Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now for a break in the political Slobs vs Snobs

From time to time the Duck and I talk of film and art. These are some of the more interesting posts
as most of the political stuff gets boring.

1) Lets talk of the popular super hero movies. Is the reason Spiderman is so popular is because of his human traits. He often struggles with bills, has a crazy boss and women trouble like the rest of us.

2) Does Hollywood forget about writing when it is preaching? Will and Grace was hysterical with well written characters who do not take being gay too seriously. The Ellen show was preachy and stunk.

Lets talk of classic TV

3) I enjoy a good cop show. Ones that stand out are Kojak, Quincy, Monk, Hawaii 5-0, Jake and the Fat Man. Do you like this genre.

4) I hate attorney shows like LA Law, Ally McBeal and can't think of one I like.

5) Sci Fi I enjoy the Original and Second Star Trek series. I liked Buck Rodgers in the 25 th century and the original Battlestar Galactica but not much else

6) Comedies The Odd Couple, All and the Family, Married with Children, Family Ties, Mash and
King of the Hill stand out.

I hate Roseann and do not get Tim Allen.

Actors and Actresses

7) I do not get Sarah Jessica Parker and find her annoying and just not interesting. Kirsten Davis is much more beautiful and interesting. Sex and the City is a bore I endured with a girlfriend. Unfortunately the characters are very real if you lived in NYC. Did you get stuck watching the show.

8) I do not get the appeal of Cher. She was good in Mask and Moonstruck but is dreadful in everything else.

9) Nicole Kidman is a bore. How does she get parts seriously?

10) Jim Brown vs OJ. I have to give the nod to Jim Brown on the basis of the Dirty Dozen. Goldie
and the Boxer may be the worst film of all time.

Other nominees

Battlefield Earth
Santa Claus vs the Martians


11) I liked the Lord of the Rings , but hated the King Kong Remakes.
12) I like all the Indiana Jones Films
13) I can like without Batman, but Spiderman and the X men are OK. Conan Stunk


14) All of us have books we loved and loathed
Lord Of the Flies, Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm, Any Mitchner Book, Drums along the Mohawk Stand out.

Ethan Frome, Song of Solomon, Silas Marner drove me up a wall.

15) I do like Eugene ONeil. However, I am positive the Emperor Jones would be trashed today
if it were written by a contemporary author. What are your thoughts on that?

16) I do like Shakespeare but find people who quote him to be obnoxious. I just see it as hstorical entertainment and the Teempest is my favorite.


17) I like all types of Rock from AC DC, Del Shannon, Peter & Gordon.

18) I hate disco and regae

19) Classical music puts me to sleep

20) I prefer Dean martin to Sinatra but like both


21) I like football better than baseball
22) I can't watch the NBA. The Knicks are the worst sports franchise with the worst owner
23) I would never watch golf on TV
24) Tennis is a bore
25) The most annoying athlettes

1) Terell Ownes
2) Ocho Cinco
3) Manny Ramirez
4) Gary Shefield Does this guy get along with anyone
5) Kobe Bryant


The_Editrix said...

My list of obnoxious actresses (in a vague order of obnoxiousness):
Jessica Lange
Barbara Hershey
Susan Sarandon
Barbra Streisand (but at least she has some talent)
Marlene Dietrich (who hadn't any I could see)
Shelley Winters

I don't know the latest generation and find them all obnoxious simply from looking at them.

Nicole Kidman is too boring to be even obnoxious.

Ducky's here said...


17) I like all types of Rock from AC DC, Del Shannon, Peter & Gordon.

AC/DC freakin' sucks. Three chords and everything right there on the downbeat. They can't swing and like most rock they can't play their instruments. Absolute dog food.

Del Shannon had a decent voice but nothing much else.

Peter & Gordon bored me to tears. To much echo, to little ability.

18) I hate disco and regae

Disco took too long to die, way too long.
Love reggae and ska.

19) Classical music puts me to sleep

I've pretty much got my car push buttons set to either classical or jazz. I do prefer chamber works to full orchestra.

20) I prefer Dean martin to Sinatra but like both

Sinatra rules !

Ducky's here said...

