Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise Obama is Hostile to Israel

Many people were under the illusion that Obama would be a friend to Israel. However, given a lifetime of associations and far left ties I expected much worse.

There are those rabid commies that point to a few Jews in the administration, but ignore the rhetoric from the White House. He has honored people with very lengthy records of over the top
anti Israel activism such as Desmond Tutu.

Thus far Obama is using flowery words but has done little. Health care and then immigration reform seemed to have hit a very raw nerve. This is also precisely why he will pressure Israel to give something to his far left antisemitic core supporters, like Ayers.


Scot said...

Don't worry, Beak. No doubt, before long, Obama will get around to honouring the 'good', semi-literate, racist hate-mongers of the world .. like you.

beamish said...

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Jew or the anti-Semite?

No offense intended, but doesn't the presence of Jews in the Obama administration shield his foreign policies towards Israel and his honoring of known anti-Semites from charges of anti-Semitism the way they apparently do against his Nazi socialist health care agenda?

beakerkin said...


Repeat Dick Cheney's most famous quote.

If you want a racist illiterate blog try Bad Eagle or Renegade Eye. Someone who calls another person illiterate should start by reading this blog.

Desmond Tutu has a long record of antisemitic comments. He also is a communist hack with zero moral authority.

Scot said...

My dear Beak,

First of all, I never said anything about you being illiterate - nor indeed did I express any desire to read illiterate blogs. I very specifically said semi-literate; so your interpretation of that as being synonymous with 'illiterate' just proves my point that you are indeed only semi-literate.

Secondly, Desmond Tutu has never uttered an anti-Semitic word in his entire life. He has quite rightly spoken out about Israel's appalling human-rights record - which you could certainly define as an attack on the Israeli nation, not its citizens - but only the clueless propagandists, such as your imbecilic semi-literate self, could ever warp that into being anti-Semitism.

You really do yourself no favours by making charges of anti-Semitism when you don't support such charges with verifiable facts. Then again, if your only ambition in life is to be a laughing stock ......

Finally, as for your claim about Bad Eagle / David Yeagley being illiterate: I have to say for someone who you allege is unable to read or write, he does a remarkably good job of string words into sentences - and he also makes considerable less spelling and grammatical errors than you do.


beakerkin said...

Lets start this slowly.

Tutu is a communist hack with a very long record of antisemitic statements.I would also add that his 15 minutes of fame never existed.

He is an ignorant moron who can be counted on for Al Sharpton type of quotes like his famous quote about Reagan.

He is one of the few lackeys of Marxist hack Rowan Williams. Oddly while Marxists talk about Eurocentrism, they fail to listen to the voices of actual Africans
and the result of this is a Church that is headed for a schism.

Scot said...


Well, just so that we don't start to suspect that these hallucinations of yours are another symptom of your tertiary syphilis, why don't you give us some clear examples of this supposed anti-Semitism? And do try to make the examples a little more convincing than those David Yeagley comments that you so bizarrely claimed were anti-Semitic.

Out of curiosity, when exactly did Desmond Tutu cease to be an "actual African"? Does he cease to be an African simply because he doesn't conform to your stereotyped image of how an African should be, Bwana?

Scot said...

PS: I don't suppose you noticed that the Archbishop of York - second only to Dr Rowan Williams in Anglican communion hierarchy - is a certain John Sentamua, who is an 'actual African' from Uganda. No, I thought not ;)

Perhaps he too fails to conform to your banal stereotype of an 'actual African' - or is he just too pro-Palestinian to count? .. or perhaps just another of Dr Rowan Williams' lackeys?

beakerkin said...


You must have missed the news that the African members of the Anglican Church are on the verge of a split with the arrogant folks in Europe. Of course the one notable exception is the Marxist Tofu er Tutu who can be shockingly surprised to be supporting fellow Marxists in the UK while the vast majority of his peers
are on the verge of a split.

Tutu's comments on Jews and comparing Israel to South Africa are widely known. Arabs already posses an abundance of colonized real estate allready. Tofu also forgets that so called Palestinian
Christians emigrate to Israel to avoid Muslim hegemony.

