Thursday, February 08, 2007

Rudy Time or is this the Hillary you wish to die on

Our nation is divided and we are at war. The Communist far left and their Jihadi allies will nominate the next Democratic nominee. Hillary looks like the nominee but her numbers are soft. A gaffe could send her into a Howard Dean like tailspin. She is there only for lack of a better alternative. Obama and Edwards have not chosen to attack and are illsuited for such tactics. Joe Biden is as Mark Levin describes "the stupidest man in the senate". However, Levin should consider Col Bernie Sanders for that title.

Republicans need to be reminded of the Democrats debacle in the "affair de Leiberman". The far left backed an anti- American far left lunatic who was crushed in the general election. Elections are not won at the Daily Kos or at College Campuses. They are won in Walmart Parking lots and at local houses of worship.

The most common bugaboos

1 Gay Marriage- Rudy is for civil unions an option favored by the majority of Americans. The issue is never presented this way as the far left militant gay groups seek a fight that is not needed rather than practical results.

2 Abortion- Reagan did not outlaw the procedure and it has become part of the culture. I would like to hear Rudy's opinion on partial birth abortion. This procedure is infanticide and his opinion on this will let us know if he has distance from NARAL. My objection as a pro- abortion type is the way that some on the left hold this procedure up to be a sacrament. If Osama bombs an abortion clinic we may get support from the Commies in MA.

3 Gun control NYC is a different environment than rural America. There is no hunting or room for recreational hunting. This is a different set of circumstances than VT where hunting is part of the culture. Even Col Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean did not mess with hunters firearms.

4 Immigration. We allready have an existing guest worker program H1b. It has been in place for years without major problems.

Rudy offer vision, leadership and above all else a can do attitude. He has a proven track record of leadership and has faced a constantly hostile NYC Press, racial arsonists and genuine Communists. His appointments were all competant and did an excellent job. Ask people if they would rather have Bernie Kerik or Janet Reno, Madeline Halfwit, Sandy Burglar, Donna Shaloooooser or the late corrupt Ron Brown.
The best of the mediocre Clintonoids was Robert Tatoo Riech "The Plaaaaaane Master Bill".

People like the Duck like to point towards Kerik. However, they ignore Filegate, selling pardons with the involvement of Hugh Rodham, sham book deals, Chinagate, Whitewater, Blue stained dresses that were a product of the vast right wing conspiracy, Broderickgate, being booed by fireman and many other Clinton gaffes.

Its about leadership and vision stupid. Rudy led a major city through a terror attack
unprecedented in American history. Hillary led the failed health care debacle, some guy named Craig Livinstoned with some FBI files and maybe a conga line at Teachers Union Randi Wiengarten's party for Fidel Castro.

Some of you can hold out for Newt, Tancredo or the Ghost of Reagan. However, a key ingredient of Reaganism was the can do attitude and vision. There is more Reagan in Rudy than many of you think.

Beamish in 08.

Partial Birth abortion should only be performed on John Brown. His brain never functioned and society as a whole would be improved by his removal.


Warren said...

From Rudy's mouth to my ears, via Sean Hannity :

1. Rudy is for civil unions but against "Gay Marriage". He believes that marriage is between "one woman and one man".

2. Abortion, Rudy is against partial birth abortion. The real answer is that Rudy said that he would appoint "Strict Constructionist" judges like the last two appointees to the supreme court.

3. basically Rudy said the same thing you did except he said that he supports the second amendment.

Out of time, have to go now.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

As a rule, I generally cast an eye of skepticism upon folk who propose a government solution (for anything) and have the gall to call themselves "conservative."

There is more Reagan in Rudy than many of you think.

Where does he hide it?

Elmer's Brother said...

jb is already the product of a botched partial birth abortion

Mr. Ducky said...

Hmmm, you are as clueless as ever Beak. The support for "gay marriage" among gays is less than you think and the only reason the case made it in front of the Mass Supreme Court was because the legislature couldn't get a civil union bill together.

Mr. Ducky said...

You want Giuliani's opinion on partial birth?

Why don't one of you rightard morons ask for a medical opinion? Of course since you are far right you live by emotions but there is no excuse for remaining this ignorant for so long.

beakerkin said...


Lets see should Dr Mengele or Kervorkian have free reign. How about those Cuban doctors that place gays in mental health facilities?

John Brown should volunteer to be a partial birth abortion.

Sorry there Duck but the Marcuse clowns/commies wanted a needless fight for no reason.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why don't one of you rightard morons ask for a medical opinion?Of course since you are far right you live by emotions but there is no excuse for remaining this ignorant for so long.

Enlighten me, Ducky.

Show me the medical journal which states that it is necessary to murder a developing child to terminate a late-term pregnancy, as opposed to delivering the child prematurely and placing the child on life support.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

the only reason the case made it in front of the Mass Supreme Court was because the legislature couldn't get a civil union bill together.

