT killer was a crazed engineering student who could not relate to people. Later we learned he was an English major. There were whole diatribes over what Ismael
Ax tatooed on the arm meant ranging from Islam to Moby Dick. Oddly, nobody ever blamed learning all the rules of commas or having to read Ethan Frome. In reality we
know that these killers are mentally ill and should not read too much into the causation of clearly unbalanced types.

When people run around shrieking in self righteous tones that the sky is falling they
turn themselves into human cartoons. Moreover, very often they are as bigoted as the folks they complain about.

I want to close with the hypocrisy of this mindset. Long ago there was discussion about Mitt Romney's Mormonism. As a non- Christian I was perplexed by the hostility
of some of you to Mormonism. There was one person who said "I will not vote for a Mormon". Now this very same person starts complaining because he feels some people do
not accept him as a Christian because he is from a liberal Church. This person had zero problems labeling Mormons non-Christian. This sounds like a case of discrimination is whatever I say it is at any point in time.

The truth is that people on the far left are quite adept at bigotry. The far left
variant is self righteous and way more prevalent than the rare rightist type largely based on ignorance.


Ducky's here said...

Nothing you write has anything to do with the Frankfurt School. Just more blather.

Why not do some reading and actually learn?

Beamish said...

The Prophet Joseph Smith preached (in between being on the run from the law for his banking scams, extortion, murder, and running protection rackets) that native Americans and other dark-skinned humans are cursed of God.

Yes, the LDS church within the last 30 years decided that their great prophet was wrong about all that, but you have to remember that Smith started his cult on the idea that the first 18 centuries of Christian practices and belief were incorrect and that his were correct (yeah, Muhammad forgot to copyright...)

There's other funny facts about Mormonism that reveal it as a hoax. Google "Kinderhook plates" or "Book of Abraham Egyptian scroll fraud."

Joseph Smith got in lots of trouble with the law over running scams. He wasn't persecuted so much as prosecuted. The man was a criminal scumbag. Remnants of his "Danites" - his gang enforcers / personal security force - live on in southwest Missouri in the spinoff theology of the white supremacist "Christian Identity" movement.

Don't get me wrong. I really don't care that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I think it's far worse that he's from Massachussetts, also know as the world's largest gay bar.

But being a Mormon is not something people with a lot of insight into what thinking actually is will fall into.

I need to vote for someone who can examine a stupid idea and readily see how stupid it is.

Which is why I can't vote for a Mormon, or a leftist.

Even if they're not from Massachussetts.

The Merry Widow said...

Thank you, Mr. B. I was going to expound on joseph smith's comment about being another "mohammid"...and how when the mob broke into the jail he was in, he started shooting, hardly Christ-like behavior.
Also "WHY" he was in jail in the first place...which included the abscounding with the; wives, daughters and sisters of his neighbors...NOT a nice man.
The whole basis of mormonism is based on lies and false teachings and perverssion of Scripture.
Mormons are generally nice people, now, but they are NOT Christians.
And I'm basing that on theology, history and the Bible, not prejudice!


Beamish said...

Mormons, for the most part, are decent people, and politically conservative to boot, irrespective of their abject polytheistic doctrines (see the "Pearl of Great Price" for details) which negate any legitimate claim to Christianity.

There are exceptions. Mitt Romney, for example, is almost as politically conservative as Ducky.

The Merry Widow said...