Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Obama Mirage

Those of you who thought Obama was something different were 100% correct. He has definitely changed the way Americans feel about government. While I do concede that a small  percentage of the Obama critics are racist, exponentially more of his support is based on his race. His blunders are legendary. His feigning ignorance at every misdeed of his cronies has worn thin long ago.

Much of the anger for the Obama failures belongs to the craven media elite. There has been no real examination of the life of Obama. He wasn't a law professor. He was a lecturer who had a job created for him and did not write a single peer reviewed article in 12 years. His job at the law review was a political one that entailed no actual work.

We were lied to about the costs and consequences of Obama care. We are being lied to about the costs and consequences of Immigration reform. Opening up the floodgates at a time the economy is going in reverse makes no sense. However, those young and Black voters who pulled the lever for Obama just voted to extend their unemployment for years.

The impact of the China credit bubble and the continuing slowdown in the EU will be felt here. Meanwhile Obama cronies do everything to prevent energy companies from creating jobs here.

Expect a GOP beatdown in 2014.  

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Always On Watch said...

We are screwed. Even a GOP beatdown in 2014 -- if it even happens -- will result in more executive order issued by BHO.

And something really bad is happening to the American people: the apathy! A lot of Americans all along the political spectrum are feeling as if it doesn't make a damn what the will of THE PEOPLE is. These so-called elected public servants are going to do what they want to do, and to hell with us peons, who are deemed "RACISTS!" if we open our yaps to object.