Sunday, July 27, 2008

St Albans VT in a movie

I had quite a surprise when I chanced upon a old movie called the Raid. The Raid depicts a real event forgotten mostly outside of Vermont. Confederate raiders did strike the quiet Northern Vermont town rob a few banks and try to burn the town.

Long term readers know I lived in St Albans VT for two years. The 15 mile route out of town to the border is more or less covered by a highway today. I am at a loss as to how the raiders got out of a town largely unscathed. Even local grandmothers have been known to pick off a fox or raccoon annoying a beloved house pet.

Van Heflin is somewhat wooden. Lee Marvin does a similar role that we have seen many times the troubled drunken outlaw. The movie is not historically accurate and the more important drama of what happened after the raid in Canada is not discussed.


Always On Watch said...

Bummer! I couldn't find the film at Netflix.

beakerkin said...


It is a dreadful film. I do not quite get the popularity of Van Heflin.
However, as a resident of the North country the incident is repeated frequently.

I enjoyed my time in the frozen North. However, my adopted rural hometown is still Ferndale NY.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, you do realize that unless you were born in New England you will always be "from away"? Right?

Beamish said...

...which goes hand in hand with the "New England" states seeking to secede from the US long before the South tried.

If I remember correctly, the gave up without a fight.