Saturday, August 01, 2009

A post about 1%

There may be some who are perplexed as to why Obama is considered Black in the United States.
He was raised by a white mother from a very far left family. He claims his mother installed Kansas values in the campaign but his mother was a bug eyed far left activist.

Many African Americans are mixed race as the descendants of people that have lived in the USA for 300 years are apt to be. The topic of who is Black has been decided by the Civil rights community as anyone with any Black ancestry is Black.

The Nazi types also make a similar claims about Jews. People such as Stephen Schwartz, Jaime Glazov and Richard Poe are often named as Jews when in fact none of them have ever been Jews. The mere fact that one has a Jewish parent is enough for antisemites to obsess over.

I am disturbed over some of the racist criticism of Obama. It is okay to disagree with Obama for a variety of reasons over policy. I certainly disagree with his policies. However, I refuse to join forces with race based idiocy critiques of the democratically elected President. His policies are abysmal and his judgement is starting to make Carter look good. He is even more of an egomaniac than Clinton.

Leave me out of the mix when we criticize him due to his race. We are a nation of shared ideals and racism is anathema to those ideals.


The Pagan Temple said...

Here's a good blog by a Jewish Witch. Thought you mind find it interesting.

The_Editrix said...

"However, I refuse to join forces with race based idiocy critiques of the democratically elected President."

Oooops.... Did you just call Yeagley an "idiot"?

Btw. I will understand if you reject this comment.

beakerkin said...


She is apparently someone who has dabbled in Kaballah and is interesting to read but is no longer Jewish. The Torah does prohibit this sort of activity.

It is interesting


Yeagley is doing very wrong and dangerous to his career. These Obama Negro posts are wrong in many ways.

1) If Obama were a Boston Brahmin the policies would still be wrong
so why argue about something other
than policy.

2) All Americans and race based criticism of Obama violates the spirit of our country.

3) These type of posts attract the lowest forms of humans like the clowns from Stormfront. The folks at Stormfront also have venal hatred for Jews that perplexes the Doctor. The Doctor expects rational
behavior and thought from those who are irrational.

A typical example of this are the comments of a Jewish blogger rebnatan who took all of two seconds to object to Elmer Fudd style antisemitism. He then objected to the race based mania of Batty Ann that is absent from the Jewish community.

Racial supremacy is a nasty topic that almost any Jew with an IQ would object to given our history.
Sane Indians would also know where
this leads and the danger of devaluing life based upon arbitrary standards that are in fact not based in science.

The truth is Dr. Yeagley nor Batty Ann are pure bred Indians. He was raised by a wonderful devout woman
who loved him very much.

In America there are many people who walk in between worlds. I was born and raised in the Jewish community. However, over time I wandered to and fro and became less religious. I never abandoned my faith, but I walked in the wider world. Alas my relationship with Sunbeam has made me revisit
that world. She is more firmly rooted in our traditions and we celebrate them together.

Yeagley is a brilliant man who expects that everyone is as rational as he is. He also thinks
his wandering between worlds is unique and there are many like him.

Sadly he could bridge that gap by
embracing the true egalitarian spirit that makes our nation special. It is entirely appropriate
to identify with one side of his heritage. However, being pro Indian
does not nor should it ever infer being anti anyone else. To do so would violate the spirit of what our nation is about.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why the fascination with Gay Eagle. The site is full of race baiting loons.

You can visit other sites where they are more subtle about their race baiting.

beakerkin said...


I am glad you phrased it that way. The lunatic Batty Ann thinks you are some type of Conservative.

I tried to explain that you are way to my left. They think you are anti gay. This is mildly amusing and proves Batty Ann is illiterate.

Dr Yeagley is a good man whom I respect and consider a friend. His recent posts are a serious error and will hurt his reputation more than his foes ever could.

I oppose Obama's policies but that is quite different from the stuff he is pushing. The sad part is that he forgets Americans are equal
as it is the essence of our founding doccuments. To denigrate Blacks on the basis of race is not Conservative it is a rejection of the essence of Americanism.

Always On Watch said...

You won't find me criticizing BHO because of his race. I believe that America has been long overdue for a black President -- but not this particular one because he's a grad of the School of Alinsky.

CM said...


I loved that! It is true. I am full blood Comanche, but I have never lived on a Reservation. We just live! Thats it in a nutshell, just like any other person, don't look at my features or my color, I live just as you do! I am First American.

