Friday, February 23, 2007

Terrorism & You

Many people feel remote from terrorism. It is a concern of big cities. They are under the impression that it is something we have done.

1 Terrorist are not romantic revolutionaries. They are not the heirs of the French Resistance, American Revolution or even Tito' Partisans. This is a romantic myth of the left that has zero basis in fact. Shooting school kids in the back in Beslan has zero military significance. Killing Jews in Tunisia or Argentina has no military significance. This is just part of a sick perverse devaluation of life that does accompany many teachings of Islam. Do note there is a world of difference between your convenience store owner, Stephen Schwatrz and Bin Ladden.

2 Terrorists are poor. Most of the terrorists on 9-11 and 7-07 were not poor. Moreover, there are legitamate questions as to how religious they were in the first place. Most of them found religion fairly recently and were not especially religious.
Pre 9-11 parties a topless bars may be part of a ritual that may date back to the cult of the assasin. There is debate if this cult existed and much speculation that wine and not hashish was the agent.

3 This is a normal reaction to opression. Muslims are far more prone to be oppressors than oppressed. There are several religious and ethnic minorities with far greater cases for nation status than Palestinians who do not resort to terror. Moreover terror is part of a mindless utopian mindset that is generally accompanied by a communist or Jihadi devaluation of life. There are scores of genuine minorities in Iran with aspirations of nation status, Tibetians and many african tribes have greater cases for nation status but they do not go around blowing up civilians. They also do not have EU donors who demand they build a viable economy.

4 Terrorism doesn't affect me. Huge terrorist attacks have national economic implications. The company you work for or own will likely be impacted o some level.

5 Why do they hate us. Muslims feel a sense of entitlement and believe it is their right to place shariah law on you. The notion that Jews oppress Muslims is turning actual history on its head. This is akin to claiming Native Americans oppressed white people, slaves oppressed their owner and colonized people subjected to Jim Crow laws oppressed the colonizers. Islamocolonialism and its legacies are seldom even discussed in the West. If it is not Israel it is India, Sudan, Cartoons and who knows maybe next week it will be Pat Boone records.

6 Islamonazi terrorists use the media as its willing PR agent. The Duck comes to this blog wailing them Joooooos killed two Palestinian Woman. It turns out the Islamonazis called on their own women to act as human shields in a firefight and may have even shot them. We are well aware of the Paliwood fake Jenin massacre. Hezbollah staged the entire event in Qana with Reuters and AP approval. The same child is passed in front of the camera siz or seven times. Moreover how do people diging or walking around in imaculate white t shirts dig for victims.

7 Communist will side with any enemy of civilization and practice revolutionary defeatism. The notion of bug eyed Marxists creating a Disneyfied version of Shariah, Islamocolonialism, Slavery while railing about Western Civ is quite real. How a 1400 record of unparalled colonialism and Jim Crow becomes happy dhimis fighting to have their children become Janisaries is insane.

8 Islam is a religion of submission unlike other religions. A religion whose creed is submission is inherently more vulnerable to manipulations of malicious strong men.
In Christianity or Judaism rulers are accountable for their crimes. Mohammed says kill a poet and years later someone kills and Artist in Europe.

9 Immigrants do not have a divine right to come to the United States or elsewhere.
This priviledge is granted by the American people and the criteria of who enters the US is to be determined by the American people. People who have participated in treason and sedition like the members of Code Pink should be denaturalized even if born here. Freedom of speech ends at US borders and people who interfere in US foreign policy ala CPT, ISM should be offered jail sentences or denaturalization.

10 The United States has a moral obligation to accept persecuted religious minorites under Islamic misrule. The persecution of Christians, Bhai and others is very real. We should allow those people fleeing Islamic persecution safe haven in the USA.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Muslims are far more prone to be oppressors than oppressed.

But whenever the media is around, they want to be seen as oppressed, which is total bullshit.

Mr. Ducky said...

