Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meeting with Moonbats

It is rare that one meets a naked unhinged anti-semite. The closest we come on a daily basis is the Duck. Most anti-semites avoid the Holocaust and go about their usual business of drooling and acting stupid. Even the bird brained Duck never has become unglued to the point of questioning the Holocaust.

I look for interview candidates off the beaten path most of us travel. One of these gems is Redwine who provides an amazing interview on 02/08/07. If you haven't read the interview it is your loss. I visit Redwine's site and she is under attack by of all things a Holocaust Denier who fancies himself an accademic truth seeker.

Reading the blog in question we should hardly be surprised that it is the work of an Indian Communist. Any attempt by this clod to portray me as anti-Indian might be amusing and proof of illiteracy as I have been very Pro- India long before I started blogging. One can view the exchange at

I want to point out that Redwine is not and should never be described as an anti-semite in any description. The comments of Atanu speak for themselves and are quite amazing even by the allready low standards established by Ducky.

Typical of most conspiracy cranks Atanu portrays himself as a "truth seeker". This is also a common fantasy of left wing 9-11 nuts who add an irrelevant fdact like a box of Marblboros found on the site means the tobacco industry planned 9-11. The conspiracy nuts then take these irrelant facts and build a a hypothesis based almost entirely on their bigotries.

Moving ahead to Atanu, a historical event witness by millions including survivors, perpetrators and bystanders with vollumes of evidence including photographs and doccuments is a non-starter. Even the defendants did not deny the Holocaust, the excuse was following orders. Nor were any of these trials Commie staged show trials
with screaming staged theatrical witnesses.

The burden of evidence is not upon the poeple accepting the mainsteam version of a historical event. The burden of evidence falls upon those espousing crack pipe theories that contradict mountains of evidence.

We can play this game with any subject. Prove Babe Ruth existed and was not some legend created by Capatalists to move products. Millions of people saw Babe Ruth and his exploits were in every newspaper of the day.

However, we get a hint as to actual motivation of this unhinged Commie turd. It is part of a broader point that he faces a stigma of being Anti-semitic because he is against Israel, the worlds only Jooooish state. The description of Redwine's Joooish
friends as well as the comments speculating that Joooos exagerated the Holocaust are more than ample evidence of bigotry and a low IQ.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Low IQs are prerequisite for party membership in Lefty La-La Land. [Who needs to think when you can pay the state to do that?]

Holocaust deniers are probably the most incessantly stupid of the clue-th seekers gig. Makes Ducky comparatively look like a freakin' genius in ways not normally seen outside comparing Ducky to a bowl of cole slaw.

Mr. Ducky said...

I challenge Beak to go a week without mentioning the holocaust.

beakerkin said...


You do not determine content on this blog. A post about dealing with Communist Holocaust deniers wouldn't ring as true.

Would you say to Uptown he shouldn't mention slavery or Jim Crow? I wouldn't say such a thing nor should anyone else.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I challenge Ducky to go a week without saying something so ridiculously stupid that there's no room for doubt that he's a leftist.

FLORIAN said...

Indian-Communist? Who ever heard of such a thing? LOL! While Europe believes it should be a crime to deny the holocaust, I say let em' declare it if that's what they believe--might as well say the earth is square, the moon is made of cheese, and Jimmy Carter was our best President ever! These people eventually weed themselves out of existence intellectually.

beakerkin said...

I bated the culprit around quite a bit.AOW and Farmer John had some fun with this clod.

He lecture Redwine about her Jooo friends and Jooos exagerating the Holocaust and then says I am not an anti-semite.

I would like to start an international conference to decide if Anatu is in fact a retard. I am just a truth seeker and there should be nothing offensive in my seeking the truth.

This type is used to pontificating in front of true believers and never faces any scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy mingling the waters of wisdom that holocaust deniers profess with a little honey... especially those who's waters are already on the sweet side.

