Friday, June 28, 2013

Don't Blame Muslims for the Geller and Spenser Ban

There are some of us who wish to blame Muslims for the ban of Geller and Spenser from the UK. The truth is that at the heart of leftism is an authoritarian streak that feigns its for your own good. This is the mindset that rails about imagined racism and ties to terror of the TEA Party while ignoring actual bigotry straight out of Der Shturmer and terrorist ties at OWS. The media campaign against the TEA Party led by the Cult of Obama HQ at Huffington demonized the TEA Party non stop. The crime of the TEA Party was practicing lawful First Amendment rights to organize and protest the agenda of the savior. Unlike lawful TEA Party events OWS events have no permits and drone on form months.

The President feigns outrage that his minions abused the TEA Party, Fox News reporters and other journalists and directs surveillance of ordinary Americans while avoiding Mosques. The government seems more interested in Mr. Beamish's beer runs and the size of my Mountain Dew then terror.

The left plays a funny game with Islam, It feigns outrage at crimes while looking for imaginary equivalencies.
Two lunatics chop a soldiers head off while screaming out we are doing this in the name of Islam does not require imaginary balance with the EDL, JDL or KFC. In this case the enlightened all knowing government clowns banned two bloggers who object to violence in the name of public safety. They do not ban academics who meet with terrorists like Noam Chomsky, actual terrorists like Bill Ayers or hate preachers who advocate and rationalize terrorism but take action against those who criticize the source of the violence.

I don't care what religion anyone practices so long as it is peaceful. Muslims need to grasp that if they want to live in the West they need to respect others and do not have a hecklers veto at speech they don't like. I f they can't grasp this then there are plenty of alternative places they can hang their hat.  The message is simple
but firm to all. Glad you are here, come legally, obey our laws, respect others, find a job and learn the language. The notion of America is a table of equals and as part of the bounty your rights do not trump the next persons.

Don't blame Muslims for the ban. Blame the faux public safety concerns from lefties who are at their core
anti law enforcement. Pam Geller has not beheaded anyone or terrorized anyone. One may not like the points raised by Spenser or the style but he does not advocate violence. These same lefties talk about the tone of Geller while praising Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and others who have met with actual
 terrorists and praise their passion. They express no concern about actual terrorists like Bill Ayers and Susan Rosenberg.

Jokes on the UK, but don't blame Muslims for authoritarianism with a smiley face.


Always On Watch said...

Those who voice objections to the Left's script will be condemned, then silenced. That's the Orwellian world we are now living in.

I well recall a time when the Left DEMANDED absolute freedom of speech. No more!

Ducky's here said...

Oh, behave. The only people to blame for "Psycho" Geller and her cabana boy being banned are Geller and Spencer.
The English Ministry of the Interior decides that a couple of low functional bigots are likely to cause trouble at an EDL rally and you cry foul? Buy a vowel.

When has Noam Chomsky addressed a fascist gathering? Has Bill Ayers spoken at a public rally in a decade?

Go suck up to your buddy, Geller.

Say hi to the NSA, Beak.

Always On Watch said...

To my knowledge, there has never been violence at any rally that Geller or Spencer attended -- or in the aftermath of that rally, either.

Do you know differently?