Friday, July 05, 2013

Return of the Frummies.

They are back and more annoying then ever with their obnoxious religious lifestyle. They have no idea how annoying and irritating this lifestyle of sloth and ignorance is. Pardon me don't complain about Yeshiva bills when your lazy wife hasn't worked in twenty years. This does not stop this couch turd from being a career advice pest. The kids are grown so what is the newest excuse not to work.

I am buying a cemetery plot in Guyana so I can at least spend the after life away from these religious mendicants. They come over every holiday. Sadly, my birthday was Memorial day. They asked what I wanted for my birthday. Different relatives, a well placed bolt of lightning so I can get away from these jerks or even a nice prison sentence. Warden throw me into solitary anything but these annoying frummies. This means that they will stay until Mon morning.

Why is it I get up at the crack of dawn bust my hump at work and the frummies never seem over worked.
Oddly enough we don't have a single one in my agency that I know of. There are a few Jews here and there
but no frummies. Oddly there are government workers who are lazy. However, in my agency a cruel and idiotic management has turned the area into a sweat shop.

My sole frummie joke was when they brought out the latest time standard I asked if we are supposed to cut our own straw. Nobody got that joke just as well.


Always On Watch said...

couch turd

Perfect term!

You need to move to a new place -- a place where they cannot find you.

Ducky's here said...

Do they have a key?

A standing invitation?

Can't you be "visiting friends" for the holiday?