Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Arrivals

I am still waiting for my copy of America Alone by Steyn to arrive. However some of my odd arrivals did show up early. I do want to thank UI for recomending the book L. Ron Hubbard Mesiah or Madman. I will get to this book in the future sometime. When Scientologists start blowing things up and trashing America maybe Ducky will join their ranks.

I also picked up a small book by Eszter Spat on the Yezidi. The Yezidi are the mystery people of the Middle East. The theories about who they are and their origins are all over the map. They are one of the many groups of indigenous people mistreated by Muslims. The Armenians have welcomed a group of Yezidi into their country. There are accounts of Yezidi allowing Armenians to hide in their community in the turn of the century Armenian Genocide.

Lastly I am reading The Beta Israel in Ethiopia by Kaplan. The Beta Israel is the preffered name of the Falshas. The term Falasha is considered a pejorative and not popular with the community it self.

The question of who is a Jew is still vexing to this day. Most people still rely on halacha and the answer is anyone born to a Jewish mother or who converts. Converts have the same rights within the community as people born into the religion. The question of the origins of the Beta Israel are moot. If they were the children of Menelik son of Solomon and Sheba, the tribe of Dan, members of a trading community
are all irelevant. Whatever their origins were they are still Jews.

I want to point out that there is a biological connection between the Lemba and the Jewish people as well. However as the Lemba have been Christians for hundreds of years this is moot. Jewish Communities have sprung up in unlikely places as China and Ghana.

It is important to understand that Eithiopia has had extensive ties with the Middle East. Amharic is the fourth semitic language and there has been extensive contact between Yemen and Eithiopia for well over a thousand years.

There are the Afrocentrists who view the Falashas as the "authentic Jews". This is the less anti- semitic malady of the Frankfurt school. The more anti-semitic variety espouses Melanin theory along with Marx at tax payers expense.

The realities of who and what a Jew are are limited by halacha. A Jew who accepts conversion is no longer a Jew. Authors Stephen Schwatz and Richard Poe are held up by
Anti- semites as Jews on the basis of a Nazi like 1% law. Schwartz mother was a Communist of Catholic origin and he converted to Islam. Poe's mother was also Roman Catholic and he been a Catholic for decades.

Communism is a political religion not disimilar from militant Islam. Jews who are adherents of this ideaology are not Jews. They may parade around as fake Rabbis like Michael Lerner, but they ceased to be Jews when they signed on to the people of class
genocide and treason. Similarly Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Joel " deranged"
Koevell have made careers out of laying up their bloodlines in the advocacy of class
genocide. The creation of Utopia in this world via a failed philosopher who loathed Jooos and Blacks is apostasy.

There are Jews that call themselves Kahanists that are oblivious to Marxist treason.
They see the Chomskys, Finkelsteins and Adam Schapiros as wayward souls in need of redemption. These souls are not wayward and would just as soon terminate real Jooos in their effort to gain Marxist bonafides. Historically these same clods are often killed by Communists who revert to their anti-semitic norms. American Jewish Communists defended pacts with the Nazis and were loyal to the cause of treason even as their bretheren were being slaughtered by Stalin.

Some of us see the enemies of America and the Jooos only as cartoon like bug eyed
incoherent people screraming Allah Ahkbar before slaughtering or beheading. There is a more evil an vile enemy the American people. The enemy of the American people are the salon/university commies. They are ruining our education system as we speak. They side with every enemy of the Ameican people at every turn. They do not teach history and live in the world of narritives.

These people disnify Islamic history and Communist history and claim to be the heirs of every wrong done to Native Americans and Blacks in this country. Thus Joooos and Christians who were abused by Islam for centuries have no validity. Yet the only version of American history that is valid are those that 100% dwell on the sufferings of Africans and Native Americans.

However, the Falashas became Jews they are far more Jewish than Michael Lerner. Lerner is a Joooooooo but the Beta Israel are Jews.

Beamish in 08.


Anonymous said...

One good thing I can truly count on, Beak, is learning something new from your blog. I had never even heard of the Yezidi so now I must read about them further.

America Alone is on my must-read list. I am going to order Londonistan shortly.

Only problem is, I never have time to read.

Stephen Schwartz said...

To Beak:

Never had a chance to thank you for your kind words over the years. One correction: my mother was Protestant, not Catholic. Her father was quite a famous fundamentalist preacher in West Virginia and her family's forebears were German Protestant pietists on one side (usually miscalled Pennsylvania Dutch) and Scots Presbyterians on the other. Her ancestors also include American Indians and a distinguished abolitionist who moved the family from North Carolina to Virginia (before W. Va. seceded from Virginia to join the Union) because they hated slavery. That ancestor was a member of the West Virginia constitutional convention. I don't mind being considered Jewish by anybody but don't make claims about myself that are not based in fact, so am careful to be precise about these matters.

Stephen Schwartz

beakerkin said...

Mr Schwartz

The sad part of blogging is that many people do not realize there are patriotic Muslim Americans like yourself. The Islamic community is not a monolith, but the media makes it appear so. Maybe CAIR makes better copy and that is our loss.

I am sorry that I got the religious affiliation of your mother wrong. However, there is something incoherent about people who obsess over your ethnicity, that of Mr Poe, Glazov and Ruppert Murdoch. This almost Nazi like obsession with who has Jewish blood is insane. This will no doubt be an issue in the French elections with Sarkozy and perhaps with Rudy's wife. Having Jewish heritage or being mistaken for Jewish should not be an insult. In your case or Mr Poe's it is a case of never was.

