Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What does a persons Maoism say about them?

Lance Thruster has been dodging a fairly simple question. If a person is a follower of the planets foremost genocidal maniac Mao what does that tell you about their judgment.
This should tell most of us we are dealing with an imbecile.

The communist anti-semitism industry depends on smoke and mirror deception. The game depends on stealth and deception. Communists like Finkelstein play this game of pretending they are mere ordinary Jews outraged by Israel's actions. They fail to mention that they are communists as this would undercut any credibility. In the case of Norman Finkelstein he has his own industry made by exploiting his parents biography to further his extremist Maoist agenda. He caters to rabid Elmer Fudd obsessed anti Semites like Lance Thruster. Other communists play this game and it is a quick route to book sales, easy jobs in higher ed with worthless or no scholarship and loads of publicity. The most obvious question is how communists who are less than 2% of the population are exponentially over represented on University faculty. Commies are quite fond of wanting to skew numbers on race, but when any examination of their own exponential over representation is discussed they feign ignorance.

What does the fact that a person is or was a Maoist say about their judgment? What
does a pattern of decades long well documented mental instability say about the same person? Do actual Neonazis like Zundel and Holocaust deniers like David Irving know their own material? Why do these sorts support Finkelstein? What does a person's crank antics like the widely publicized bit over Kant in Yiddish say about Finky's real agenda. This idiocy was proven wrong as were the rants that Dershowitz did not write his own books. What does a person claiming Jewish leaders look like "Der Shturmer caricatures" or calling noted scholar Ellie Wiesel a "circus clown" or "professional Jooooo" say about Finky.

Demented morons like Thruster ignore the obvious lack of peer reviewed articles and decades long mental instability and see Finky as a victim of a Zionist cabal. This is also good for future book sales and keeping speaking fees high. Has Finky listed what
his income is from speaking fees and book sales.

A response to Junglemom's question I reported the exodus of Venezuela's Jews well over a year ago. I am surprised the number is not higher than 30%. I have met with several Venezuelan Jews in NYC all telling the same story of kidnapping and abuse. People like Retrograde Eye ignore the real anti semitic mania of the Chavez regime while pretending these crimes are something else. The persecution of Venezuelan Jews by the cronies of Chavez is sheer antisemitism. The congo line of professionals running for the door in Caracas is a constant. Apologists like Graeme Striecher pretend that engineers, shop owners and doctors are all class enemies and deserve their fate.

I have interviewed many Venezuelans and never heard a single word of praise for Chavez. I interviewed people from every part of Colombia and have not ever heard a bad word about the government. Obviously people who live in those countries know less about their own countries than communist imbeciles Renegade Eye or Graeme Striecher.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog, and am curious about why it seems that anyone who disagrees with you is (according to you and your "faithful" readers), a leftist, communist, maoist, non-patriot, anti-semitic moron, who never seems to be employed? You write in very thoughtful prose from time to time that make you seem like a tolerant person, but then you spout out with this absolute rage and ire. What drives you to insult people who are doing nothing more than disagreeing with your deeply held convictions. Now I'm prepared for the litany of insults that I'm probably going to receive, but I would think that people would be a bit more grown-up in their debates and arguments than having to resort to the childish name-calling that I've been reading. I'm not sure you'll even post this, and before the insults come...I would like to say no, I am NOT a communist. I have a job, and am "gainfully employed", and I love my country. In fact, I love my country so much, I feel honor and duty bound to criticize it when it needs to be criticized. I like to think of myself as a financial conservative and social liberal. Now that probably means I'm a "left-wing drool job" or some other witty eloquent name I'll be called. But in closing I find it sad that you have to resort to name-calling and other childish insults. Granted, I'm not sure why people who disagree would even bother to post any replies on this blog, but I guess that's beside the point.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you are in that demented stage where you seem to lose all identity without the crutch of being a cheap Shoa pimp like Weisel.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, have you "interviewed" any of the Venezuelan poor?

It may be worthwhile pointing out that you are "interviewing" a self screened group and that renders your "interview" utterly worthless.

Please, you have leftists reading your posts. We ask that you try to engage in the life of the mind.

How did you manage to interview the kidnapped? Can you give us some details on their escape, size of the ransoms and the like or are your interviews anecdotal?

beakerkin said...


I do not post comments without a names but in the interest of fairness I will grant a one time exception.

Lance Thruster and I have a history
that goes beyond this blog. I stand by every statement and the man has never performed an hours worth of genuine work in his life. Thruster is an Elmer Fudd style Communist anti semite. Read his quote about comparing Jews to Nazis.

Communists, like Thruster come here
because they dream that they can make a point. The truth is that I take no prisoners with communists, nor should I.

I tend to view dissent in the tone
and overall content that it is written. When a Jams O'Donnel disagrees with something it is treated with respect. Then again he does not run around making excuses for Chavez or have a Trotsky as the messiah fantasies.