Lets talk of classic TV:

Naked City and Route 66. Location shooting, intelligent scripts and just about everyone who was coming out of the Actor's Workshop. Great programming.

Ducky's here said...


11) I liked the Lord of the Rings , but hated the King Kong Remakes.

Any no talent schmuck like Peter Jackson who even thinks about remaking a perfect classic like King Kong should be hung in the public square. Sacrilege. I really despise these studio turds who have no imagination and have to revile the classics.
Lord of the Rings was a cheap effects film with no heart and sucked donkey balls. It completely ignored Tolkein's religious themes. Pure dog food. Only Tarantino sucks harder than Jackson.

12) I like all the Indiana Jones Films

Sorry Beak, they got too weird after the first which was a great return to the old matinee serials.

13) I can like without Batman, but Spiderman and the X men are OK. Conan Stunk

"Franchise" films have been the death of the cinema. The situation is pretty bad and contributes to a seriously dumbed down population.

The worst is Tarantino, absolute hellspawn and NO talent.

FJ said...

16) I do like Shakespeare but find people who quote him to be obnoxious.

No, I will be the pattern of all patience; I will say nothing. (Lear; Act III, Scene II)

The Pagan Temple said...

1. Spider-Man is popular because of all the nerds fantasizing about their own Mary Janes, but never EVER can any closer to them than their five fingers while their in their beds at night ALONE, all of which is probably the luckiest break their "Mary Jane" will ever catch.

The closest thing they'll ever come to being a hero is doing some girls homework for her without copping a feel in return.

2. Yes. I very rarely watch comedies partly because of this, and partly because they're just not that damned funny.

3. Monk is good due mainly to the presence of Ted Levine, who is actually wasted here.

4. Murder One. Not only one of the best lawyer shows ever written, one of the best shows ever written period.

5. Star Trek's okay. I dislike most sci-fi, too much impossible crap. Fantasy wrapped up in pseudo-science that will never happen under any set of circumstances.

6. Comedies-most of the ones you listed are okay, but Mash went to hell after the first three years or so. Alan Alda turned into a contemptible pc hack and ruined the show. I particularly despise Mike the Ferrell Bitch as Blow Job HoneyCunt.

Taxi, Barney Miller, Bob Newhart (both shows), and Cheers would have to be my all-time favorites.

The Honeymooners might well be the all time comedy classic.

7. No, and wouldn't.

8. She's okay as a singer.

9. She was good in The Others.

10. Check out The Thing With Two Heads starring Rosey Grier.

11. Never saw Lord Of The Rings, but I don't like Sword and Sorcery. I don't mind supernatural elements, as I'm a big horror movie fan, but I do want at least some semblance of reality. There is nothing in these kinds of films that make me say, okay under certain conditions this could be possible.

12. It was so-so.

13. Spider-Man sucks. So does the X-Men, mainly because its so damned crowded you can't get much of a feel for any individual character, except Wolverine, who is another nerd idol. Give a nerd Wolverine fan some adamantium claws and he'd end up gashing himself to pieces the minute Mary Jane entered his mind. I trust I don't have to go into detail as to how and where he'd gash himself.

14.All time favorite book-John Grisham's The Rainmaker.

15. Not a clue

16. People that quote Shakespeare are pretentious. If Shakespeare were alive today, writing for today's audience, they would be saying he was just another crass commercial author. The fact that most Shakespeare fans are too stupid and pretentious to realize that speaks volumes.

17. I like all kinds of rock too, but Peter and Gordon?

18. Agreed on both counts.

19. Classical music is okay. I would rather hear a live performance.

20. Martin rocks. But its hard to top Sinatra on New York, New York, or on That's Life.

21. I actually don't like baseball at all on tv, love it live at the stadium.

22. Not a big basketball fan myself. I like some college games though.

23. I like golf on tv sometimes, it's relaxing.

24. You probably haven't ever seen a game between two top-notch contenders.

25. Can't think of any I dislike a great deal. The way I look at it, if you noticed them enough to remember their names, they've probably pulled their weight, which is all that counts.

Brooke said...

