Friday, February 09, 2007

Filler Post How about some nice Jim Crow with amputations

Every nation has a right to set its own standards. I have no desire to place my religious views, or lack of them on anyone else. When one decides to live in the West one must abide by the norms of the culture and respect others. If you want to have more than one wife you should have your head examined first and move to another country.

I want to talk about some of the lesser known problems caused by Sahriah.

Most people define marriage as a union between man and wife for better or worse until
death or a divorce lawyer says other wise. It is very rare but some se4cts of Islam have a term marriage. Is this marriage as we in America define it? I could sit with ten of my peers and get ten unique answers. The general consensus at the moment is no.

There are different types of divorce under Sharia as well. There is a type of divorce where the woman and children continue to live with the husband minus conjugal right. The legal validity of this is also murky.

There are no adoptions under Islamic law and there are long term guardianships.

In the United States we have the concept of equal protection under the law. This is incompatable with Sharia that has Jim Crow on steroids features.

Free expression is part of our culture in the USA. I have to endure Bush=Hitler signs from far left loonies. Muslims have every right to peaceably respond to speech they do not like. Threats,sedition and treason are not protected under the Amendment.

Theocracy of any type is just a bad idea.


jams o donnell said...

No disagreement on the idiocy of the Bush/Hitler comparison. I don't hold Bush in high regard but I find that sort of comparison particularly insulting.

A couple of weeks ago I passed a small demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament. I can't for the life of me remember what the demo was about but I was amused when a women with a megaphone started shouting about "standing up to the tyrant Blair"

Given the absence of soldiers machine gunning the demonstrators or the fact that they were not subsequently relocated to a British version of Kolyma, I somehow think Blair is not that much of a tyrant!

People who scream "Bush-Hitler" or "Blair-tyrant" might as well be screaming "Four Legs good, two legs bad". Idiots.

Anonymous said...

There must be hundreds of Greek tragedies which document the "problem" with anything but a monogamous marriage that last for "life".