Tofu is quite blind to the reality of Christians living in countries with sizable Muslim populations.
His counterparts in Nigeria are certainly aware of the realities of Christians having to live under Sharia. For them ( unlike the goofy Rowan Williams) Sharia is no laughing matter.

As far as Africans go, their Churches tend to be more conservative in the States and in Africa than the cliche Communist hack Tofu. Tofu was good for the media as a bug eyed Sharpton type who could make comments about Reagan and that was about it.

Scot said...

No, I haven't missed the fact that some African members of the Anglican Church are on the verge of a splitting with the Anglican communion over the increased tolerance towards the ordination of gay bishops .. in the United States (not Europe, as you so bizarrely claim). Good riddance to them too; but hey, you can't even get your head around the basics of Judaism, so I certainly wouldn't expect you to understand what is happening in the Episcopalian church in America.

As for your continued obfuscation and refusal to post verifiable quotes of anything remotely anti-Semitic that has ever been said by Desmond Tutu, I shall just assume that you are just repeating the usual - and totally discredited - "Israel is like Hitler and apartheid" ZOA fabrications so often repeated by the peons over at Frontpage.

beakerkin said...


The history of Rev Tofu goes back well before Frontpage existed. His comments and procommunist record are a matter of fact.

I am well aware of the split in the Anglican community. The correct person to blame is Rowan Williams. The American Churches are a mixture of marxist hacks and some that have decided to seek African leadership to avoid the stench of Williams.

While his fellow Africans are splitting good old Communist lackey Tofu can be counted on to
to back a fellow Marxist. The disseners just happen to hold their meeting in Jerusalem.

The conflict between Jews and Arabs already shows Arabs have plenty of colonized real estate.
Palestinianism is a mythical construct with no history. The continued claims of a contrived ethnicity makes a mockery of real indigenous people everywhere such as Kurds, African and Indian tribes as well as various groups in Asia such as Pashtuns and Karen.

Scot said...

Well, I think we have already established that you very clearly know diddly-squat about the Anglican church, and you still continue to point to a single verifiable quote.

You clearly haven't got a single fact to back up your vile clueless slander, so I shall leave you continue your bizarre rants and hate-mongering in peace.

beakerkin said...


Tofu's remarks are widely reported on the web. It is not my job to do your homework.

As far as the Anglican Church split it is you who are clearly misinformed. Africans clearly rebelled against the leadership of Rowan Williams. The Churches in America merely acted on their own with Williams benign neglect. Some of the Churches in America decided to side with the Africans.

African Christians do not suffer from Marxist delusions about PC and Islamic militancy. They are on the front lines and clearly are more informed than the goofy Marxists like Rowan Williams. A Nigerian Christian would know a thing or two about Sharia.

While his counterparts in Nigeria and elsewhere rebelled against Eurocentric arrogance Marxist hack Tofu sided with Williams.

Wrong on all accounts. If you think that African Christians are Muslim friendly try discussing the matter with Christian immigrants from Ghana or Nigeria. They are quite closer to the views of Mr Beamish than the Duck. Christians from West Africa see things quite differently.

Scot said...

LOL, you don't half go off on some wild tangents.

You are not only semi-literate, you are quite clearly also certifiably insane and thicker than frozen pig shit on a stick in winter.

The product of too many generations of inbreeding?

beakerkin said...

Actually you have no answers to factual commentary on topic.Try talking to African Christians and listen.

Tofu or Williams have never said a single word about Muslim persecution of Chrstians. Tofu has never said a word about misery caused by Communisism. He is only now a very reluctant critic of the mess in Zimbabwe. The entire rest of the planet knew well in advance
that Mugabe was a thug even by low communist standards. Only after communism did a food exporter produce starvation. Reluctantly Tofu, then becomes a critic after years of support when the situation becomes too blatant.

While African Christians struggle with the real problems caused by Islam Tofu and Williams pretend they do not exist. The media pretends that the entire cause of the split was the gay issue. However, the fact that the dissenters met in Jerusalem should let you in on a clue.

Tofu is a Marxist hack with a record of stupid remarks that would make Al Sharpton proud. Ronald Reagan was asked how his meeting with Tofu went and remarked so-so.

