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Dr Yeagley has stated erroneously that I have never met or spent meaningful time with Native Americans. The truth is that this one was caught by a friend from Vermont who emailed me that Northwind was in fact part Native American.

In fairness to Yeagley many people are somewhat skeptical over the claims of locals in Northern Vermont to be Abenaki. The Abenaki do not care for Yeagley and there was a small exchange of ideas that wasn't friendly.

It never dawned on me to think of Northwind in those terms. I just saw her as a woman who I cared for that was deeply troubled and very unreliable. Facially she looked very similar to a woman I loved very much. I was very saddened to learn of her passing, but she lived a hard life. Maybe if I ever make it back to VT I will place flowers on her resting place.

When I talk of love it is a tangible heart felt thing. I love Sunbeam in a deep and very passionate way. I enjoy her company and every day together is like a honey moon. I think of the feelings and expeiences we share.

Sunbeam is not my only love. I love my family that I seldom speak of other than Rav Roov. I love my country and its wonerful people. I love serving my country with pride.

When a rather broken and empty man talks of my failures he has it projecting his failures on me.
My life is filled with many great loves and adventures. This person talks of love in his distant past and fails to grasp one who lives it. Is this the failure he speaks of ?

I work and am able to serve proudly and with honor. My position is held with higher regard than that of an Adjunct, social worker or pundit. I am addressed frequently as Sir, but my well known modesty always goes back to officer.

When one reads my posts my unmistakeable love for the American people is evident. Even though my country is headed in the wrong direction I still love it. One does not see alarmist rhetoric here.

My critic feels he has been misrepresented. The truth is he is damned by his own words and by a follower who has done more damage to him than his enemies ever could. With friends like that he needs no enemies. I did not start out as an enemy, and have zero desire to belittle him further. If David Horowitz can oversome Communism than this person can overcome racial power and general stupidity.


beamish said...

What the hell is all this about anyway?

I've haven't spent really any great deal of time with Yeagley's BadEagle site, but I've never detected a whiff of anti-Semitism from him, and I'm not aware of him backing or supporting the anti-Semitic views of some of his posters other that providing a forum for them to be challenged on by people who disagree.

Even the article by Yeagley you label "anti-Semitic" in a blog post below doesn't strike me that way.

The terms "Nazi" and "fascist" have been bandied around so much over the last 60 or so years that their meanings have been diluted and distorted to the point that people actually call Nazism "right-wing" (which if taken literally, logic followed, "right-wing" = has killed less than 20 million people and "left-wing" = has killed more than 20 million people). The terms "Nazi" and "Fascist," historically understood and ideologically charted, can only be left-wing. You don't call yourself and act like a socialist as Hitler and the Nazis did and survive the right-wing checklist exam. That's automatic failure. The Nazis were left-wing. Anyone who says otherwise that forgot to begin by telling you that they're an idiot just isn't being honest with you.

But inclusion of some Jews into a group or organization does not shield that group's politics, actions, and agendas from being compared to the Nazis when a group or organization like the Obama administration essentially IS acting like the Nazis and retreading the Nazi's progressive leftist agenda.

I'm not confused into believing Yeagley is anti-Semitic from the article in question. He's essentially saying what Andrew McCarthy and a lot of other libertarian and conservative writers are saying, bringing historical validity to the comparison of the Obama administration and the Nazis.

The Obama administration doesn't get a pass on having its policies and agendas compared to Nazism just because some Jews are on board with it. And that's Yeagley's point as I understand it as well - because the Obama administration's policies CAN SO EASILY be demonstrated to compare identically with historical Nazi policies beyond the generic fact that both Obama and Hitler are left-wing, Yeagley is criticizing Jewish participation in Obama's very Nazi-like agenda. He's not blaming Judaism for Nazism. He's accusing Jews in the Obama administration of forgetting the clear historical precedents of Obama's Nazi-like policies.