Plato, "Philebus"

SOCRATES: Then now let us mingle, Protarchus, at the same time offering up a prayer to Dionysus or Hephaestus, or whoever is the god who presides over the ceremony of mingling.

PROTARCHUS: By all means.

SOCRATES: Are not we the cup-bearers? and here are two fountains which are flowing at our side: one, which is pleasure, may be likened to a fountain of honey; the other, wisdom, a sober draught in which no wine mingles, is of water unpleasant but healthful; out of these we must seek to make the fairest of all possible mixtures.

beakerkin said...


This Atanu is a real clod

Atanu Bandyopadhyay

"If the Holocaust really happened I would believe it more than you can."

This is mildy amusing was said to a person that had family members exterminated in the event. I think growing up with relatives and close family friends who were survivors kind of makes a mockery of that statement. All of those people just tell the similar stories.

Anonymous said...

Then the Queen left off, quite out of breath, and said to Alice, "Have you seen the Mock Turtle yet?"

"No," said Alice. "I don't even know what a Mock Turtle is."

"It's the thing Mock Turtle Soup is made from," said the Queen.

--Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland", Chapter 9.

Anonymous said...

Don't "Fear the Turtle". Turn 'em upside down and let 'em roast themselves in the sun.

Anonymous said...

While in General I don't think it is wrong to say "Did this event really happen". Questioning history is a good thing.

So now you question it, and than you look for credible facts, and you can come to the conclusion that yes the Holocaust happen, and I believe that if anything it effect has been understated over the years. Slavery, trail of tears, and other sad events in world history, pale in comparison to what happen at the hands of Hitler.

Looking for answers is one thing, denying facts because you hate a group of people, well that my friend is just ignorance.

beakerkin said...


The mistake crackpots like Anatu make it is not up to me to prove an event witnessed by millions of participants, survivors and bystanders. The current narritive is well established with mountains of testimony and evidence.

The burden of proof is not upon those following the conventional narritive. The burden is upon those contradicting the mountains of evidence.

Making this more obscene is even the perpetrators themselves never said it didn't happen. The defense was I was following orders.

jams o donnell said...

I've known Redwine now for several years now and I can assure you that the last thing she is is an antisemite.

Atanu used to frequent the old Yahoo Further Left Chatroom. At that time he purported to be an Aynrandian. Now he purports to be a leftist (there is other stuff too) I would advise ignoring him. If he were to comment on the Poor Mouth I would simple delete his comments.

beakerkin said...


I understand why Redwine is held in such high regard. She is brilliant as well as a wonderful person. I know that she is clearly not an antiseite.

Atanu is a vile person and I am beining to wonder about the political circle theory.At a certain point the extreeme right and left sound eerily similar. He is way way out there.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker-That is a theorum that I ascribe to. And I think it explains a lot of weird alliances between groups and peoples that wouldn't "normally" associate!


jams o donnell said...

He is a twisted person and that's for sure. I get the feeling he is playing a sick intellectual game. I found the best thing was not to play. The Further Left chatroom had some interesting people but quite a few were out and out sociopaths - par for the course I suppose for a chat room!

beakerkin said...


You do have a point there. I seem to think his cooments on Zimbabwe were over the top. This seems more like a twisted attempt to get attention then someone who is serious.

Many of the troll types do relish the attention. They do not like being portrayed as mental defectives.

He makes an outrageous comment ten people gang up on him and he is the center of the universe. He is clearly unbalanced and not quite as clever as he thinks he is.

Always On Watch Two said...

Today, I told one of my politically-active students about the Holocaust deniers over at Redwine. This student may request the URL so as to do some smacking around. LOL.

In the middle of the week--and all throughout the school term--I don't have much time to blog (as most here already know). But when I read something by a Holocaust denier, I go ballistic. Even if I don't have time to post a comment thereto.

Anonymous said...

Meeting of moonbats: May 25th/26th at Crystal City VA. Be there or be square. Ducky can come along too. I want to be there making a video for youtube when the beak meets the duck.