Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Officers Blues

The amazing thing about being an officer is you never know what tomorrow will bring. It is not uncommon to walk the streets and hear someone cry out Officer and thank me for making their dream come true.

I was thinking that Obama was going to push for immigration reform. However with the damage he took after the health care debacle it seems unlikely or a scaled version would take place. I am guessing no changing the legal codes to allow gay marriages or amnesty at least until he becomes a lame duck or the situation is hopeless.

I am starting to wonder if Obama will rebound with the economy. Of course a terrorist attack would boost him in the polls. Then again the lack of a major one since 9-11 on US soil helped Obama somewhat. I am somewhat concerned with what an Obama reaction to such a crisis would be as we have a shortage of grown adults in the administration. On 9-11 the story was about Rudy initially and then GW Bush made his famous speech.

The laws are made in DC and in family cases at the State level. It is an officers job to take the case through the maze. Each case is a human life. Most of the cases are decent people, but there are the excetions. The officer is tasked with applying the law with a human face and sometimes a sidgeon of humanity. The stories like us are human and each in their own way unique.

The other day a child of an applicant asked are all those law books in English. It was the salient observation of a child of the maze of rules we look at.

Tommorow brings new challenges.

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Always On Watch said...

BHO may push for immigration reform. He's got that big of an ego -- even if ObamaKare fails.