Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Big Table

I have taken the opportunity to thank many for helping me understand the difference between
faith in a friend and reality. Many of us have friends that we know are not perfect. I want to talk
of why I decided to part ways with Dr Yeagley.

I also want to differentiate between what is fair criticism and what is not

Many of you have conveyed similar disillusionment with the Doctor who remains clueless. He sees the critique as an anti Yeagley conspiracy. I see it as talking to a friend who has fallen off the path into antisocial behavior.

Yeagley has a great gimmick with much potential. An Indian thinker who celebrates traditional values and American patriotism. If he had better vision he would have become a media star. He is a genuine scholar with wide array of interests. Personally, he is likable off line and you really do want to believe in his potential.

I stayed for close to five years. Over time disenchanted Bad Eagle types approached me. I stuck by the Dr. I spent so much time dealing with the never ending armies of Joooo haters that I did not read the other sections except when a friend like Kidst or Winters among others was writing.
The army of Joooo haters never ceased and Yeagley never once waffled. His patience was perplexing and he deluded himself that insane types can be reasoned with.

I want to thank the Editrix, Mac and the other former site members for conveying accurately what they saw. Especially important were the words of Pagan Temple and to a lesser extent the Duck as objective opinions.

The final straw for me was his post The Hated White Race that has shown up on every racial supremacy site. As a writer the Doctor understands the power of words. His hostile race based critique of Obama repulsed me.

Many of you know the wonderful people at this site who are mostly Conservatives. However, our
brand is the big table of equals. We do not have second class citizens period. Blacks are equal in every aspect as full citizens. When we disagree with Obama it is on ideas. When we agree with Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell or Julius Lester it is on ideas.

Many idiots at Bad Eagle are questioning my partiotism based upon my view of Civil Unions. Sorry, but those who question my patriotism include racial supremacists, Nazis, 9-11 Conspiracy kooks and Elmer Fudd style antisemites. As for the charge I am a "radical son" in the Alinsky mode. I am honored by a comparison to a brilliant author David Horowitz. Unlike Horowitz I was never a Marxist. I was always a fervent Cold Warrior who voted for Reagan based on support for the Contras. The Duck who is a friend of sorts and has been trading barbs with me for six years knows my views on Communism. I battle them tooth and nail in a take no prisoner style. Many Conservatives are genteel and want to banter with commies. To me, as anAmerican they are evil
and should be denaturalized if they break the law. The folks at Code Pink who gave money to our enemies in Falujah should have been tried and ofered the choice 20 years in jail or denaturalization and a permanent bar from the United States. Peaceful dissent is quite different
from treason.

The critques of Yeagley and their fairness

1) Yeagley isn't an Indian. He is an Indian as the product of a mixed marraige. He is free to define himself as he chooses. Richard Poe, Stephen Schwartz and Jaimie Glazov all had one Jewish parent but chose to portray themselves differently. Products of a mixed marriage are free to do so or even identify with both. Julius Lester, was raised in a Christian home and sees himself as a Jew.

Where Yeagley does get this mixed up at times is he misidentifies view points. When I address him on law it is from the American perspective and as a person trained to work with laws. All of us wear many hats when I discuss politics with Farmer John I understand individualism. Americanism celebrates the essence of the individual. Our rights are individual, but Yeagley seems to miss this.

2) Yeagley is an antisemite. This is 100% false. He has way too much patience for the most perverse forms of Jooo hatred. He thinks such a malady can be reasoned with. For the most part
the extreeme antisemite is either mentally disturbed or a communist. Mental Illness and communism often are comingled.

3) Yeagley is a racist.

On one level as a man with conventional proclivities beauty is subjective. There is a decent man in my office who is very into Asian women. So Yeagley is not racist for stating a personal preference for white women. If we all liked the same thing people would be lonely and boring.

His contention that race mixing creates a degradation of beauty is interesting. Lynda Carter, Mariah Carey, Phoebe Cates and Sakma Hayek are products of people with mixed ancestry. Yeagley is also the product of such a union.