I think you can disagree with Yeagley's observation (which really isn't that far removed from my own in regard to identifying and diagnosing the clear leftist Nazi symptoms in the Obama disease) without resorting to calling him an anti-Semite. He's not.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Pointing out the Jews in the Obama administration is indeed antisemitic.
Has he felt a need to point out Adventists or Turks. This is bigoted when communists talk of neocom cabals and no less bigoted when Yeagley feels compelled to do his version.

I want to point out that his criticism and yours are quite different. Your critique sticks to
the issues and you do not feel a compulsion to drag in Jews or gratuitously denigrate Obama as a Negro.

Today on his site the latest defection from his ranks is a Souix called Tall Soldier known as T/S. TS points directly to the race based pejoratives of Yeagley.
He points out he took an oath to serve his country. I took the same oath and take a similar view of the race based attacks on Obama.

I am a critic of those plans and do intend to go to DC on the 12.
It is okay to criticize any politician on policy not race or ethnicity. I object when the Duck
calls Joe Liberman D- from Tel Aviv
and I object when Yeagley denigrates Obama as a Negro.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Do note the author you cite does not
do what Yeagley did. The author of the articles does not pull out a Jew from a larger group and call him a Nazi.

That is offensive to Jews on many levels.

beamish said...

Well, Yeagley's article isn't exactly Roseanne Barr posing as Hitler with a sheet of gingerbread Jew cookies fresh out of the oven and claiming artistic license or some shit.

Superficially, you are right to see the singling out a Jew in ANY group and labeling them Nazi because they are Jewish as anti-Semitic. But I don't see that Yeagley is doing that.

I see Yeagley as challenging Rahm Emanuel et. al. - as a Jew, how can he support the Nazi-like policies of the Obama administration - rather than blaming Jews for the creation of Nazism proper. Maybe it's rude for a non-Jew to ask that of a Jewish supporter or employee of the Nazi-like Obama administration. The point that the Obama administration is Nazi-like still stands as the larger issue to address.

You yourself often stress that "Communists are not Jews." I'm reading Yeagley the same way. It isn't Rahm Emmanuel's Jewishness causing him to support Obama's Nazi-like policies.

It's a question of Rahm Emmanuel's grasp of history as Obama sets us towards national socialism at high-speed. "Never again" what?

Anonymous said...


The_Editrix said...

"If David Horowitz can overcome Communism than this person can overcome racial power and general stupidity."

Beak, I am no fan of Horowitz, never was, but let me point out a couple of things:

Stupidity can not be overcome. Lack of education, erudition and information can.

I don't think most leftists and racial power people are starting from the same place. A lot of young leftists are genuinely idealistic and have a theoretical concept of social justice and hope for a better world. The true idealists, at least the more intelligent ones, will learn sooner or later that they have been dazzled and leave that ideology behind them. Different racial power, which is based right from the start on a dehumanizing ideology and doesn't even make attempts at promising a better world. People who go for that know what they are doing right from the start and there can't be any talk of misdirected idealism.

By the way, I noticed the discussion about the Golhagen book. Of course, Goldhagen is hated with a passion here, whereas Finkelstein is hailed. That alone is very telling. I have read HWE and I agree largely with Goldhagen. As a German and a historian by training (although not by profession), I have come across countless individual, regional and local reports and evidence clearly indicating that a frightening number of Germans were not satisfied with robbing, disenfranchising and finally murdering the Jews, but that they took positive delight in humiliating and torturing them in the process. Yeagley says he has read considerable parts of the book. I don't believe it, but let's for argument's sake say he has. How does he know that Goldhagen's interpretation is not correct? He is a theologist and a piano player, not a historian. He wouldn't know how to assess such a book critically, even if he hadn't formed his opinion ex ante, which he clearly had. Here again we have the typical automatic, instinctive gut reaction of a Hitler-admiring "Aryan" race monomaniac (is there a word like "obsessee?). Goldhagen MUST NOT BE right.