When Williams waxes nostalgically about Sharia, he insults Africans who understand the reality of living under Sharia. Has Tofu said a word about African Christians.
He merely backs his fellow Marxist lackey as the rest of African Anglicans are setting up their own Churches.

You have no point.

Scot said...

Oh I do have a point. I have several points and they have all been made. Your only answer is to post every more ludicrous accusations which are supported by facts.

You really are the most tragically clueless specimen imaginable. You are a halfwit and insane beyond measure - yet you spend you days whining incoherently about those who don't share your state of insanity.

I pity you - yes, I really do pity you and those you claim as your kin; but more importantly, as Jew, you embarrass me and make me wish I wasn't and that I could somehow divorce myself from association with you and your kind.

You will no doubt make the vacuous claim that makes me self-loathing and that you are more of Jew than I am - when in fact it just means that I loathe you and the rabid fascist abomination that is American Jewry.

beakerkin said...

Here we go the two key words fascist and self loathing you need not worry.Only Commies use the fascist term with frequency these days. As a good commie you have lost your status as a Jew.

The points about Tofu and the ANC have been made long ago. The ADL and the ZOA have documented the words of Tofu.

Sorry, but if you want a racist or
bigot try Renegade Eye or Greeting
My Son.

Scot said...


Look at you, the simpleton Zionist drone screaming 'commie' when, aside from my disgust at people who abuse and devalue the charge of anti-Semitism, you don't know anything about my politics.

The only person here who has lost his status as a Jew is YOU - the racist and the mindless fascist.

beakerkin said...

Lets see

Drum roll of facts

1 You claim to be a Jew but speak of Zionism with derision.
2) You abuse the term fascist and fail to use the term racist correctly.
3) You have a rather odd need to defend a communist hack widely known by the ADL, ZOA and other mainstream Jewish groups as a bug eyed anti semite.
4) You are quite clueless about the ways of actual African Christians as it does not fit your communist narrative.
5) You have a need to defend a Marxist hack in Canterbury who literally pisses on the concerns of his coreligionist in Africa when he waxes nostalgically about Shariah.

The case is clear comwad and as such you are no Jew. You are beholden to a death cult and need to practice class genocide on yourself.

Lets see Jews come in all races, so the cliche about racism proves faulty. It does not take more than a cursory glance to differentiate between ethnically cleansed theocracies and a Western style democracy. When the situation is discussed in its real construct Arab colonialism vs a small Jewish state there is zero case for additional ethnically cleansed real estate. History does not begin in 1948 or 67 because some bug eyed Trotskyite clowns find it convenient.

You are no Jew Comwad.

Scot said...

"Lets see Jews come in all races, so the cliche about racism proves faulty."

And in that one statement you prove how deranged your own arguments are, because I have never made any comment about racism in relation to anti-Semitism.

And as for your suggestion that being a true Jew and being a political Zionist go hand-in-hand: nothing could be further from the truth and no argument forwarded by a halfwit, such as yourself, can ever show otherwise. If anything, the arguments you use show the exact opposite to be the case, because the truth is that most Jews would be repulsed by your abhorrent brand of racism and see it as a treason against the Jewish people.

With that, I will leave you to have the last word, because your extremist views will do more than I can ever do to convince the majority of perfectly sane people of the evil of Zionism.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Comwad read your first comment. What was that about being
semi illiterate.

Anti Zionists are almost always communists with the exception of a few Chasidic groups.

Lets see those who practice the faith overwhelmingly support Zionism.The Casidic and Modern Orthodox support Israel to about the range of 95%. The sole exception is the Satmar who are pariahs. The Conservative movement is in the range of the 80%. Even in the vast majority of the reformed support Israel by more than half.

The term political Zionism is almost entirely a Trotskyite malady. Sorry, but real Jews who practiced the faith find you to be an abomination. The second you signed onto Communism you deJudacized yourself.

Of course all the prayers in the mind of an imbecile like you are empty words. Now go join your cell
meeting and march like lemmings off the edge of sanity.

You are no Jew. My grandfather was a man of peace, but he took up the gun for a nation he loathed in 1920. Even back then your kind were
viewed as traitors. There were laborite Zionists in his family, but Communists were viewed as vermin.