Lastly, you failed to respond to the basic question. How does one take anything written by a Maoist seriously? Even Finky's flunky Thruster can not deny Finky was a Maoist.

beakerkin said...


Thanks for once again demonstrating base communist anti-semitism. Even a far lefty like Jams finds that term objectionable.

As far as the kidnapped I have interviewed people who have paid the ransom. I interview people from all walks of life including some poor people and have never had a single nice word ever said about

Is your point that it is okay to steal, assault and extort people who are middle class and professionals. Who died and made you God? If there were real social justice commies would be given atomic wedgies before being tarred
and feathered.

Remember Jim Jones is the apex of communism. Practicing class genocide on yourself is the best thing a communist can do.

Beamish said...


One of the most logically impossible things to do in this universe besides dividing by zero is to come to adopt a leftist political position by using your brain.

Simply put, leftists are idiots. Not just "most leftists," not just "some leftists," but rather ALL LEFTISTS.

Any serious, rational, honest political discussion requires the acknowledgement of that readily demonstrated fact.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, the issue is not you're finding the term objectionable but whether or not the cheap self promoting Weisel is as described.

LanceThruster said...

Norman Finkelstein on his Maoism (now knows Beak has only & all truth)

Q: [snip]England is "a novelty in the world," a nation that acts only "in the service of others," selflessly bearing the costs of bringing peace and justice to the world.’ Now, you don’t need to agree with everything a person writes, but I am interested in where your admiration for Mill come from?

A: First of all, Chomsky is a great admirer of Mill. You know, he picks an essay he doesn’t like, and then many people think it’s politically incorrect to like Mill. Chomsky likes Mill a lot. He considers him very morally serious and he says, on any serious question you always get a serious answer from Mill, and you can disagree with it. So we should be a little bit careful before dismissing Mill . It’s like when Edward Saïd, who was a phenomenon on literature, that if Saïd said X or Y was an apologist for imperialism and colonialism, he didn’t mean he didn’t like the literature. He’s looking at one aspect of it. A crucial aspect in his opinion, but he still appreciated it as literature. And the same thing was with people like Chomsky and Mill. I’ve talked to him about it and he has a great deal of admiration for Mill.

Basically, the reason I like Mill, is: he was what I needed to hear at a certain point in my life. I had been a Maoist, a Marxist-Leninist as we called ourselves back then, and we had this notion that we had a monopoly on truth. We were the vanguard. We knew the science. And I discovered that a lot of what I thought was true, and a lot of what I dismissed as, what we called then bourgeois propaganda; the bourgeois propaganda was right and I was wrong. And I had to understand at that moment, not only that I was factually wrong, that’s a fairly easy admission to make. Well, the fact said this, and you said that, you’re wrong. I had to understand why I was wrong. That I was going about trying to know truth in the wrong way.

I was basically assuming that there were a handful of people who were inviolable , in my case it was Chairman Mao, it was people like Charles Bettelheim, who I studied under in France, the American Marxist economist Paul Sweezy, there are a handful of people that’s inviolable, and truth was like a bible. All you had to do is read their works, and you had truth. It was as simple as that.. There was a magazine, a socialists magazine called Monthly Review, and it was edited by Paul Sweezy and another fellow named Harry Magdoff. I used to, literally, wait outside the office, each month, waiting for that first issue of the press. It was truth, and I was waiting to read it. I was totally wrong, and I needed to read from Mill the basic propositions: no one has a monopoly on truth, nobody is inviolable, you have to listen to the other side and everybody has a contribution to make to truth.

And even the biggest crackpot probably knows some small aspect of the truth, because they’re going through the whole record, trying to prove you’re wrong. The Holocaust-denier, going through every fact, every figure, to find a mistake, so they can say: Aha, you see. Well, they’ll probably will find some mistakes here and there. And they help you find truth. And so, basically, most people think a version of what I used to think, I was an extreme. The version was, on certain questions, you know the truth, and there is no point in listening to the other side. And what I learned in my life, on certain basic questions where I thought it was very clear what was the truth (China was the future, and so forth), I was wrong. It opened my mind in learning to listen to the other side.

beakerkin said...


Read the last paragraph. The prosecution rests and Finky has not changed at all.

He has ditched his Maoism only to market books. Commies are not Jews, Americans and are barely human. They are best served by being in a structured environment such as mental hospitals, prisons or North Korea.

LanceThruster said...

Read the last paragraph. The prosecution rests and Finky has not changed at all.

which is:

I have interviewed many Venezuelans and never heard a single word of praise for Chavez. I interviewed people from every part of Colombia and have not ever heard a bad word about the government. Obviously people who live in those countries know less about their own countries than communist imbeciles Renegade Eye or Graeme Striecher.

And that proves what exactly?

or did you mean this:

Remember Jim Jones is the apex of communism. Practicing class genocide on yourself is the best thing a communist can do.

So kibbutzim are like Jim Jones' People's Temple? And the best thing for these collectives is to off themselves?

I see.