Goldhagen goes so far as to indicate that the hatred Germans have for Jews is genetical. Based on his research that is a bold, but not totally absurd theory. Never forget that Yeagley had not just a Mexican mother, but a German father as well.

Far fetched? Maybe.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, you don't need to go over to ViolentHummingbird anymore. Just have your say here. Betty Ann is duly reading everything here and reporting it like the good little parrot she is over there. We own her! I don't want her, though. Do you want to take over my share?

By the way, what happened to G├╝era, that wide-eyed innocent newcomer with knowledge of posters who had long left before she arrived?

They are so abysmally dumb over there, I think I'll give it a rest for a little while. I guess what I am feeling right now is akin to that addiction to trashy novels some women experience.

The_Editrix said...

It gets better and better! After Betty Ann stated at PMS' blog that she won't be near a computer for several months, she is now incoherently rambling in "HEAT". By Gosh, that were the shortest "several months" I have ever come across. Does she have a point? Frankly, my English is stretched to the max. I understand that she is ranting about Indians who always have superior knowledge about everything and who have always been belittled by some white German Nazi woman and Jews. That is even more funny because I have never expressed the slightest interest in Indian matters, but should I ever WANT to belittle Indians, she is making excellent points for me. For the rest: I haven't got a clue what she is trying to say. You?

CM said...

Hello Editrix,

Baggy ann lies....

Yeagley accuses...he wants any one claiming to be Indian to prove it, then denigrades them because they are Indian.

What about the new ones on the Blog... Keyboard Jockey, New Left, Midnight Star14. They all sound exactly like yeagley he doesn't ask them to prove anything, Oh...because they kiss his white behind and agree with his views, how boring!

It's hard to express what it means to be a Native American. I don't want to sound pompous or too Proud, but certainly I tire of yeagley denouncing Geno and others. Academics mean nothing...yeagley can express himself in big words, but he has not lived Indian. Being enrolled does NOT give him any authority to speak for the Comanche Nation nor any Nation. He has not been to war to speak of a Veterans' take on anything. He knows no Indian Spiritual person, in fact disrespected one not too long ago on his forum, a medicine woman. He does not believe in our Spiritual ways. He would rather You White People see us as Pagans, Savages, beggars, Drunkdards, Squaws(like baggy ann)just plain old ANGRY INDIANS.

The fact is our past Leaders were talented in war fare, brave but kind and accepting to a fault of all people no matter the color. Of course we HAD to change with the times, just as all people changed. OUR religion and beliefs and traditions were almost drivin out of us, especially if we are not a Reservation Nation. We live just as YOU do in fact. Taxes on everything, that is but the original alloted land we still hold and was handed down to us lucky ones. If one day they reqiire us to pay taxes on THAT LAND....WE WILL PAY! Hopefully the Government will never do that, but I won't hold my breath, just be prepared, but that won't take away my being 4/4 Comanche. Whites will still see me as different than you.

Our Tour bus driver was White....and she asked me why I say White People? I told her I was sorry, but meant no offense, but how else am I supposed to describe you? She didn't take offense, but just wondered about it also, the bus was full of Indians except for her and her Mother. They took no offense at all, it came up again and again in our conversations and travels just as a discription.

Indians are not just Indians either, we are all Nations. Crow, Comanche, Apache,Kiowa etc., from different locations within the U.S.A.

Just as White people are are different as in German, Jew, Italian, but that is all elementary of course. I don't even know why I mention it but for the fact that yeagley wants the Indians to GO AWAY! DISAPPEAR! Despite his claim to preserve ourselves, he double talks like New Leaf "said up is down, down is up!" He and baggy ann are half gone, so they denigrade the Indians that are more Indian than they, but they have degrees....they think they are better...they are not! They need to respect those of us that have Spiritual attributes to our Ancestral ties, or respect that we do want to learn of them, and not make light as they both do, they are the Breeds in academea writing the books, but not knowing or having the Spirit/soul within themselves only hate! WOW!