Friday, August 14, 2009

Yeagley is not an Antisemite but another type of bigot

I want to point out that Dr Yeagley is not an antisemite. He really does have a love for the Jewish people. He does not understand the nature of what a communist is. This is fairly unusual for a person affiliated with the John Birch Society. However, when communists do anything their actions are as members of a death cult not Jews. Thus the Dr. identifies the ACLU as "Jewish" when in fact it has been long advanced that it is a communist front group. Communists are not Jews or Americans and their devotion to a death cult determine their actions. Of course the Dr does a 180 when describing the history of AIM that actually supports Communists in Chiapas and pretends this group is a prune, but coherence and logic are not his strong points.

The Dr has a blind spot when it come to race. I have heard the criticism of many former Bad Eagle friends and tended to discount it. However, after the infamous Hated White Race post I have to admit my friends Mac, the Editrix, Gator, CM and others who would prefer to remain in the shadows are correct and have been so for a while. Yeagley is a guy with a great concept that just fails to deliver.

As a writer the Dr is cognizant of the impact of his writings. He feigns shock that his work would end up on many racists sites. In the age of the blogosphere this is true as one never knows who is going to link what. Perhaps this post will be linked by a communist site and I am not responsible for that. Then again this post does not readily lend itself to Communism.

The Dr fancies himself a patriot and a Christian and bandies terms he knows little about calling himself a paleocon. Mr Beamish is a Conservative. The only con that applies to Yeagley at times is confused.

A conservative embraces our traditions and values as stated by our founders. Any notion of racial animus directed against Blacks is not patriotic, conservative or Christian. Blacks are Americans and are equal in every way. My country does not have second class citizens.

The Dr has some odd views of race mixing considering he is racially mixed himself. He seems to think the mixing produces an asthetically displeasing result. As a heterosexual man with rather generic proclivities Raquel Welch, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Phoebe Cates, Linda Carter, Salma Hayek and Shakira make his coments ridiculous.

The Dr attemps to use the term Paleocon as cover for his religious values dodge. However, the notion of denigrating people due to race just has nothing to do with that term either. Sorry, but racial goonery is not Christian either.

Were the Dr as brilliant as advertised he might look at the words of former friends and people unfamiliar with him like Pagan Temple and the Duck and look inwards. However, racists are quite obtuse and will rationalize and practice self deception.

Our self deception over the nature of the Dr ended with the Hated White Race post.

I am quite amused by the Dr's accusation that I try to draw his readers to this site. On the contrary I have not placed a link there for years. If anything is true it is more probable that readers of this site are more apt to visit Bad Eagle than the reverse.

I want to add that Betty Ann does look like Al Sharpton in drag and is even less coherent than Sharpton. If you take her goofy hairdo and post a picture of them side by side it could be a seperated at birth deal. As far as promoting this blog Batty Ann puts links up and quotes this site
on several blogs.

I also want to point out I consider myself a former friend of Yeagley. Any respect for the Dr ended with the Hated White Race post.


Anonymous said...

Why beat around the bush. Can’t we all just call a spade a spade, or in this case a fake mixed up half-breed a fake mixed up half-breed. Yeagley, Thundersky and Ray Frigon are all alter personalities of the conceited blogger Yeagley. He is a master of useful idiots. He is a self loathing bigot and false intellectual, a truly lost soul.

The_Editrix said...

What would you call THAT? Just curious:

"Now I want to ask, Just how many Jewish people (practicing or non-practicing, full-blood or half-breed Germans) were involved in that pre-WWII Nazi Germany society?

Apparently the “super race” idea didn’t originate with Hitler, but was already well-developed, at least ideologically and theoretically, by Democrats in California! W. Averell Harriman (a New Yorker) was a ring leader, and established eugenic research at Yale. His money, along with Carnegie and Rockefeller, was principle in the program.

By that as it may, in 1944, Kurt Levinstein lectured on the blessings of eugenics at Tel Aviv University and “he advocated preventing people with various mental and neurological disorders - such as alcoholism, manic depression and epilepsy - from bringing children into the world.” Yes, we’d better take a close look at Yotam Feldman’s article for on May 15, 2009. “Eugenics in Israel: Did Jews try to improve the human race too?”

Jewish scientists, doctors, and especially psychiatrists, were well acquainted with eugenics, long before Hitler turned the tables on them. I’m bewildered to say, there is definitely a Jewish element in this current Death Plan of Barry “the Alien” Soetoro blah blah yabber yabber yack yack..."

beakerkin said...

You called it.

He is now officially an antisemite.

beamish said...

I don't read Yeagley enough to question his views or his motives.

I generally liked his posts on the defunct Moonbat Central blog.

