Sunday, February 18, 2007

Planet India Part one

While the world has been focused on China, India has been rising as an economic power. I am in the early phases of reading Palnet India by Mira Kamdar.

India is the worlds youngest nation while Europe, Japan and America are growing old
half of India's population is under twenty five. While much of the American attention remains focused on Europe the future of the world rests in events in India
and China.

There has been an ongoing rant that has been on this blog since its inceptions. We are Americans and we are a can do people. This spirit of can do is what makes us different from many other nations. This can do spirit is alive and well in the Indian corporate sector. Indian engineers talk of building a car that can be produced for two thousand dollars. In the USA the saftey features alone cost two thousand dollars.

India faces many problems including an armed rebelion by Commies that has 20,000 in arms. That number is not significant given the huge size of India. However India faces severe problems with water shortages, AIDS, Poverty. The can do spirit of eutrepeneurialism will be faced with the problem of low cost AIDS drugs.

India also has a large Muslim population and has border issues with Pakistan. However, the contrast between the two nations could not be greater. Pakistan is an ethnically cleansed country that depends on remitances. India ia an emerging superpower a multiethnic democracy with a first class educational system. Their students excell and ours read the polical musings of an incoherent linguistics professor.


Always On Watch Two said...

India is going to emerge as a world power.

Justin said...

Dont you find it disgusting when a over populated third world country actually has the insolence to teach courses that matter to its students instead of teaching political garbage that tears down their country.

I mean come on now this is hitting below the belt, not fair. How dare those students be subjected to dribble that acutally might have some application in getting them ahead. They should be studing Chompsky, Alternative life styles, and Mao's little red book. They should be learning to feel guilty for wanting to get ahead financially.

Im telling you Biffo this is Capitalism at its worst infiltrating India's educational systems and teaching something that actually works.

To Borrow from KhunKat:

Always On Watch Two said...

I left you a message at the previous thread.

beakerkin said...


I have always been fascinated by India. India has transformed itself from a loathed country during the Indira Ghandi era to something more admirable.


I love the can do spirit of Indians
that is oddly American to the core. India is faced with huge problems but the can do spirit is something to behold. Their universities are leaders in the world.

India's solutions to the problems it faces may change the world. A 2000 car may have no use here, but in Afica or Latin America. India has huge problems, but also some of the best minds on the planet.

India also illustrates the failure of ethnically cleanes Sharia states. How India decides to deal with its own terrorism issues may be the final chapter in the war on terror.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I believe France is sitting in India's chair in the UN Security Council.

jams o donnell said...

Quite right - India will is the superpower but one (I asume China will bet there first). It does have an awful lot of problems but it will overcome most of them