Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have not now nor have ever been a supporter of Kahane. Any of you who are under the impression that the goofy views of Kahane and his mostly incoherent followers are reflective of the Orthodox Jewish Community are mistaken. Followers of Kahane represent a small fraction of the orthodox.

My younger brother the Beloved Rav Roov is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi. He lives an unremarkable life, but has no desire to create a theocracy Jewish or otherwise. He would never dream of mandating religious education or imposing halachic law on secular types.

The notion that the beloved Rav Roov is any less religious than any Kahanist is a farce. Above all other things Rav Roov is beloved by because he is a mensch. He does not give long winded condescending lectures about halacha. Most importantly Rav Roov walks the walk and talks the talk and is never condescending.

Kahanism is at the very best a fringe movement of nuts and is in no way representative of the viewws of the vast majority Orthodox Jews including the members of my own family.


FLORIAN said...

This must be in response to Uptown's foolish post at my blog right? I know you arent' a supporter of terror Beak--really no reason to defend your views here.

beakerkin said...


Uptown and many others have a mistaken impression for a reason. I have spent too much time and effort defending those who I disagree with. Kahanists are not terrorists nor, should they be compared to Hitler. However, they are certified nuts whose off the wall views are not reflective of rhe Orthodox community. The Orthodox community incldes members of my own family.

kuhnkat said...

The Meek shall inherit the earth!!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The Meek shall inherit the earth!!

Yeah, well, they better stock up on iodine pills.