Beak, as for Sci-fi, DO look up the Firefly series. It was an unfortunately short-lived TV series, but probably the best sci fi EVER.

If you see it, let me know what you think!

DO NOT watch the Serenity movie before you see the Firefly series. ;)

The_Editrix said...

This is from my Blogger-profile:

Favourite Films
* A Fish Called Wanda
* The Fabulous Baker Boys
* Chariots of Fire
* Sense and Sensibility
* About A Boy
* The Cavalry Trilogy with John Wayne
* Rio Bravo
* El Dorado
* Chisum
* Big Jake
* Shakespeare in Love

Favourite Music
* Bach
* Mozart
* Beethoven
* Panzerlied

Favourite Books
* The Catholic Cathechism
* Marguerite Patten: Classic British Dishes
* Federico Tesio: Breeding the Racehorse
* Pierce O'Conor: Terriers for Sport
* D. Brian Plummer: The Complete Jack Russell Terrier
* Peter Seewald und Joseph Ratzinger: Gott und die Welt


16) I do like Shakespeare but find people who quote him to be obnoxious. I just see it as hstorical entertainment and the Teempest is my favorite.

Shakespeare is much more. If all other literature ever written would magically disappear, mankind could spiritually survive on Shakespeare alone.

But you are right, that is STILL no reason to quote him. ;-)

beakerkin said...


When you read Shakespeare in its original how does it hold up in traslation.

beakerkin said...

OK Farmer I asked for it

beamish said...



Babylon 5 was the best sci-fi ever. :)

FJ said...

I'm w/Brooke. Firefly then Serenity... and it never should have been canceled. Bab5 lost me when they changed networks (season2?)

FJ said...


I try and stay away from movies featuring celebrity football players... Jim Brown, Rosie Grier, O.J....

Brooke said...

The fat dude with the big hair on B5 remindes me too much of a Ferengi/Obama mix.

The Pagan Temple said...


You can never go wrong with The Thing With Two Heads starring Rosie Grier. It's one of those kinds of movies you like to watch with your friends with beer and pizza for a laugh, precisely because it is such a hilariously bad movie. It's Plan Nine From Outer Space bad.

The_Editrix said...

"When you read Shakespeare in its original how does it hold up in traslation."

Interesting question! The dominant translation is the one by the Romanticists August Wilhelm Schlegel and Ludwig Tieck. So Shakespeare became a German author of the period of Romanticism, which is not at all in line with the original Elizabethan earthiness, even vulgarity. I think every German who can't read Shakespeare in the original ought to watch "Shakespeare in Love". It teaches a great lesson.

I confess, I never read one of the more recent translations, which are supposed to be more congenial to the original Shakespeare. Hey! This way we Germans have two Shakespeares, the English and the German one. ;-)

The_Editrix said...

Being a terrific John Wayne fan, I am amazed that the genre of western gets a raw deal here.

The Pagan Temple said...


The western genre is on life support. There are a few good western movies that are released from time to time. The Unforgiven comes especially to mind. But for the most part, as the old saying goes, "they just don't make em like they used to."

That's even especially true of television. Political correctness has ruined the television western. Now instead of Gunsmoke and Bananza, you get Little House On The Prairie and Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman. Little violence if any at all, next to zero gunfights, everybody for the most part gets along, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Somehow the media liberal elites here haven't figured out how to make a realistic cop show where nobody gets killed and everybody gets along. Give them time.

Always On Watch said...

Many a film has a Shakespeare quote as the title.

Always On Watch said...

list of Shakespeare phrases

beamish said...


Bab5 had all sorts of production problems, not the least of which was that Paramount and Rick Berman, et. al. took J. Michael Straczynski's story pitch and tried to make a Star Trek show out of it (Deep Space Nine) and too many network and time slot changes.

If you get the chance to watch all 5 seasons on DVD, it's a worthy sci-fi investment.

The_Editrix said...

TPT, I agree with you. The western genre is non-pc by definition. That's why they don't make good western anymore. However, I didn't like "Unforgiven". I couldn't see any message. It was violence for violence's sake. Worse: it bored me in spite of the many good actors. But maybe that is just me.

FJ said...

Firefly was like a "space western".