And for the record, I'm a fusionist, more libertarian than conservative. Where others argue for prayer in public schools, I argue for the end of public schools. And so on.

Warren said...

Eugenics was postulation and the term coined in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton, a half-cousin of Charles Darwin. From its beginnings, eugenics was supported by many prominent people, including, (but by no means limited to...,)Margaret Sanger, H. G. Wells, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, Winston Churchill, and Linus Pauling.

These people are also known by a collective group name, Progressives. You know, the people that Obama and Hilary claim as intellectual forbears.

The term, eugenics, has been used to refer to everything from prenatal care for mothers to forced sterilization and euthanasia.

In many ways, Yeagley, has at least one of their views, notions of racial purity, which I find especially oxymoronic in a "breed".

Personally, I don't believe that genetic morons should be allowed to breed. We have enough leftists already.

Maybe Ducky and the prof can be pals now.

kuhnkat said...


"What shall we make of Jews like Soros and “Dr. Death” Emanual? Do they represent Jewish people and Jewish values? Not in my mind. I’ve never met any Jews who think this way. All the Jews I’ve know (which are many) think the opposite. No care for the elderly is spared. Jews are famous for eldercare! This modern American “Nazi” Judaism is a fluke. Just like Barry Sotero.

Just a wee bit thin skinned for Bloggers aincha???



you ever figure out why you are still the original MORON??????


Cateran said...

Quack, quack.

beakerkin said...


This is a truth that will remain here. The truth is you and to a lesser extent the rest of us prevented the worst of the Yeagley's views from coming into view.

You kept the Stormfronters at bay and the Hun and the rest of us dealt with the White power crap. The truth is that the Dr as Warren states is obsessed with race.

I do not think of race or ethnicity. Obama's ideas are bad and that would not change if he were suddenly to become a WASP or Mexican.

Cateran said...

The truth is that the Dr as Warren states is obsessed with race.
Not to disagree with Warren, but, Yeagley is more obsessed with colour than he is race. Remember, he believes in this mythical white race of Uncle Adolph’s and he thinks all “blacks” are the same. He has no understanding of the friction that exists between some of the white races and didn’t have a clue what to do when that sort of interchange broke out on his forum. But, in his defense, I suppose one would actually have to be white and have experienced white on white racism first-hand, in order to understand. In fact, the only race Yeagley does seem to favour are the Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Who, when one thinks about it, are the only white race so obsessed with colour themselves that they have to remind everyone that they’re white.

Warren said...

I was referring to the "purity" of Indian blood thing but you have a valid point about blacks.


The_Editrix said...

Guys, you shouldn't make me go there! As I said: On can't make this stuff up:

"Beak, you are not a clear thinker, and never have been. You have moments, but, over all, you are prejudiced. That is perfectly clear."

And that from the most poriferous, mushy mind I have ever come across. Somebody ought to tell that pompous old hose bag that he is an intellectual stumblebum, always has been. Oh yes, and that one can't condescend from below. Besides, if you "never have been" why didn't he tell you that when you were still supporting him? (The latter is a rhetorical question.)

beakerkin said...


The Dr just had his clock cleaned by someone he viewed as a friend. He has no answers to my points and is trying to fall back on historical myths.

Rather than apologize for the inferences and understand the pattern of behavior he spins. He can't apologize as to do so would require a far larger man than Yeagley is capable of.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, whether it is the best option to debate him is a different question. (I personally don't think it is, mainly, although not exclusively, because contemptuous neglect hurts much more than being debated.) But as this is the way you want it: you are doing a good job.

beakerkin said...

The Doctor got a good old fashioned thrashing. He prides himself on being
above his critics. Let him answer his critics. Thus far he is losing big time.

He uses and abuses his alleged pro Jewish sympathies to deflect his Stormfront with a smile bit.

He has not even attempted to answer the points. He is no doubt seething at his so called number one fan for creating this mess.

The comments about me denigrating the IQ of the BAG who has defended actual Nazis are factual. I have asked the Dr to come up with a single intelligent comment from the BAG and he has failed. Her actions and behavior as a rabid racist continue to disgrace Yeagley to the point where his career is over.

Warren said...

Its an ego problem and it renders him incapable of accepting criticism. As a consequence, the criticisms become harsh.

He sure do say some pretty words and us hicks should remain cognizant of our "place". You can't debate him, his ears remain shut.

I got fed up and left, I don't have time for the pretentious.

Cateran said...

Actually all I really tried to do on BE was let everyone have their say, and stop contributors from shouting someone down just because they didn’t like the other’s politics. I also used to keep Yeagley’s critics at bay and I’d deal with the waves of extremist nutjobs that used to show up like clockwork right after Yeagley had posted his latest “daring” racial exposé on his Blog.