And all terrorists are muslim. Right their Beak tips us off that we are dealing with a kahanist nutlog blowing smoke out of his ass.

beakerkin said...


How many times are you clueless. If you want to talk about Kahanism talk to MZ. Secular people who believe in civil law are unlikely Kahanists.

Now your Disneyfied view of Islam and the propnderance of terrorists are Muslim with a few commie types tossed is is just denial of reality.

Copts in Egypt are opressed ever see one blow up a Pizzeria. Tinbetians are oppressed ever see one behead a Commie.

Robert Bayn said...

10 The United States has a moral obligation to accept persecuted religious minorites under Islamic misrule. The persecution of Christians, Bhai and others is very real. We should allow those people fleeing Islamic persecution safe haven in the USA.

I have a sincere problem with this. President Bush is offering citizenship to Iraqis that want to come to the United States, and now you seem to be saying the same thing. We all ready have a problem with Immigration, these people need to go to surrounding nations that want to grow as Democratic nations. America needs less Immigration, not more!

beakerkin said...

America should not turn its back on Assyrian Christians and Yezidis whose lives are seriously threatened. The amount of Jews in question is less than 50.

I know you have a huge heart. I do not want our country to make the same mistake as with the passengers of the St Louis. Our country exists as a haven for just these types of refugees.

People like the Duck ignore the Christians and the Bhai fleeing because it doesn't fit their story.

The USA has always welcomed people like this and should continue to do so.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

More than likely we're going to get tribal Iraqi Sunnis from Anbar Province dumped somewhere in America.

And when the first bomb at a bus stop goes off....

Always On Watch Two said...

Mr. Beamish,
More than likely we're going to get tribal Iraqi Sunnis from Anbar Province dumped somewhere in America.

Yup, yup.


You are right: the root cause of terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, is not poverty. The victimology mindset of any group makes that group susceptible to being recruited for the ranks of terrorists; poverty isn't necessarily the whole of that susceptibility.

Excellent post!

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Would you object to taking in the Assyrian Christians and the Yezidi.

Oddly Armenia has taken in some Yezidi. Apparently the Yezidi rescued some Yezidi in the Armenian genocide and are favorably disposed to them.

Robert Bayn said...

Why do we have to take everyone in? I do not believe it is America's responsibility to provide a safe haven for everyone, first and foremost America has a responsibility to her own PEOPLE!

Redwine said...

"the root cause of terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, is not poverty" - that is perfectly true. (But they do send impoverished, hopeless people to death.)Again, a huge difference between terrorism and terrorism. It was a means, it became an end in itself, a substitute for dialogue or political solution. And as it is now, par personnes interpose, it only strengthens statism, drastic measures, both ways. This is what the fools don't realize: as if they were fighting against their own people. And there is no excuse for that, sorry.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The point is moot, Beak. What little immigration control we have in America doesn't discriminate by religious affiliation.

beakerkin said...


The United States is unlike any other nation. Sending Assyrian Christians back to probable doom and certain persecution is wrong.

We can not absorb all the refugees of the world but those who are in danger for being Christans should get priority. I do not want to be remembered like the nation that sent the ship the St Louis with Jews back to Europe. Christians fleeing persecution should be welcomed.


Terrorism against civilians is almost alway accomanied by a Utopian mindset be it Marxist or Jihadi that devalues human life and blurs the distinction between civilian and combatant.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Assylum cases are handled by seperate people than other cases.

Farmer John said...

Thanks for the redwine interview, beak. Very educational. Great job!

Steve Harkonnen said...

America needs tribal Sunni leaders. Especially in Virginia. Those urinals at Virginia rest areas need some serious scrubbing.

Always On Watch Two said...

We can not absorb all the refugees of the world....

To hear the bleeding hearts talk, you would think that we can and must absorb all the illegal immigrants--and put them on the Social Security rolls as well.

There is definitely a connection between poverty and terrorist activity, but throwing money at that poverty will not solve the problem.