Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good Luck to a Respected Friend

I would like to wish respected friends Rob and Justin good luck. I consider both to be good friends
with whom I sometimes agree.

I want to remind people that the problems of being a moderate is both sides never quite are satisfied with your own convictions. While I recognize that some of you feel passionate about the issue of homosexuality, it is another thing to knowingly castigate and say hurtful things.

Some of the comments that many of you wrote are in bad taste, deliberately hurtful and are mean spirited. I do not condone the use of the term Fagot, just as I do not use the N for word Blacks or Kikes for Jews. For me these are epithets, that show a lack of class and creativity.

I understand some of you are uncomfortable with the concept of homosexuality. This is not my preference, but what consenting adults do is not my concern. I do not pretend I understand love
or the internal grace and dignity of those who are true religious people like TMW, Junglemom, Warren and yes Justin. If I do have a failure in life it is the inability to move beyond that which one may add, subtract or divide. I do not understand love, but I admire those who feel it. Nor, do I understand the dignity and grace that true religious people possess, but I admire it from afar.

The hateful comments that some of you wrote about gays do not reflect my own views. Sadly, Justin and Rob think that those comments are my opinions. I find this amazing as I do not consider being mistaken for gay to be an insult. I am a New Yorker and as such my life crosses paths with all types of wonderful people who are different from me in many ways including homosexuals. Moreover, many of you out there probably have had similar experiences in your own community. As Justin says "The only way you know that I am gay is if I slept with you or told you." Most of you probably do come into contact with gay people, even if you do not notice it. Maybe the nice coworker who is obsessed with his lawn is gay. Or perhaps the woman whose life revolves around a deranged quest for fashion is a lesbian. As Justin says one just never knows with any certainty who is or is not gay. For me the entire subject is moot as I merely have friends. Sadly, I regret that the hateful words of some of you have caused two friends I valued to turn their backs and walk away.

This blog is my creation and its content comes from my own convictions. While I respect Justin and Rob's passion on this issue it is apparent they do not respect my convictions. I have always been a non-Christian admirer of a wonderful life affirming faith that I feel embodies the best of what we can be as humans. I admire the grace that permeates the life of an AOW, TMW, Junglemom,Warren, Justin and many others of you posses. Rav Roov also has that same grace. The grace only comes from those whose life is devoted to God out of a higher type of love or internal conviction. My views are influenced by Alvin Scmidtt, Dinesh D'Souza, Zola Leavitt and of course the special people who brighten my day.

I will defend a messianic Jews right to his convictions from hateful Kahanists. I will defend the right and nobility of Christians from Marxist perversions of the faith such as Liberation theology or its racist Black and Aryan counterparts. I will also defend Christianity from the hateful words of communists and freakazoid Anarchists.

In my opinion claiming Nazism or Eugenics has any origin in Christianity is a slander. In any movement as wide as Christianity one can cherry pick the most hateful comments such as Falwell's vulgar claim that gays caused 9-11. Falwell to his credit immediately apologized. However, do not ever expect the commies who talk of Mossad advance warning of 9-11 or Joooooish cabals running the United States government to ever display any type of similar humanity.

I understand Justin's and Rob's passion on the issue of Gay marrriage. Sadly, in their zeal they do not respect my passion for respecting Christianity. Moreover, as a person whose life was surrounded by Holocaust survivors I heard many things. These survivors were friends, coworkers, relatives and members of my community. I never heard any of these survivors ever blame the Holocaust on Christianity. Similarly, I do recall many goofy things said by my friends over at Bad Eagle. I do not recall ever hearing any of the posters ever blame the crimes committed against Indians on Christianity. Moreover, most of them are very devoted Christians of various denominations.

People do say stupid things. At work yesterday a close friend told me my people were slave traders. I reminded her that my people did not arrive in this country until around 1920. Moreover, everyone including Blacks, Indians, Scotts and so forth had some members who owned slaves. Oddly Barak Obama's sole connection to Slavery in America was that his mothers family contains slave owners. In fact as many African Americans are multiracial it is highly probable that the friend who said it is more apt to have a similar relation to Slave owners that a person whose family arrived in America from the years 1900 -1930. She also said "You Jews are always complaining about the Holocaust but slavery was just as bad". Actually, I never discussed
the topic at work with anyone and slavery though it is evil is not as bad as industrial eugenic annihilation. My valued friend said some stupid things, but I love her for who she is despite those absurd remarks.

The hateful comments directed at gays do not represent my feelings. Those of you who do know me know that the only people I do despise are Utopians and anti American imbeciles.

My position on the gay community is that progress will be made only by reaching out to reasonable people. Progress will only be made by reaching out to reasonable people of all types.
The over the top shrill rhetoric comparing evangelicals to Nazis is more apt to ultimately hurt their cause with Christians and Jews.

I wish Rob and Justin the best of luck in all their life's journey. My door is always open to those I always considered and still consider friends to return if they are so inclined. I am sorry they decided to turn their back on me, but they must be as true to their convictions as I am to mine and hopefully you are to your own.

PS The last paragraph excludes class genocidal lunatics whose convictions have been have been shown to be lethal in every application.

Beamish in 08


The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-I have also had friends and coworkers who happen to be gay, funny thing is, they could always talk to me about the difficulties and problems in their lives.
My 2 have a friend who is gay, we love him to pieces, and he often calls me to pour out his problems.
Because I genuinely see them as people, and love and appreciate them. They know where I stand, and I don't compromise, but I don't hate in the process.
And because I refuse to compromise, they know I can be trusted to keep a confidence and be there for them.
Agape love has no strings attatched, and I can agape them, because G*D agapes me!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

BTW-If I give them advice that can steer them away from trouble, they accept it, even if they chose not to take it, because it is for their benefit, not mine.

Beamish said...

Faggot is spelled with two g's.

kevin said...

I never worry about the gay issue myself. I don't see them as a great threat to society. I have bigger fish to fry.

Always On Watch said...

Sorry to read about this rift.

I've been out of touch the past two weeks, working on the other project I've got going, so I'm just now catching up on what's going on.

For me, friends and I have differences. As friends, if we are going to maintain the friendship, we accept those differences as part of the friendship. Also, in a friendship one shouldn't have to defend one friend against another friend.

The web promotes open speech, which can sometimes be hurtful, particularly because we are not communicating face to face, or even voice to voice (most of the time). As the saying goes with regard to having had my own feelings hurt, "Been there, done that."

I guess that I'm the kind of person who accepts others as they are, realizing that I cannot change anyone else. I credit my Mennonite father with that philosophy. Of course, also along the lines of Mennonite thinking, if I decide that I cannot abide a certain behavior or verbiage, I just walk away. And, yes, I've had to walk away from some friends during my lifetime, but never, ever with a big blowup. If have any "grace" at all, as you mentioned, it comes from how my father taught me.