Sucks living in a state where the courts make law and the legislature plays handball, doesn't it?

kuhnkat said...

1) All the benefits of Civil Unions are available through CIVIL CONTRACT LAW!!! The fact that Rudy ignores this shows he is PANDERING for VOTES.

2) ALL abortion is INFANTICIDE!!!

3) The Consitiution and Bill of Rights makes NO MENTION of hunting as a basis for Gun Ownership. Large Cities generally have more crime and Gubmint and BETTER fit the purpose of Gun Ownership which is self protection AND protection from an overbearing Gubmint!!

Rudy offers LEFTIST Social programs and AUTHORITARIAN gubmint of which we already have too much.

OT: Another Great American (anti-communist) I know nothing about died.

kuhnkat said...

Duckart farted:

"Why don't one of you rightard morons ask for a medical opinion?"

I can't. Most Doctors will no longer do abortions except to save the mother and the few that do won't talk in front of a Video Recorder without a preset SCRIPT!!


You MORON!!!!

Mr. Ducky said...

Well Beamish, let's take a case where there hasn't been prenatal care and the fetus is in the eigth or ninth month and it's discovered that the brain has developed outside the skull.

This happens as well as situations where there is no brain tissue at all or chromosone abnormalities that make it impossible for the fetus to survive outside the womb.

Would you want that matter resolved by some thumper or by a medical doctor?

Resolved by someone who has read the medical literature or someone who has read Leviticus and is pandering to the ignorant.

Mr. Ducky said...

As usual Beamish you don't know your ass from your elbow.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court made no law. Their ruling stated that there was nothing in the Massachusetts case law which allowed the state to reject gay marriage and that until it became a matter of statute the denial violated equal protection.

beakerkin said...


Life without a brain describes John Brown to a T. Please send him out for the delayed version of the procedure.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


I know enough about the kinds of people that have become public officials elected from Massachusetts in the last 50 or so years to make an educated guess that the state in general isn't exactly a fountain of wisdom.

I'm guessing there's nothing in "Massachusetts case law" which allows the state to reject equal protections for a man who wants to marry a female horse.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Don't be obtuse. You're arguing hypotheticals while I'm arguing actual practice.

99.98% of abortions in America occur because the mother doesn't want a baby.

99.98% of partial birth abortions in America occur because the mother decides she doesn't want a baby after 5 or more months of pregnancy.

The remaining 0.02 percentages have a compelling medical need behind them.

Now, I realize that as a champion of Hitlerian leftism, you just can't wait to get your hands around the throats of people who can't fight back, but really? Children?

Infant children?

You're a brave motherfucker.

kuhnkat said...


how did Rational, Christian, Doctors handle your examples BEFORE Roe V Wade??

Why, they HANDLED it by the most RESPECTED medical procedures espoused by the Medical Community!!!


In case you are trying to miss my point. ABORTION for the SAFETY of the MOTHER has been around longer than the AMA!!!! A woman in an accident where the child was killed WAS NOT FORCED TO CARRY A DEAD BABY YOU NUTJOB!!! As the science and medical techniques and abilities increased the Doctors were making decisions based on BEST MEDICAL PRACTICE LONG BEFORE ROE V WADE!!!!


Thanks for representing the IGNORANT LEFTARD POINT OF VIEW!!!

kuhnkat said...

Oh, and Ducktart,

please explain to us why, with the technology available in ALL hospitals in the US and MANY private practices why a woman would NOT know the brain was developing outside of the skull within the first 2 months??


Is that what happened to yours??

Mr. Ducky said...

Would you please site some sources Beamish.

Now in the cases of women who need the procedure does some thumper make the decision of is it a medical decision made by a woman and her doctor.

Now argue in whatever way you wish you little sophist but until a fetus has self awareness and a developed central nervous system it isn't "life".

Mr. Ducky said...

Well you should be grateful Beamish. Why not come to Massachusetts and petition the court to marry your beloved pony.

Go ahead and petition the court to marry your f**king lawn furniture.

You are a freaking idiot althought in the case of the horse.. are you married?

beakerkin said...


MA is a joke State and has set the standard for lunacy in the rest of the country. Vermont is a close second with Col Bernie Sanders of BSC. A traitor, a manslaughter and a man that has a brothel running out of his townhouse sets the standard for electoral stupidity.

beakerkin said...


Do note in Israel a woman did marry a dolphin. She was asked if she would condider Poultry. She responded that birdbrains do not appeal to her so you are SOL.

MA has been a joke of a state for a while and much of the lunacy in VT is caused by transplanted lunatics from MA. The good part is that your kind do not breed. Given the pot smoking tendencies your kind should die out in ten years or less.

