Monday, August 18, 2008

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I am starting to wonder what it is that defines us as heterosexual or gay. Every act committed by gays is also done by straight people as well. The only act that straight people perform that gays do not is conventional male to female heterosexual sex.

Thus am I defined as a straight person merely by my proclivity for the one act gays can not perform.

I think of the sum of those relationships that meant something in my life, and oddly what I remember is a feeling. I remember a closeness in and beyond the bedroom. Yes what went on in those private moments was a part of it. However, so were those moments of couple time like a walk/misadventure on a hiking trip or a drive in the countryside.

Is the sum of my relationship determined by that one act.

Am I missing something?For if this alone is the only act that gays can not perform
than does my proclivity for it define me? Is it just that simple or am I missing something.


nanc said...

why was this an adults only post?

Beamish said...

Certainly, there are activities that gay people indulge in that perhaps straight people dabble in as well. For example it is at least theoretically possible that there does actually exist a male Boston Red Sox fan that likes having sex with females. But they're probably more rare than a straight man in a Samuel Adams beer commercial. Talk about Keebler elves at the brewery...

Anyway, I digress.

Homosexuality is an act, and the adjective for those who participate in this act is "gay."

One who commits murder is a murderer.

One that has same-sexual relations who commits murder is a "gay" murderer.

It is not necessarily true, but likely nonetheless, that someone that cheers for the Boston Red Sox and drinks Samuel Adams who commits murder is also a "gay" murderer.

Ducky's here said...

Are you concerned that you might have become aware you are bisexual?

Beamish said...

I'm of the opinion that the 17 or so people in the state of Massachussetts that claim to be straight are actually bisexual, or just visiting.

nanc said...

pluckster - are you concerned that you may become extinct?

Ducky's here said...

nanc, not that it matters but I'm am very much not homosexual.

Beak should be more concerned about Judaism going extinct. Lot more homosexuals than Jews. Go figure.

Z said...

I don't know, Beak...I hate to say this, but if you have to ask if you're missing something, maybe you are!? (Smile)

Anonymous said...

The only act that straight people perform that gays do not is conventional male to female heterosexual sex.

You mean "reproduction"? You don't think producing children constitutes a difference?

Elmers Brother said...

I also do not put rainbow stickers on my car so that's at least 3.

Papa Frank said...

Another difference is that gays tend to vote for liberals whereas straight people tend to think straight in greater numbers as well and aren't so easily fooled. When you vote based on who you want to screw you tend to not mind if those you elect screw us all.

Devon said...

not every gay votes based on who he wants to screw and we aren't all liberal I tend to vote independent and for the person I feel will do the best at the time they are running I have voted for both republicans and democrats

beakerkin said...


I am still very conventional in my proclivities.

The point of this post was that any act performed by gays is performed by heterosexuals. Heterosexuals perform one act that homosexuals can not and it is conventional intercourse.

Much of the same technique save one acts are identical.

Oddly the sum of my existence must be more than that. If that is all that distinguishes me as a heterosexual than it is not much.
I just perform a single act that gays are not predisposed to.

It is much to do about a silly matter.

Warren said...

Its much more than male female sex Its just that the closest that western philosophy comes to pronouncing the difference is "opposites attract".

Gays and radical Feminists do much to obscuficate the situation but the fact of the matter is that men and women are complimentary parts of a greater whole. This has been shaped by thousands of years of evolution and if homosexual activity were the norm, the human race would have died out long ago.

IMO, Homosexuality seems to be a form of Narcissistic personality disorder and the idea that male homosexuals are incapable of have sexual relations with women is BS! They just rather have them with men.

beakerkin said...


This part is true in that I am attuned to solving things like a mechanic without looking at the human

Oddly, at work I do not seem
to have this inclination. My response
is usually are you sure this is what you want to do.

Papa Frank said...

devon -- that is the reason that I used he words "tend to" three times. As what we are talking about involves people there will always be exceptions and various degrees of any extreme.