I really do think yeagley is brilliant, in his own way, the white way, but he is also irrational to a point of being stupid when it comes to the Native American and racist when it comes to the Black Americans. I am and always will be Comanche. I don't understand about the Jews, once a Jew aren't you always a Jew? Is the Religion what makes you a Jew? I thought a person is born a Jew! Its really none of my business, but yeagley is more interested in making sure of the facts on the Jew than learning the facts on the Comanche People.

He is stubborn, wanting everything his way. He gets it on his site, his blog because he can berate those who don't identify with his views...always trashing the Indians. Then he appears at our Comanche meetings and cries about not getting on an agenda! Hearing talk in the bathroom that is against his Media Project. It is clear that he does not understand the Numunu People yet wants to infiltrate and be just suddenly appearing....thinking by having a racist site will help him and berating our Comanche Nation College will get him a cookie!

Yep yeagley was crying around yesterday 8/1/09, downing the Comanche Nation College instead of being a good stewart of the Nation and supporting its efforts. He want to take it over with his brainstorming Media Project. He forgets all about the time he brought his Swiss Fangar people in secretly working against the College even at that time. The female Comanche members don't kiss up to him, like baggy ann does and he has made enemies with the ones who are at the top!

He started out wrong with the Comanche People, Not Me, for I at one time supported him. All he has now is "Q".


beakerkin said...


My family was not always religious and I am more or less a free spirit.I am a Jew and have always been upfront with who I am. Oddly some of my critics ( not the Duck) claim that I conceal my ethnicity.

I was born into a Jewish family that evolved into Modern Orthodoxy. I am very familiar with the traditions and culture. I walk freely to and fro, but the love of my life is more firmly grounded than I am. When I go it is as a family member with her.

Yeagley lived as a scholar of areas
where he came into contact with many Jewish mentors. He also fell in love with a Jewish woman. Yeagley's mother was very spiritual
and more or less into aboriginal forms of Christianity. Dr Yeagley understands the essence of Christ is in the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies.

He is free to identify as he wishes. The anti Black stuff is an error and a bad career move. How does one preach Americanism when denigrating our brother and sister citizens.

If he wants to embrace his culture this is admirable. However, embracing one's heritage does not mean that one should tear down the culture of the other.

Batty Ann is more mental case than
anything else. I would like to see
one post of substance that she has written.

She is seriously as popular as leprosy and he would have been wiser to ditch her long ago.

The_Editrix said...

"I believe that America has been long overdue for a black President..."

AOW, of course you don't mean it like that, but when all is said and done, this is a racist statement. If one truly believes that the colour of the skin doesn't matter, it should be without importance anywhere. I am, for example, sick and tired of all the non-white people in Germany who hailed Obama explicitly because he is black and got huge media coverage for it. Not because he is a good guy, not because he is the right man for the job, just because he is black. What if I had hailed Bush four years earlier just because he is white? I would have called every name in the book. It is exactly that thinking that bestowed upon your nation an unqualified man like Obama. He is not unqualified because he is black, he is unqualified because too many good, sincere, upright Americans, consciously or subconsciously, wanted a black man in the office and selected the first one that came along.

I fail to see why favouring somebody because he is black is NOT considered racist, while favouring somebody who is white IS.

Just my two Eurocents.

beakerkin said...


Many of us want to live in a post racial world. This is what Obama promised and failed to deliver thus far.

The endless praise in Europe and America based on race as well as the race based criticisms like those posted by Yeagley show we have much work ahead. We may find that a post race society is as off in the distance as Utopia.

AOW like myself believes in the big table version of America.We don't have second class citizens in our version of America.

The_Editrix said...

"AOW like myself believes in the big table version of America.We don't have second class citizens in our version of America."

I understand that. But that is no reason to confine whites to a backseat and thus create a new class-ridden citizenry, even though out of the noblest of motives.

CM said...

Yeagley(he is white) could sit in the back seat with Miss Daisy, but oops a black man is driving the model T.

That was a great movie, Driving Miss Daisy. Were Miss Daisy and the chauffer(name ?) in love? I thought so, but the era would have prevented them to consumate their feelings openly. Today its all out in the open.

There are good people and bad people in every race. Race/ Nationality/Religion and especially Color should be held against a person, but its a fact that it IS!