How many times has Col Bernie Sanders colapsed. Put some elmbalming fluids in him and Lautenberg for Weekend at Bernie' Three.

American Crusader said...

"Elections are not won at the Daily Kos or at College Campuses. They are won in Walmart Parking lots and at local houses of worship."
This is true in red states where large rural populations and midsize cities are the norm but in blue states, I don't think this is true. It's not 100%...Vermont fits in the demographics of a red state but rarely votes Republican.
As for the guest workers program, the reason there isn't any real problems is because the illegal immigration continues unabated. I would like to see how the program works if we get serious about border security.
The main thing I like about Rudy is that he is a leader in the true sense. Anyone living in New York City on 911 knows this is true.

Robert Bayn said...

Anyone but that Fat legged lesbian please!

beakerkin said...

Rob many of us suffer from Clinton fatigue. The notion of everyone is at fault for the Clinton's ethical lapses and victimization bit are a tad annoying.


Elections are won at the grass root level.

kuhnkat said...

Robert stated,

"Anyone but that Fat legged lesbian please!"

I didn't realise that Al "an inconvenient truth" Bore had decided to run!!!


Oh, you mean the OTHER one??

Always On Watch Two said...

Anyone but that Fat legged lesbian please!

I know a lot people who feel that way. Does that kind of choice make for a good government?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Did I stutter?

The abortion of pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother is a near negligible minortiy of all abortions performed in America.

Very few pregnancies fall into the categorical "medical necessity" justification for abortion. My 0.02% figure is probably a huge overestimation.

Now argue in whatever way you wish you little sophist but until a fetus has self awareness and a developed central nervous system it isn't "life".

So, which is it? Life begins at the 8th week of pregnancy, or leftists, all incapable of displaying higher brain function, aren't "alive?"

sonia said...


Communist far left and their Jihadi allies will nominate the next Democratic nominee

When you get hold of a hyperbole, you don't just throw it - you attach it to a rocket to send it half way across the galaxy well beyond the Milky Way...

Seriously, I find the views of many GOP senators like Chuck Hegel way more 'jihadist' than those of Democratic senators like Clinton, Schumer and others...

beakerkin said...


Schumer walks a tightrope and was the real brains behind the election strategy of the Democrats. He has seen the antics of people at the Daily Kos and at the grass roots level. He could be targeted just as easilly as Joe Leiberman.

Hillary is and always was a far left anti- semite. She has said next to nothing about Israel and has done the bare minimum to keep the militant support of the secular community.

Hagel is a fluke and an oddity at best.

I have never experienced any anti- semitism in Churches as an identified Jew. I have witnessed an abundance of it at Universities and Peace Rallies.

The far left will dominate the Primary. Hillary will cater to the Dailly Kos crew in Ned Lamont fashion. However, Rudy will soundly beat Hillary who will use the same stategy as Joe Lieberman hold the center.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Chuck Hagel is what most conservative Republicans call a "RINO" - Republican in name only.

Hagel has about as much chance of getting a single Republican primary win for the nomination of party Presidential candidate as Baskin Robbins has of opening an ice cream shop at the core of our Sun.

Of course, I'm exaggerating. Baskin Robbins has a greater chance.

Urban_Infidel said...

Rudy is gettng my vote again.

He was on FOX news a few nights ago. He answers all of your questions and more in a 2-part video of his interview is up on LGF.

kuhnkat said...


please check the latest biological research. The central nervous system and brain develops WITH the body, not AFTER IT!!!

Here is a quickie for your IGNORANCE!!!

At 3 WEEKS the brain and nervous system starts to develop.

At 13-16 weeks the baby is INITIATING Movement!!!

As Mr. B the IP mentioned, if you are going to REQUIRE reasoning, then you and the rest of the LEFTARDS do not qualify!!!!

I am all for RETROACTIVE abortion based on this criteria!!

You should also check the latest research that show the baby has an acive nervous system even earlier!!


Now you MORON, what about the Genetic makeup of the child changes between conception and birth??? With you and the rest of the LEFTARDS there is a clear DEVOLUTION. Should we start the abortions for Ducktards??


z said...

HELP MEEEEEEEEE! I agree with MR DUCKY!!! he's right: Gays don't want marriage, on the whole.
this is a group of people wishing to push the's about 'in your face', not people who want to settle down with a picket fence and the country club.

Beak..."...what hillary do you want to die on?"

sublime. just sublime.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Brain waves are detectable at the 7th week of pregnancy.

Elmer's Brother said...

I'm a little late here but hey duhkkky....why was Scott Peterson charged with 2 murders if it's just a blob of tissue?

beakerkin said...


A broken clock is correct twice a day. The Ducky may be right about a thing or two but it is an accident.

z said...

don't worry, Ducky Worship coming from me. Definitely an accident!

elmer's brother? EXACTLY...why 2 murders? How can anyone miss that point?