Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spent some time with the daughter

I enjoyed fathers day with the daughter and the Maltese. The schedule at work has been brutal and being a mentor to so many has not hurt. For the first time I have a saint of a boss who really is a big help. She understands the delicate balance between law and discretion. We are almost always on the same page. I will
get some rest on Wed to Friday.

My daughter did well at school and like a good father's everywhere I will get her a gadget. She brings joy to my life as well as meaning. I wish I weren't so tired and had more energy but the work hours just sapped the life out of me.

I will try and go to Guyana in the fall. I might visit a friend or two in Haiti on the return flight. Delta dropped the Guyana run and I am somewhat cautious about Caribbean Air. There is talk Jet Blue may pick up a run or two. My friend is still at Port Au Prince working as hard as ever. We might fight to see who picks up the check.

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