Sunday, August 16, 2009

Apocalyptic Rhetoric

I am somewhat surprised that it took the public so little time to turn on Obama. Some of the angst is caused by the economy. Of course he should have been out in front explaining to America about the depth of the problem. What we have gotten is an aloofness that seems detached from reality.

I am pondering going to the protest in DC on 9-12. I will go only if I find out that some of you are going as well. We do not expect the Great Mr Beamish to come in from St Louis. We also understand that in this tough times he expense of going to DC remains a real hardship. I hope bothat some of you make it there. It is nice to have a protest without Commies other than the wonderful Tibetians in NYC. I wish the organizers would ditch the clenched fist symbol for obvious reasons.I will have to see if the folks at Free Republic are organizing a bus from NYC.

It is important that we do not become a Conservative version of the Move On Dot Org crew and avoid racist rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't do populism very well, not even the right wing variety.

Now, if we were going for a fight, that would be a different matter. ;-)

Always On Watch said...

I am pondering going to the protest in DC on 9-12.

Provided my back is up to the task, I'm there!