Warren said...
I was referring to the "purity" of Indian blood thing but you have a valid point about blacks.
As the Gator mentioned on another thread, read Ellen White’s prophecies and teachings about Amalgamation. If you’re wondering about Yeagley’s obsession with racial purity, then specifically look for her theories about man-animal hybrids.

Guid tae see you Warren. You and I have had words in the past, so I’d like you to know, I hold no ill-feelings about that.

Beakster, the only person bringing about the end of Yeagley’s career is Yeagley himself. And I think you’re misunderstanding something basic about Betty Ann’s role on BE. She’s doing what I used to do there, she’s running interference for Yeagley with his critics – particularly the Indian ones. But don’t forget that in the end, it’s Yeagley that pulls Betty Ann’s strings not the other way around. He has the power of edit over her, so, in effect, he allows her to say what he wants her to say, and deletes anything “over the top” or something he doesn’t agree with. And the bonus is, she probably says things that he’d like to say himself but doesn’t have the masculine wherewithal to manage. Some of the things that she’s said to people are absolutely vile, but I’ve seen comments like that go undeleted.

In essence, he’s hiding behind her skirts and letting her chase all the bad boys away. Since you’re the current bad boy, you’re going to have to make up your mind whether you’re going to waste your time dodging her broom, or you’re going to go after the nasty little boy who's hiding behind her back.

beakerkin said...


I am going after Yeagley himself. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it is impossible. His accusations have become bizarre and paranoid.

He accused me of reporting him to someone. Who would that be Horowitz?Horowitz dumped him along time ago for the racial crap.

Stealing readers??? I do not post on Indian matters and my readers are more apt to visit him than the other way around. None of the participants here have been on BE for years other than me.

Moral Blackmail ??? Has the idiot figured out calling jews nazis is offensive? Has the idiot figured out calling Communism Jewish has an odious past?

Lying?? Okay what did I lie about. Let him expose it.

Prejudiced?? Against racial supremacists!!!! You betcha I am and damn proud of the fact.

Misquoted and Warped Logic My logic has always been better than his. I never quoted him so this becomes odd.

Failure- Based on what his appearance on the ORielly show, posts a Front Page. I wouldn't trade my career for his any time.
I am proud to serve my country.

The less I say about his personal life the better. My life is more fulfilling than his ever was.

He also is claiming that people who
have known and interacted with him for years are not valid sources. Sorry, but we know the real Yeagley
and his career is over.

Sadly, if he came to his senses and
asked for my help I would help him.
I get no pride in kicking him when he is down.

I would rather he came to his senses and asked for a hand in rebuilding his career.

Warren said...

Pax Mac. No ill will.

The Ellen White "amalgamation" thing sounds exceedingly strange to me.

CM said...

You are all absolutely correct except for the statement "Yo MORONS".

He uses the Mythical Badeagle Mascot image of the Indian Badeagle.
However, as in real life, he never allowed enough Real Indians on to make a difference.

Cateran on the "White" Anglo Saxon statement was too funny! Editrix "on can't condescend from below", was side splitting! Beaks' "far larger man", just too much. Like I said before, I was beginning to think "I" belonged in baggy anns' haiawatha's insain asylym, now I breath a sigh of relief.

For the longest time I could not figure out why he had friends! I knew he did not like Indians, especially MOI, and I knew baggy ann was being used. He used being Indian/White when it benefited him, Indian never in a "Goot" way.

Now..another thing I noticed was White has the dreaded features he hates which I believe is "Black" facial features! Has someone been in the woodpile and no one notices but I? She got away with her beliefs in the days of witches and hangings?


CM said...


I forgot to mention that I too would forgive him his sins if he were to ever aproach me. Which he won't, I'm not important. I have said quite a few hateful things about him, but I don't believe I ever lied or intentionaly made up things for a reaction, just my honest personal "wasteh- alol"(for baggy ann).

I think baggy ann holds onto things from the past, not recent in her lifetime(which would be enough) but her ancestral past. Things happened to all of our Individual Nations. She and yeagly berate others for speaking of these things, sometimes its a healing process. My nations' people were never committed to the White mans' insane asylyms like hers were for speaking up and out. I had nothing to do with that, her hated outburst toward me and others is unforgiven and uncalled for. She and yeagley are working together, therefore he is also to blame for her outbursts. It is his site and he allows this negative view of the Native American Indian to be read by all. It would be hard to forgive him when I think of all allowed against me personally, but not impossible! I will never forgive her, she represents a weak dependant Indian woman who is being used and held in place by a man. You would think a college educated person would have outgrown that syndrome. She put her life out for all to read. What I gain from her own words is that she has been abused by men all her life, she knows no other way! She walks and talks tuff but she has a problem!