Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Beakerkin on Homosexuality

I want to state emphatically that I do not have gay friends. I have friends I respect and admire as people who happen to be gay. When think of Justin , I think of a person who I sometimes agree
with but always as a friend. I do not recall ever agreeing with Rob, but the only thing he does that gives me the creeps is root for the evil Dallas Cowboys.

I do not endorse any acts of violence gays against or anyone else. People who are Utopians should be under 24/7 security scrutiny and jailed, denaturalized and deported or face capital punishment
for violating the laws. Sexual orientation is a private matter so long as all the participants are willing adults. I honestly do not care who sleeps with whom.

That being said, contrary to the opinion of the Duck, marriage is a religious term. Every religious order has strict rules dealing with who may marry whom. In the wacky mind of the Duck, a marriage contract is on a par with zoning and dog licenses. I favor Civil Unions as an exclusive option for homosexuals who do not have the option of traditional marriage. Black robed Marxist
freaks need to be kept away from theology.

My disagreement with Justin and Rob is a respectful difference of opinion with valued friends. I understand their passion on this issue even if I do not agree with them.


Ducky's here said...

"Sexual orientation is a private matter so long as all the participants are willing adults."

Everything's fine as long as they don't want full civil rights.

Beamish said...

Civil rights to do what, Ducky?

Straight men can't marry gay men either.