The article the Hated White Race and the Obama posts are ample proof. If Yeagley were wise he would look at the words of Gator, the Editrix, Mac and many others and consider his looking at his values.

Racial supremcy and American Patriotism are incongruous. A real American like Mr Beamish, AOW or Elmers Brother has zero patience for this. In fact all decent people ranging from Jams, the Editrix, Mac and so forth do not endorse this

4) Incoherence and the John Birch Society. Yeagley is a paid speaker for the John Birch society.
The John Birch Society has pointed to communist involvement in Civil Rights groups. However,
any discussion of AIM is off the table. Would he brush aside a querry about the NAACP similarly.

5) Yeagley is a homophobe. This is an unfair criticism. He is a traditional conservative who is has religious views of scripture.

Onto the last part. Yeagley has a parasitic follower named Batty Ann. She is atthis site more than I am. We did not publish her screed against CM. She is atthis site more than I am. A check of my sitemeter shows she is here an average of ten times a day.

Many of his foes would have gone away long ago had Batty Ann not created more hatred. She is directly and solely responsible for the Yeagley is gay material.


Ducky's here said...

BEAK !!! This is your conscience.

I notice you were back at Gay Eagle mixing it up with Betty Boop.

Stop !!

Don't you understand? Gay Eagle is a post-op who still can't give up his feminine side and that side manifests itself as Betty Boop.

You're being played for a sucker.

CM said...


Thank you for not publishing her words against me. I could just imagine the insults!

I have to be careful in what I say, she will publish this on yeagleys' forum even though I am banned I am there quite a bit! Like you, I have NEVER posted on, but am there also. Unlike yeagley though, I think has a great following, some get a little out of hand but nothing like the bag on badeagle.

I try to always been careful, not deceitful.

If yeagley is a Christian, why all the lack of Harmony with all People, the will of God? Forget what his detractors say about him, he should show Harmony to all, the way you do in fact!

He talks about his mutulated body, we don't see that, but we see the way he treats certain people, we don't judge him by his body, its his words, his Pride.

I would love to embrace him, just because he is Comanche, but because of his zig zagging down a trail,OFF course, except for keeping on track when it comes to his Sinful Pride. He is untouchable except for the likes of baggy ann. He is his own worst enemy, and his Tonto(baggy ann) is detroying him!

Sinful pride and self imposed destruction, he has no human to blame but himself!


Always On Watch said...

Many idiots at Bad Eagle are questioning my partiotism based upon my view of Civil Unions. Sorry, but those who question my patriotism include racial supremacists, Nazis, 9-11 Conspiracy kooks and Elmer Fudd style antisemites.

My advice is to move on. Those types simply cannot be reasoned with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev ! You know how crazy batty ann is and how she stalk trails us around the internet to pounce. It is a shame how she has jumped on beaky cause he seems like such a nice compassionate man ! Oh Bev before I forget it Cindy said she heard the doc is seriously thinking about calling u up and ask you out to a nice meal somewhere so the two of you can just talk about things personally and about the tribe. HEY it looks like he may come to his senses and might realize that the old SIOUX HAG is too old for him! He needs a good Comanche woman not that old baggy ann! Did not put my name on here cause I don't want that old crazy batty Ann calling around and starting some more trouble for me. Take care Bev , see you in Lawton next time I go shopping!

CM said...


You're a comedian or you been on mars for the last two years?

You could be the bag after all, she is devious, and besides the doc has no senses to come to! hah


beakerkin said...


We know who wrote that. She is here all day.

CM said...


Its OK, the Doc has asked me out to eat(I don't think he was serious) but alas I've become his # uno enemy since. For nothing at all but telling the truth, might have been interesting, huh! He swears I lie, I do not!

She is sooooo imature, she has no playmates even Paulus and Guere abandoned ship.

Her words on the net belie the mature picture of her, and her mind is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS in the gutter.


The Pagan Temple said...

Neak, are you familiar with the phrase "selling wolf tickets"? Well, it sounds to me like Yeagley is selling the wolf tickets, and you and Batty Ann are the wolves.

