Sunday, August 03, 2008

A very early post

Normally, I make a special post on 9-11. Long term readers know of my special relationship with that day and February 23, 1993. My city was attacked by a band of blood thirsty, hateful lunatics who declared war on humanity long ago.

I do not blame all Muslims for 9-11. I do blame those Muslims who continue to lie about who is responsible. There is no need to blame the Muslim next door unless he is off into conspiracy land. If Muslims had responsible leaders not named Stephen Schwartz much of the dual loyalty talk would have died. Unfortunately, what Americans see are the folks at CAIR with their familiar word games and rationalizations. There is no excuse for terror aimed at civilians anywhere.

The truth is that there is a familiar mantra on the far left about who exploited 9-11.The truth is Communists exploited 9-11 from its earliest moments to its present day.While the buildings were still smoldering in the distance Commies held a Nuremberg style hate rally in Union Square on the Saturday after 9-11. They blamed their usual targets Jews, Mossad, CIA, Israel and so forth. I was at the protest and heard every last word.

The truth is that it appears communists are writing the scripts that we commonly hear
on the Arab street or at Neonazi sites like Stormfront. Communists stabbed America in the back while we were down and once again sided with our enemies.

Many of us are reluctant to confront them about their treason. The familiar rant of the 9-11 conspiracy kook is identical to that of the Holocaust denier, "I am just asking questions". Conspiracy freaks do not ask questions they look for an incogrous point and add bigotry and conjecture and create a theory. Thus when one deals with a Holocaust Denier one hears all the Jews lied and that repeated confessions in war crimes hearings were coerced. They frequently ignore the vast preponderance of evidence in favor of one or two odd sources.

Some of you will point to the dreadful words of a well know evangelist who blamed 9-11 on gays. That statement was meant on a strictly theological level. The person making the stupid comments immediately apologized. Commies and their Nazi and Jihadi allies were talking about a literal Jewish/zionist/neocon conspiracy to attack America. They continue to spew this hateful venom till this present day.

Most of you know my story on that day. Unlike the far left appointed Jersey Girls I was there. The Jersey girls decided they would give the media the voices they wanted to hear. My reaction was very different as I had a brush with mortality. I decided after that day that my life really had no meaning. I was merely a number on a ledger
pad and it isn't a good feeling. The only feeling worse than being a number on a ledger pad is being nothing.

After my brush with mortality I decided to do work that has meaning. I was too old to
pick up a gun, so I went to work in the Federal government. The process is not easy and at times it seemed to be straight out of a grade D horror flik. When I first started it was the most magical feeling in the world. I was putting families together
and that is a good feeling. I started to get cynical when I started reading the adoption scams. I did not enjoy the vocational work but over time I learned to love it. I moved to a district and learned about the mix of good and evil amongst the applicants. Most days the job is a labor of love.

Out of the ashes of 9-11, I decided to refocus my priorities. I decided to serve that which I love. The highest compliment you can call me is "American" followed by my title Officer.

Some of us are very spiritual and I respect that. However, some of us are in denial
that communists have infiltrated some Churches. One can look at DTN and read which Churches have prostituted themselves into irrelevancy. While familiar cries about
conservative activists are passe it is the liberation theology crew that has aligned itself with Americas enemies and made a mockery of Christianity. There are those who pretend that the problems in the Anglican Church are all about gays. The reality is that a arrogant elite Marxist clique decided it would act on its own. When one hears about nuclear disarmament, Churches knowingly violating immigration laws for a political agenda, divestment in Israel it is Marxist infiltration of organizations at work. Oddly the people who lecture everyone about Eurocentism ignored the wishes of their African members.The comments of Rowan Williams need little explanation.

Every now and then one should examine their lives. I serve that which I love and am content. There is a difference between serving that which you love and being consumed
by hate. Most of you do not need this reminder and those who do know exactly who they are.


The Merry Widow said...

Read the roster of the national council of churches and the world council of churches. There you will find those who have used Scripture as a dessert buffet and follow a twisted vision of "u"topianism...i.e., "We can bring in the Millenial Kingdom..."which devolves into liberation theology(the matyknoll's) and various other non-Biblically grounded denominations and theologically flawed stands.
Communism HAS infiltrated the churches since the 1960's...the fruit is rotten, dry and without nourishment.
Doing what you love is what G*D originally designed work to you are doing the right thing!


Anonymous said...

excellent post!

Always On Watch said...

While the buildings were still smoldering in the distance Commies held a Nuremberg style hate rally in Union Square on the Saturday after 9-11.

I still can't get over that! And weren't the cell phones still chirping as well?

At the time, I was unaware of the demonstration, or else the media here didn't cover it.

The highest compliment you can call me is "American" followed by my title Officer.

If only more Americans today felt that way, we'd have a better nation and more unity!

Beamish said...

Leftists will always seek bigger and better ways to marginalize themselves. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the left's primary goal of convincing rational people everywhere that all leftists are imbeciles.