Your book from West to East is an under rated book. I thank you for a memorable reading experience.

I am also glad for you correcting my misperceptions about Tito and Hoxtha. They were quite brutal and I have no idea how so many in the West goofed on this.

Always On Watch Two said...

Mr Schwartz

The sad part of blogging is that many people do not realize there are patriotic Muslim Americans like yourself. The Islamic community is not a monolith, but the media makes it appear so.

Of late, Mr. Schwartz has been writing articles for Family Security Matters. In those articles, he has made very plain his own patriotism. He has also criticized CAIR. Yet, I rarely see him interviewed on television.

If the Muslim community doesn't make a public stand against terrorism, I dread to think what might happen here in the wake of another attack such as 9/11.

Quite a compliment to your blog that Mr. Schwartz stopped by here, Beak!

I'd love to sit down with Mr. Schwartz for about a half hour to hash out some details about Islam, particularly with regard to Sufism.

beakerkin said...


Mr Schwartz is a hero in many respects. If the entire Muslim world had the humanity and honor of Mr Schwartz we would not be in the current mess.

Mr Schwartz is an excellent writer and a Muslim American who cares deeply about his faith and his country. In reality he faces far more danger than any of us when he speaks out against Wahabism. Courage is something within and Mr Schwartz has it in abundance.

He is a brilliant man on many levels. Maybe someday he will write the accounts of Tito and Hoxtha that are lacking.

Always On Watch Two said...

I've read Mr. Schwartz's work. Not all of it, but a lot.

How I wish that more Muslims would take the position that he does!

I worry that the Sufis are marginalized in Islam. Often, mystics are by the mainstream.

FLORIAN said...

Nothing like a good old Afro-centrist to tell you where your ancestors are from eh Beak? I remember some idiot afro-centrist straight from a Black Panther ball told me that my Spanish ancestors weren't European--but African muslim. LOL! Nevermind the fact that my mom has blond hair, nevermind the fact that my dad has blue-eyes.....oh boy--all that is done in the name of liberalism and re-writing history.

Elmer's Brother said...

OT Beak but J'Mac sends his regards to everyone, he's working a lot and hasn't had much time

kuhnkat said...

OT Beakerkin,

remember when Ducktart was making fun of Fundamentalists for alledgedly forcing a change in NPS policies on the Age of the Grand Canyon?? Here is a VERY interesting presentation on an alternative THEORY of its creation!!

Figured Ducktart would see it here first!!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


As often happens when people forget that when a leftist speaks that the leftist is primarily concerned with convincing you that all leftists are idiots, you took Ducky's Grand Canyon Park Service story at face value.

It should be noted that Ducky's lies about the Bush administration forcing the NPS to tout Young Earth Creationism are just that... lies.

Don't give him too much crap over it. As a leftist, he's not aware of how to go about critical thinking and research. That's "other people's" thing.

sonia said...

Speaking of people who 'ceased to be Jews when they signed on to the people of class genocide and treason', there is some controversy in Poland about certain Stalinist criminals (mostly Communist security service officers who tortured anti-Communists in the late 40's) who fled to Israel and other countries and re-discovered their Jewish roots to avoid justice...

Btw, despite your dubious claim that Kuhnkat has 'generated more interest in interview than an attractive naked woman talking about nudity', MY interview had 58 comments and his only 54...

Not that anybody's counting...

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Well, I'm more likely to make desktop wallpaper of Sonia's avatar than Kuhnkat's.

I mean, if I'm going to have my fiancee beat the crap out of me, it might as be over a woman.

The Merry Widow said...

And I would rather have KuhnKat's, he is a patriot and a gentlman.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


kuhnkat said...

Being conceited and egotistical, I assumed that Beamish was tracking the HITS on his site and not the comments!!!


Of course, I have no way of knowing wherether Beak can tell which post is viewed, so I ASSume it was MINE!!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


I'm a sucker for pretty faces :P

Urban_Infidel said...


Glad to hear you are going to take a look at the Hubbard book. Its an eye-opener alright.

Speaking of nutroots, I also have a copy of David Irving's GOEBBELS that I found in a dump pile when I worked at Random House. THis was back when it was banned from the US. Strangely, within days of finding it, I got a call at my office from some crazy who was looking for that very book and when I told him I had a copy [which was rare at the time] and probably wasn't going to read it, he pestered me by email and phone for weeks. He finally gave up, but man-oh-man he was strange!!

Anonymous said...

I liked your blog man. I am Lemba man, I find it weird that people in the US give me looks when I tell them am jewish, am more comfortable saying am Hebrew though. But who is a a true jew?

beakerkin said...

There is biological evidence that Lembas are Jews. If you are serious about your identity avoid Hebrew or Israelite. There are cults that use those terms in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I'm also a Lemba from Zimbabwe, currently in the US. I never tell people this but one day an old Jewish woman eyed me as I was working behind a counter in this one store. I can't say for sure, but I think she definitely knew. I can sometimes tell European Jews apart from other whites, but I can rarely tell Lemba apart from other Zimbabweans. Can't imagine how she could have guessed, maybe my eyes. That's the only give-away I can think. Or well...

beakerkin said...

I did not realize that there were Lemba in America. I interview immigrants and have only had a handful from Zimbabwe.