Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday America

Though you are fouled by an unworthy clown in DC our nation will survive Obama. After he is out of office we likely are going to learn the truth about the media elite selected charlatan. 

Our nation is one of individual rights and liberties. Obama does not respect these notions and his arrogance and incompetence have changed things and made everything worse. 2016 is not soon enough.


Always On Watch said...

I'm not at optimistic as you are, Beak.

Still, Mr. AOW and I will be celebrating our nation's birthday on Thursday. I hope that the local fireworks displays don't get rained out!

Always On Watch said...

Capitol Fourth 2013

I can't manage to take Mr. AOW downtown on my own, so we'll be watching at home.

Ducky's here said...

Happy 4th, Beak.

Looks like the concert on the esplanade will take place without too much additional security.

Beak, I need to speak to you again about another issue.
I know you are an officer an know the ins and outs of homeland security.

I am concerned about the arts in Boston, once again. This summer there are two shows opening featuring Islamic art.
One features Quranic calligraphy and even though I will give it close attention I am concerned.

Another features Middle Eastern female street photographers and must surely be propaganda since female street photography is certainly not allowed in any Middle Eastern country.

Would you please bring these shows to the attention of Homeland Security and assure that facial recognition software records all attendees.

Yours in freedom,