Sunday, June 09, 2013

Another brutal week

The first messed up annoyance is the return of the frummies. I loathe and despise the sick and depraved religious lunatics. I can endure them for a few hours, but not more. They haven't gotten it through their heads that I despise their lifestyle. They crashed for my birthday and ruined it. I spent some time with my daughter to salvage the day. The frummies asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told them to never talk to me again.

They come over and inflict their lifestyle on you. If my relatives were gay instead of frum it would be easier on me. At least gays live and let live and have better taste in music and clothing. They have the worst taste in clothing and entertainment. Even living with actual rednecks is not as dreadful as being around frummies.
Most rednecks at least know how to enjoy life and are interesting.

They stay out till all hours and do not keep a schedule. The idiotic obnoxious daughter, allegedly has Eptstein Barr because she falls asleep in class. With these incompetent baboons as parents and their ass backwards inability to keep a normal schedule the cause of the fatigue is jackass parents.

My brother has simply become ignorant and a cultural baboon as he got religious. His IQ is reduced to barely literate beyond theology and his job. His wife is painfully irritating. She hasn't been gainfully employed
in two decades, but won't shut her mouth with advice about your job. She is always on the house phone and leaves it in absurd places like the freezer or the washing machine. Anytime they visit something breaks and they just get on my nerves.

I didn't hate this family until the summer. I warned them that the damage would be permanent and they persisted. On my next trip to Guyana, I will buy a resting place far away from these frum asshats. These clowns may annoy me here but I will be far from them in the end. I explained that while I am ethnically Jewish, I want nothing to do with religious life.

Making matters worse they must remain till the last second so that their annoyance is maximized. Asshat, one
leaves at midnight and gets home after one. Before they leave they ask me why I am pissed off. I remind them if they went home it would improve my mood.

Marginally better is my niece the diva. She is getting married on a boat. I purchased my freedom from that farce for 250 a year ago. There is no way I am going to Florida to hang with a bunch of yokels. I have work
to perform and I won't lay odds that that union last more then two years.

Other then Drummaster and his sister these relatives drive me up a wall.

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