Saturday, August 16, 2008

Odious Letters Reveal Rowan Williams stance on Gays

I want to stress that the woman who revealed William's private correspondence violated a trust. Her motives are suspect, but now the information is out there it should be dealt with. If this was correspondence in a clinical setting this woman should lose her license.

There are people who have passionate beliefs that I disagree with. Usually, this is the case with a mysterious blogger from Texas whose positions of late need a score card.
Other than communists and Nazis, I respect passion for what one believes in. There is a
nobility in following one's passions. There is a difference between passion and hate as well.

The letters reveal the real Rowan Williams. His actions over the last few days can be viewed as cowardice or pragmatism. In my view, he should have fought for what he believed. Ultimately, his actions postponed a future split at best.


The Merry Widow said...

rowan williams has no backbone. He is an academic, NOT a pastor.
He has not contended for the faith, as Jude has recommended, but justifies his stances.
Pure, I can't really say that, but definitely "bent" as a shepherd's crook. He is "strong" and "determined" for the wrong reasons on the wrong side.


beakerkin said...

My problem with this is betraying your ideals for political expediency.Williams has his beliefs and it is
not a secret what they are.

A person should fight for what they believe in their heart. If he believes that scripture should be interpreted a certain way let him come out and fight. Ultimately he postponed the next fight.

Oddly, I can't bring myself to be angry at Justin for similar reasons. He is in his heart defending a friend and for better or worse (really worse) believes in
some dreadful ideas.

We should all fight for what we believe in except communists who suffer from something akin to moral rot. They should be deprogrammed in
the same manner ex cultists are handled.

The Merry Widow said...

Moral rot is a good description of communists, and liberation theologists, but I repeat myself!
Insanity is the repeating of actions while expecting a different result...communists fill that bill!
And the old adage still stands, "If you will not stand for anything, you will fall for everything."
rowan williams will not stand for what he supposedly believes...I can't respect that.