What you need to do is resolve not to go on that site for a week. Do that and stick with it. The more time passes, the easier you will find it to stay away. You'll probably find yourself wondering eventually what you ever really saw about it to begin with.

You have to take those first few hard steps though. Stay away for a week.

CM said...


I read to keep on top of what he says if anything about Comanches. Not much lately...thats good!

I respond if its needed on another site.

This would be a good time to stay least from posting, for it only nourishes baggy ann. Let her be in her glory all by herself. Notice she did an about face and took over with her own story mythical saga about herself and her mighty sioux. No one will even read her Dakota Country forum. No one wants to know anything about her and her Nation anymore, she ruined it for the whole tribe as far as I am concerned. I skimmed over briefly, read Beaks responce, then turned it off. Outta sight, outta mind. She is more pitiful than a dying old woman crying.
Sounds harsh????but they are yeagley words! only yeagley should pick her up no one else! To save himself though, he should let her rot in her own hell.

Did anyone notice Docs' poem? Sonnet # 85, is that for his admirer baggy. He is tonque tied and allows her to take over holding her closer to him. Only I see no one praising her, no one on Gods Green Earth praises baggy ann but yeagley!


The_Editrix said...

CM, don't give it a thought. While it is to a degree entertaining to watch Yeagley's machinations, hers are just pathetic. Somewhere at Naughty Sparrow, it's not new and I haven't been there for a while, she oh-so-slyly digs at me that I don't have any children. How does she know? I have studiously avoided to divulge any personal detail since I twigged at a very early stage that such knowledge will be padded up with befitting assumptions and abused against the informer sooner or later at that place.

I was tipped off and had a look at Indianz. There the moron is posting snippets from this blog, including our dialogue about Nadine, saying that you and I were trying to bait Nadine by posting that. There is a one-in-several million chance that Nadine reads Beak's blog, but a fair chance that she reads Indianz, so she is the one who is doing the baiting.

The fact that she thinks she can get away with it shows the extent of her stupidity. She is really too pathetic to worry about, CM!

beakerkin said...


My favorite pun was violent hummingbird.

Betty Ann is a moron who has already destroyed Yeagley. He is becoming a freak show with appearances on the Political Cesspool.

I am waiting for the part where he realizes the John Birch Society views AIM as a communist front group ooooops.

Motoy said...

TO Comanche Moon: Osiyo (hello) in Cherokee, I have asked you some personal questions on GMS site on the topic of every where I go I see. It is a chance for you to adddress a few of the falsehoods that has been spun around the web about you. Hope you will take the opportunity to give your own truth as to those questions. Good wishes Motoy, (PS Beaker) you and I simply do not agree on a lot of things, but I got enough respect to not come in here an start posting anything negative here. My intent was simply to give Comanche Moon the opportunity to address some of the nonsense that has been said about her.

CM said...

Hello Editrix,

She is a nut, and she does try her best to entrap, but it doesn't seem to work anyplace but yeaglys'.

She is always saying her friend in Oklahoma sent her information on me. I am squeaky clean, nothing to me to air dirty laundry, she would have to make it up.

Motoy, how do I know you are not baggy ann, she does this time an time again, and you and yeagly kiss her behind. She is a nut, madly in love with yeagley and she won't allow him a life, I'm sure you read on GMS where she is accusing me on posting, when I did post I signed my name. I did read a couple of times, but quit after I posted, they are outta sight and outta mind. I don't know what she is saying there, or what you want me to say, but I do not trust either one of you!

I am no celebrity so I don't worry about what she says, my Comanche people know me thats all I care about! Yeagly knows me, he really should speak up for me, but he won't! I don't know what else to say. I don't feed her anything, she just makes it up!

Last time I read she is accusing me of giving up Naiche for GMS. How utterly stupid, she accuses me of following her around the internet, not so. She is good at making heading to my posts, that make it look like I said things I haven't said. She does not want to play fair, she is nasty, vulgar, and lies and you, Bear, Ray and yeagley seem to condone it.

I post when I see fit on any site, but like yeagley, my posts are taken other places by other people and batty ann is one of those people.

Beak, I wish I could take up for yeagley because he is Comanche, but I can't.