Saturday, June 01, 2013

Even more hellish then the last batch

I am going into yet another rough stretch. Next week will be brutal, The only good news is that the heat wave will not make things worse. My CD player is down so I am prepping without the surf music. I miss having Let there Be Surf or Bullwinkle 2 in the distance.

There are five acts on Monday the first is an oldie that will take up time and sail out. The next four acts should be mowed down with ease. If my boss doesn't assign me relief work for officers who fail to keep pace I should be fine.

I have already started work on Tuesday and have one out of seven down. The rest are somewhat easier. Any spare time will be devoted to local cases for Wed. Six hellish oldies but goodies poorly prepared. If I can stand eight more regular cases for Thursday.


Z said...

I have never read a post I didn't understand ONE BIT of. This was it!

beakerkin said...

It will be another rough schedule
next week. Officers are not supposed to go two days in a row I am on max duty four days. Two of those days are dreaded local cases that are frequently 20 years old. I am one day ahead but Wed looks bad.

I prepare my work listening to odd Surfer instrumentals. It keeps everyone out you can hear the classic Let there Be Surf on You Tube.

We brought in new officers and they need guidance and take away my time.